If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. Mark Twain

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Romancing History & Art ~ A Charity Dim Sum Tea

Join us for an afternoon of charitable causes over delightful dim sum and tea / coffee at the top of OCBC Centre.

One Book: “Romancing History & Art”, written by Lai Choi Kuen, featuring a collection of unique jewellery designed by Choi, will be launched at Tea. The jewellery pieces were created using antique Chinese miniature works of art.

This book will be launched at the tea event.
Ticket  :  $80 per head
Date  : 27 Nov 2010 (Saturday)
Time  : 3.00 pm - 4.30 pm
Venue  : Peach Garden @ OCBC Building, 65 Chulia Street, 33rd Floor

Your $80 ticket to tea comes with one copy of the book courtesy of JIA House of Fine Chinese Art and a 20% dining discount voucher courtesy of Peach Garden (T&C on voucher applies). You will also be treated to a mini jewellery show.

Earrings - 17-18thC white jade flowers set in 18K white gold with small diamonds
Ring - 19thC jadeite and 18-19thC white jade narcissus set in 18k white gold
When you pay $80, you will be pleased to know that $60 will go into a pot of funds to be allocated equally to the following six beneficiaries:

1)  China Society Singapore
2)  Noah’s Ark
3)  Tan Ah Tah-SAWL Scholarships for the Handicapped
4)  The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund
5)  Tzuchi
6)  Zeus Communications

At Tea we look to raise further funds with:

• an auction of jewellery pieces designed by Choi, with all proceeds generated going towards the beneficiaries in equal share

• a donation of 20% of sale proceeds from over-the-counter sale of jewellery designed by Choi

• sale of books, with all proceeds going towards the beneficiaries of your choice

We look forward to seeing you at Tea!

To buy your tickets for the book launch / charity tea event, please email dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg

The author of the book, Choi, has kindly donated 200 copies of her book, "Romancing History & Art" to Zeus Communications. The book is 120 pages, made up mostly of lovely colourful works of art and costs $40 (hard cover). ALL proceeds will go towards our animal rescue work and our Street Dogs / Cats Sterilization projects. If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, please email Fiona at dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg

Christmas is just around the corner, get all your Christmas gifts from Zeus - the above-mentioned book, our Zeus 2011 calendars, music CD for pets, a session of Reiki for your beloved dog - we've got it all!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Venus - Dare To Live

Every once in a while, an animal touches our lives and shows us what they are really made of – true courage, strength, love, compassion and determination. It has been said many times that animals enter our lives for a reason. We may not see the reason at that particular moment but some time down life's journey, when we sit and reflect, we often realize why they came into our lives. Nothing in life is coincidental, everything happens for a reason. Often, a very valid reason, that makes us better humans.

Strong and determined. Venus gave us many lessons in life.
For Venus, she taught us many lessons. She showed us how strong she was, fighting to live, getting out of her pain and depression from having lost her babies in a miscarriage and living in pain with a broken hipbone. Enduring surgery after surgery to rectify her broken hip, to be sterilized and then having to go through sessions upon sessions of massage and walks with Cary or Dawn (staff at the Vet) to build up her leg muscles again. The physical and emotional pain. She taught us to never give up, no matter how life gets us down. 
Bigger and stronger, Venus is slowly using her injured leg again.
For those who have been faithfully following Venus’ route to recovery, silently cheering her on, you would know that she has been at the Vet for more than two months – this would, of course mean that her bills have amounted to no small amount too. A whopping $3000+ to be exact. However, the thought of the escalating bills never discouraged us from helping her; never once did we think of releasing her back to the streets when she had not fully recovered. Just like Venus’ faith in us that we would care for her and see it through, our faith in all our friends and fellow animal lovers have not waned – we know that somehow, some way, friends will continue to contribute and help us out with her vet bills. We never doubted that, just as Venus had entrusted her life in our hands. She taught us Faith.

Venus also taught us to use our skills as Animal Communicators, to understand her fears, her pain, and her gratitude. Yes, despite the fact that she tries to snap at us when we pat her, we know she is grateful to us for helping her.

