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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animal Reiki

Understanding Reiki - It's All About ENERGY!

Sometimes controversial, Reiki is a Japanese art of healing. It is the channelling of the universe's life-force energy to heal and strengthen. Reiki is a spiritual technique that communicates with bodies, whether human or animal, at the deepest level. The technique used in Reiki is commonly called palm healing. The practitioner of Reiki places his or her hands on the recipient’s body, transferring healing energy. Reiki works in conjunction with the chakras, or energy centres, of a body.

Rosina and Lynda performing Reiki on a bunny

Animals love Reiki and always accept it willingly
Reiki for Animals

Reiki healing for animals is basically the same as that for humans, except for the different placement of the chakras in animals. Reiki works well with pets because they respond well to loving touches and intentions. Often, animals tend to be more receptive to Reiki than humans, and can show positive responses very quickly. We’ve yet to meet an animal that doesn’t like Reiki. When we work with sick or injured strays, they somehow sense the positive energy and will turn their most painful part of the body to us, to take in the healing energy.

Reiki seeks to restore health by balancing the body's energy field. In this context, "energy" has nothing to do with the level of vigor an animal feels. Instead, what it draws from the idea that everything around us is made up of energy vibrating at different levels. Every dog / cat that is born has a unique energy field, an actual vibrational pattern and Reiki serves to rebalance the dog / cat, very much like tuning a musical instrument that is out of tune.

Reiki healing is not stressful, and doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain. It can be used for any problems or illnesses in conjunction with your pet’s usual medication. If your pet is stressed or you just want him / her to relax, Reiki can be performed too. In fact, Reiki can be given to animals with literally any problems; ear infections, hot spots, separation anxiety, neurological disorders, post surgery care, etc

Deep healing and working on your pet's energy imbalance does not happen overnight. To determine if it works, keep a journal of your pet's symptoms and observe for positive changes in areas such as appetite, activity level and emotional well-being.

What Reiki can do for your pets

Reiki is a great, safe complement to both Western and Chinese medicine for pets. Not only does it promote healing and recovery when your pet is ill, but it also reduces possible side effects from medication.

Reiki can be a great help with emotional and behavioural problems in pets. If your pet suffers from emotional problems, especially if they have suffered abuse or neglect in the past, Reiki can help your pet to heal and release negative emotions. Reiki can also help pets that display behavioural problems, such as anxiety and nervousness, to relax. As a complement to Reiki, we suggest you try Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for your pet too.

Reiki has the ability to soothe and calm an animal. It can provide comfort and relieve suffering for dying animals, and help ease their passing. This also alleviates the owner’s fear and grief. Reiki can help to make a possibly traumatic experience more peaceful.

For more information and Reiki session bookings, please contact Fiona at dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg

Animal Reiki, together with music for your pets, would make them really relaxed and comfortable.

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