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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Naked Truth (Pet Owners' Seminar)

Are you a pet owner or a soon-to-be pet owner? Sign up for this seminar and spend your Saturday afternoon learning more about what's best for your pet. The speakers will share with you on a wide range of topics from food, to nutrition to animal communication and obedience training.

Date  :  30 October 2010 (Saturday)
Time  :  2.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue  :  Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, S (068912)
Ticket Price  :  $18/- per person with goodie bag worth $30/-

To Register
Call Juleana at 6273 8981 between 10.00am to 6.00pm or email juleana@addictionfoods.com with email titled "The Naked Truth", stating your name, contact number, address, email address, number of people and breed of pet(s).
Come listen to Lynda as she shares with you on what Animal Communication really means
Speakers for the Seminar

"The Evolution of Pet Foods" by Mr Jerel Kwek, CEO of Addictions Pet Foods

"The Truth Behind Premium Foods and Healthy Pets" by Dr Jean-Paul Ly, Animal Recovery Centre

"Nutrition Supplementation & Disease Prevention for Pet Owners" by DR YM Wong

"What It Really Means To Own A Pet" by Deirdre Moss, Executive Officer, SPCA

"Animal Talk" by Lynda Goh, Animal Communicator, Zeus Communications

"Train Your Dog in 30 Minutes!" by Elsa Soo, Obedience Trainer, Singapore Kennel Club

Zeus Communications will have a booth at this seminar selling our Zeus 2011 calendars, as well as music CDs specially for your pets. Do come by! 

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