If you had for one moment thought that dogs are far more superior beings than humans, well – you thought right. Despite the hard life that Venus had gone through, she helped save a life! She was resting in her “Redhill Suite” when a Chihuahua, owned by Mr Vernon Cornelius, needed a blood transfusion. An An had not been eating for a few days and had been diagnosed with tick fever. He needed blood to live. Immediately Drs thought of Venus, who was lazing in her suite waiting for volunteer, Lynette, to bring her her daily ration of beef, eggs and rice. Dr Ang called Lynda for her consent and Lynda immediately agreed to let Venus donate blood and Mr Vernon was absolutely relieved. On a separate note, a doggy blood donor should be at least 25 kg in weight. Venus is lighter than 25 kg, but she was donating blood to a Chihuahua, and An An only required 75ml of blood from Venus, instead of the usual full bag of 450ml.

Blood is drawn from the jugular vein.

Drawing blood.

It's in their blood to save lives.

An An receiving blood.
We visited Venus the following day and what we saw absolutely amazed us – she was glowing with pride. Yes, she knew she had done a good deed, she knew she had saved a life and she was extremely proud of herself for doing that!

We are still hoping that someone would write in to offer to adopt Venus. Like we often say, even if it means living in the patio or garden for the rest of her life, it is still paradise compared to where she came from. Venus has been to hell and back. She never gave up, neither will we. Everyday we continue to hope and pray that someone will want to take her to their home and give her a life that this black beauty truly deserves.
A HERO in every sense of the word.
We would like to thank Lynette for faithfully bringing food to Venus everyday, rain or shine, for the past two months of Venus’ stay at the Redhill Suite and Dr Ang for the use of her photographs.

Do stay tuned for Venus’ next update, as she goes for her very first swim. Venus will be discharged this Sunday.

We salute Venus with this song, Dare To Live.

Written by Fiona.

A note from Mr Vernon Cornelius.

In certain emergencies Pet Animals DO need Blood Donations!

After my dog, An An, was diagnosed with 'Tick Fever' by Veterinarian Dr Ang Yilin, he was found to have a drop in blood count, and platelet count. A very dangerous situation, and he urgently needed emergency 'Blood Transfusion'! So the panic was on to find a suitable match and donor!

An An feeling down
It was to our blessed good fortune that a big, once badly injured dog named Venus, recovered by Ms Lynda Goh, was being treated at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Center (Redhill). Venus' blood was a perfect match, and so began the process of her blood extraction to help An An survive!

St Venus' Blood Donation saved An An's life! It is with deepest gratitude and many thanks to the very generous heart of Ms Lynda Goh, but it was St Venus' 'gift of life' that saved An An!

Mr Vernon Cornelius with An An.
I must shamefully admit I never really gave much thought to Blood Donations for Animals, but having experienced this life or death encounter for my beloved pet, it made me realize the seriousness for such a need, and the urgent necessity for an Animal Blood Bank!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Movie Screening by Cat Welfare Society & The Arts House

Dogs, Cats and Humans: Working Together Against Pet Abandonment

“Over 300,000 cats and dogs are put to sleep each year in Japan, a shocking figure that director Iida Motoharu discovered when he began to make “Dogs, Cats and Humans). The documentary started when the director received a request from an elderly woman to make a film that would save the lives of abandoned dogs and cats on the streets of Japan, and the resulting product is both alarming and heartwarming.

Filmed over the course of four years, the film took Iida to several facilities where abandoned animals are euthanized, filming interviews with the employees about their unglamorous work. Iida also shows the more positive side of things by visiting a facility where healthy abandoned pets are kept and cared for until they are adopted.”

Straits Times, 26 October 2010

My Paper, 26 October 2010



Directed by Motoharu Iida, 2009, Japan
Running Time : 118 min
In Japanese with English subtitles
Rated: PG

Screening Details
Date : Saturday 30 October 2010
Show Times : 3pm and 8pm
Venue : The Arts House

Tickets are priced at $20 each.

Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion

Buy tickets.


