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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Animal Communication with DJ and Tesmo

At the recent Animal Communication Workship held in April 2014, students were asked to do an exercise with Noah's Ark rescued animals and this is what the animals told them:

Daring Journey @ DJ is a rescued ex race horse and he is the newest resident that arrived in April 2014.  When we asked Sunny, what was DJ's feeling?

This is what DJ told Sunny our Animal Communicator and Sunny expressed the DJ's feelings through drawing.  Sunny was spot on with DJ's feelings.

Tesmo was an ex-show dog and he was given up by his owners because he is eplileptic.

So far, Tesmo went into fits once and it was Benoit, a Pyrenees Mountain Dog that alerted us by barking to tell us that Tesmo was having a seizure.  Well done to Benoit for doing his job well.

We asked June to tell us about Tesmo feelings.

"Tesmo is a quiet, demure and a gentle boy.  He is about 3 years old. He enjoys and wants to run in the sun and he wishes to have chicken and sausages.  He does not see fits as a sickness and he sees himself as a healthy boy."

Good to know that Tesmo is feeling fine, for sure he can't have sausages, but we will compromise with nice boiled chicken for Tesmo and  Benoit who saved him.

Benoit the dog that saved Tesmo.

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