This important film presents a rare and eye-opening look into what happens to unwanted animals. Singapore is not immune to the same cycle of ignorance, abandonment, and euthanasia. The premier screening of film director Iida Motoharu's 犬と猫と人間と (Dogs, Cats, and Humans) is a platform for us to take a closer look at the pet phenomenon in our own country and the fall-out from it.

Join the panel discussion and let's work together against pet abandonment. We thank the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Action for Singapore Dogs, House Rabbit Society of Singapore and Zeus Communications for participating as our esteemed panelists.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rescue Remedy and Healing for Pets

Our pets mean the world to us. That's why we have a list of essential items below that all pet owners must have

There are many reasons why pets have emotional issues. When your pet presents you with a behavioural issue, there may be underlying reasons for that behaviour. What worries us, may not always worry your pet; and vice versa. Pets have emotions, just like you and I. They have also been known to take over the emotions of their owners; such as if the owner is stressed or unwell, the pet is also emotionally affected. While the trend towards the use of drugs to deal with animals' separation anxiety and other complex stress related emotions is on the rise, many pet owners are turning to all-natural alternative solutions like Rescue Remedy.

Rescue Remedy can help your pet with:

- Visits to the vet (fear, anxiety)
- Fear of loud noises (thunderstorms)
- Excessive barking or hissing
- Shock, trauma or mistreatment / abuse
- Loss of a companion
- Separation anxiety
- Adapting to new surroundings
and much more.
Rescue Remedy for Pets. Alcohol Free.
How to use Rescue Remedy :

Give 4 drops several times a day, either in their drinking water, or on their tongue. The droplet is made of glass, so please do not put the droplet directly into your pet's mouth. Use either a plastic droplet or a syringe instead.

Cost : S$28/-  per bottle (includes postage)

Please email dogstalk@starhub.net.sg to purchase. 

Music for Your Pet's Wellness

Imagine a world without music; life would be mundane and uninteresting. Music has been made and developed throughout the years, appealing to man's audio senses. Similarly, it has been proven that pets are affected by different kinds of music. 

Have you ever noticed your pet's reaction when the television or radio is switched on? Different pets' reactions differ greatly towards music. Just like us, they are attracted to types of music that they are comfortable with and research has shown that pets do benefit from music; what more music composed specifically for their listening pleasure.

Music Wellness for Pets - Volume 1

Music Wellness for Pets - Volume 2

The CD is a must-have for pet owners! We even have them in our cars! Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Redhill) plays the CD for dogs and cats from the time they come to work and I believe the Drs and vet techs there can vouch that their dogs are calmer and more relaxed!

Cost : S$20/- per CD set (includes postage)
* Both Volume 1 and 2 are suitable for ALL pets.

Please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg  to purchase.

Thundershirt for Dogs

Thundershirt is a vest for dogs. It provides gentle, constant pressure and has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. From real world experience, we know with certainty that Thundershirt DOES WORK. We have used it on our rescued dogs, as well as our own pets and to date, majority of the dogs have benefitted from the use of Thundershirt. 

Dr Temple Grandin believes that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system. Using pressure to relieve anxiety has been a common practice for years.   Many veterinarians and dog trainers now recommend Thundershirts for their anxiety cases.

Thundershirt can be used for fear, thunder storms, anxiety, traveling in cars, trips to the Vet, excessive barking and excessive jumping. Almost immediately, you would be able to see improvements. Thundershirt can also be used as part of a behavior modification program.

One thing is for certain, for a very large percentage of dogs, Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a terrific calming effect. This has obvious benefits for most types of anxiety. Thundershirt is also a very useful tool for managing excitability or hyperactivity with strangers, on the leash, or in a training environment.
Please note that because of our weather in Singapore, it should NOT be worn for long hours or outdoors.

Cost : S$70/- for the grey 
            S$78/- for Navy Blue Rugby and Pink Rugby  (includes postage)

Please email dogstalk@starhub.net.sg with the following details;
1) your dog's chest measurement (in cm or inch)
2) breed of dog
3) your dog's fears / issues

View the Thundershirt video.

If you are ordering from out of Singapore, please email Lynda at dogstalk@starhub.net.sg
Together with the above, and Animal Reiki, it would complement your pets' health and wellness.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animal Reiki

Understanding Reiki - It's All About ENERGY!

Sometimes controversial, Reiki is a Japanese art of healing. It is the channelling of the universe's life-force energy to heal and strengthen. Reiki is a spiritual technique that communicates with bodies, whether human or animal, at the deepest level. The technique used in Reiki is commonly called palm healing. The practitioner of Reiki places his or her hands on the recipient’s body, transferring healing energy. Reiki works in conjunction with the chakras, or energy centres, of a body.

Rosina and Lynda performing Reiki on a bunny

Animals love Reiki and always accept it willingly
Reiki for Animals

Reiki healing for animals is basically the same as that for humans, except for the different placement of the chakras in animals. Reiki works well with pets because they respond well to loving touches and intentions. Often, animals tend to be more receptive to Reiki than humans, and can show positive responses very quickly. We’ve yet to meet an animal that doesn’t like Reiki. When we work with sick or injured strays, they somehow sense the positive energy and will turn their most painful part of the body to us, to take in the healing energy.

Reiki seeks to restore health by balancing the body's energy field. In this context, "energy" has nothing to do with the level of vigor an animal feels. Instead, what it draws from the idea that everything around us is made up of energy vibrating at different levels. Every dog / cat that is born has a unique energy field, an actual vibrational pattern and Reiki serves to rebalance the dog / cat, very much like tuning a musical instrument that is out of tune.

Reiki healing is not stressful, and doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain. It can be used for any problems or illnesses in conjunction with your pet’s usual medication. If your pet is stressed or you just want him / her to relax, Reiki can be performed too. In fact, Reiki can be given to animals with literally any problems; ear infections, hot spots, separation anxiety, neurological disorders, post surgery care, etc

Deep healing and working on your pet's energy imbalance does not happen overnight. To determine if it works, keep a journal of your pet's symptoms and observe for positive changes in areas such as appetite, activity level and emotional well-being.

What Reiki can do for your pets

Reiki is a great, safe complement to both Western and Chinese medicine for pets. Not only does it promote healing and recovery when your pet is ill, but it also reduces possible side effects from medication.

Reiki can be a great help with emotional and behavioural problems in pets. If your pet suffers from emotional problems, especially if they have suffered abuse or neglect in the past, Reiki can help your pet to heal and release negative emotions. Reiki can also help pets that display behavioural problems, such as anxiety and nervousness, to relax. As a complement to Reiki, we suggest you try Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for your pet too.

Reiki has the ability to soothe and calm an animal. It can provide comfort and relieve suffering for dying animals, and help ease their passing. This also alleviates the owner’s fear and grief. Reiki can help to make a possibly traumatic experience more peaceful.

For more information and Reiki session bookings, please contact Fiona at dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg

Animal Reiki, together with music for your pets, would make them really relaxed and comfortable.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Naked Truth (Pet Owners' Seminar)

Are you a pet owner or a soon-to-be pet owner? Sign up for this seminar and spend your Saturday afternoon learning more about what's best for your pet. The speakers will share with you on a wide range of topics from food, to nutrition to animal communication and obedience training.

Date  :  30 October 2010 (Saturday)
Time  :  2.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue  :  Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, S (068912)
Ticket Price  :  $18/- per person with goodie bag worth $30/-

To Register
Call Juleana at 6273 8981 between 10.00am to 6.00pm or email juleana@addictionfoods.com with email titled "The Naked Truth", stating your name, contact number, address, email address, number of people and breed of pet(s).
Come listen to Lynda as she shares with you on what Animal Communication really means
Speakers for the Seminar

"The Evolution of Pet Foods" by Mr Jerel Kwek, CEO of Addictions Pet Foods

"The Truth Behind Premium Foods and Healthy Pets" by Dr Jean-Paul Ly, Animal Recovery Centre

"Nutrition Supplementation & Disease Prevention for Pet Owners" by DR YM Wong

"What It Really Means To Own A Pet" by Deirdre Moss, Executive Officer, SPCA

"Animal Talk" by Lynda Goh, Animal Communicator, Zeus Communications

"Train Your Dog in 30 Minutes!" by Elsa Soo, Obedience Trainer, Singapore Kennel Club

Zeus Communications will have a booth at this seminar selling our Zeus 2011 calendars, as well as music CDs specially for your pets. Do come by! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Venus Undergoes A Second Emergency Surgery

Life just keeps getting worse for poor Venus. One mishap after another. Perhaps she would have been better off hit and killed in the car accident. First she was hit and dragged by a car, then "gang raped" by almost ten dogs taking their turns on her, then she suffered a miscarriage, got infected with scabies, underwent a long painful surgery, had a sterilization a couple of days back, and now she has seroma; This is a fluid filled swelling developing under her surgical wound caused by intermittent friction when she lies down. The swelling was pretty big and Venus had to be sedated and stab incisions were made on both ends of the seroma for the fluids to drain out. The next day, the swelling occurred again.

Too depressed to eat

Getting some love from Cary

Today Venus underwent yet another surgery. Her third in less than 10 days. Her wound was getting infected and there was pus oozing from it, so Dr Lesley Teo had to put her under the knife yet again. How sad can life be? How much pain does she have to go through before she sees the light at the end of the tunnel?
Taken after her surgery today
The tube in her hind leg is to drain out excess fluids. She is still not bearing weight on this leg.

Dr Teo draining out the excess fluids
We can only imagine what is going through Venus' mind; confusion, fear, one pain after another and wondering why her life has taken this sad and miserable turn. It was tough surviving as a stray. What did she do to deserve such fate? What does she have to look forward to? Recovering and going back to the streets? Living the next 7 to 10 years with little food and hiding under a truck for shelter?

Numb with emotional and physical pain
We were hoping that she could start swimming as soon as her wound healed, but now this happens.

Venus has been at the Vet for 6 weeks. Although she has had a steady stream of well-wishers, and friends who have contributed to her Vet bills, her bill is accumulating. Dr estimates she will need to stay another week or so. Hopefully this time, her wound will heal completely and we can start her on some swimming. Natasha, the massage therapist, has kindly offered to take Venus for swimming when she is ready. Venus has not used her injured leg since her first surgery, probably still remembering the excruciating pain she felt before the surgery. With swimming, we're hoping that she will realize that there is no longer any pain in that leg and that she will start using her leg again.

If you have yet to purchase our Zeus 2011 calendars, please do so. Your purchases and kindness will help Venus as we try to give her our very best, help rebuild her life and put her back on the road to recovery.

Voices that care, a song for Venus.

If you can ferry Venus to and from the Vet, for her swimming, please email us at dogstalk@starhub.net.sg. It would most likely be during the day, office hours. 

Should you know of anyone keen to adopt Venus, please let us know. Even if it means living in your garden or back yard for the rest of her life, we will be eternally grateful.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marcus copes with one eye

Alysha visited Marcus twice while he was at the Vet. She said she wanted to do more than just give her birthday "ang pow" to help with Marcus' Vet bills. She wanted to make an effort to visit him, play with him, ensure that he was well and so, Mommy had to take her to visit!

Alysha and Marcus meet for the first time.
Marcus somehow knew that Alysha had helped him. Soon as she opened his cage, he melted in her arms and became Baby Marcus. He is really sweet and docile, so it was no wonder that Alysha grew so attached to him.
Marcus treasuring his precious moments with Alysha
Before & After
Alysha had asked her Mommy if they could keep Marcus at the Vet for a while longer, so she could try to find him a home. She couldn't bear for him to go back to the factory. Mommy agreed, so 13 year old Alysha rallied all her friends together, put up posts on Facebook and asked her friends and classmates if anyone would adopt Marcus. Unfortunately, no one could. So with a heavy heart, she had to let him go.

We took Marcus back to the factory and when he arrived home, he stayed in the carrier for quite a while, not wanting to come out. He must have felt that the clinic was a much nicer place, with human love, lots of pats and regular meals. Sadly, he had to go back to reality.

Marcus enjoying his last decent meal before leaving

Whilst Marcus was eating in the clinic, Dr Ang commented that Marcus' favourite food was Science Diet and Lynda immediately bought a bag of Science Diet for Marcus, so that he could have it back at the factory.
Sweet Marcus playing in Dr Ang's consultation room before being discharged

Marcus feel more comfortable and happier now that his eye has been removed.
Marcus not wanting to go home
Marcus calculating to see if he had raised enough funds to pay his Vet bills
Marcus needn't worry about his bills, which amounted to $630/-. Alysha and Jacqui O had contributed $550/- in total, to his vet bills and Alysha's Mommy paid the difference of $80/- to board Marcus at the Vet for a few extra days while they tried their very best to find him a home. Sadly, no one could take him.

Marcus is back at his factory and as with all our rescue cases, our volunteers will go visit on a regular basis to check and ensure that the street dogs and cats we have helped are coping fine, that their wounds dont get infected again, and to provide them with food. That's our commitment to the street animals.

Marcus thanks everyone for showering him with love and concern; and he thanks Alysha's Mommy too, for contributing an extra $100/- so that he can have more Science Diet to share with his cat community in his factory.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Venus' Updates - Her Surgery Was A Success

After boarding at our clinic for the past 4 weeks, her skin was finally cleared of the scabies infection and she was ready for her bone surgery to fix her dislocated hip.

She was transported to our West branch at Sunset way for the surgery on 30 Sept.

Venus under general anaesthesia with a tube in her airways to deliver fresh oxygen and anaesthetic gas to her lungs.

A monitoring device was hooked up to her to monitor her heart rate, breathing rate and blood oxygen saturation levels during the surgery.

X-ray of her hip was taken before the start of her surgery. Dislocated hip is on the left.
Due to the trauma and chronicity of the injury, the head and neck of the dislocated hip was starting to break down - these are the dark grey areas in the bone circled in pink.

Robert, the head technician at the West clinic, is preparing the site for surgery.

Some of the tools and equipment used during the surgery.
The principal operating surgeon, Dr Simon Quek (left), assisted by Dr Ang Yilin
A cut was made on the side of her left thigh to expose the dislocated hip. As the injury was present for a long time already, there was a lot of unwanted reactions of the surrounding tissues causing a lot of adhesions and attachments to the bone which would normally not have been present.

Venus underwent a procedure known as Femoral Head and Neck Excision (FHNE) where the head and neck of the femur bone were removed.

It was not possible to replace the femoral head (ball of the hip joint) back into the socket as all the ligaments that would normally hold it in place have snapped from the accident; the hip joint would have easily dislocated again if it was attempted to be manually replaced.

With the hip joint dislocated, the head of the femur was constantly rubbing across the pelvis causing a lot of pain. With the head and neck of the femur removed, there would be no more friction between the bones, and hence, no more pain. The thigh muscles will hold the leg in its normal position and eventually she will be able to walk and run on the leg as before but possibly with a slight limp.

Post-op x-ray film
Venus, half hour after her surgery. Still slightly groggy but looking a little brighter.

A pain-killer patch was applied to her skin. This patch would deliver pain-relief round the clock for the next 3 days.

Venus back at Redhill branch
Venus was transported back to the Redhill branch later in the evening where she will spend the next one week recuperating from her surgery.

We would like to thank Dr Ang Yilin of Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Redhill) for her kind contribution of this article, the use of her photographs and for giving us all an insight of what goes on in the operating theatre.

Venus' surgery bill. Dr Simon Quek kindly gave us a 50% discount on Venus' surgery. Outstanding balance is $949.

We would like to thank EVERYONE who has made a difference in Venus' life. Her massage therapy, regular healthy meals, her many visitors who came to see how she was coping, the staff at Redhill branch for doting on her and going out of their way to make her feel more comfortable and all the friends and animal lovers who helped contribute to her medical bills.

Venus' surgical procedure took one and a half hours, which was considered rather long, and thus, she was not able to be sterilized. Any longer and it would have put her at risk. Venus will be sterilized on Wednesday at the Redhill branch, after which we will have no options but to return her to the streets.

We are hoping against all odds that from now till the end of the week, someone big hearted would offer to adopt Venus. We know Venus hopes for a home and family to call her own too.

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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."- Unknown