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Monday, October 11, 2010

Venus Undergoes A Second Emergency Surgery

Life just keeps getting worse for poor Venus. One mishap after another. Perhaps she would have been better off hit and killed in the car accident. First she was hit and dragged by a car, then "gang raped" by almost ten dogs taking their turns on her, then she suffered a miscarriage, got infected with scabies, underwent a long painful surgery, had a sterilization a couple of days back, and now she has seroma; This is a fluid filled swelling developing under her surgical wound caused by intermittent friction when she lies down. The swelling was pretty big and Venus had to be sedated and stab incisions were made on both ends of the seroma for the fluids to drain out. The next day, the swelling occurred again.

Too depressed to eat

Getting some love from Cary

Today Venus underwent yet another surgery. Her third in less than 10 days. Her wound was getting infected and there was pus oozing from it, so Dr Lesley Teo had to put her under the knife yet again. How sad can life be? How much pain does she have to go through before she sees the light at the end of the tunnel?
Taken after her surgery today
The tube in her hind leg is to drain out excess fluids. She is still not bearing weight on this leg.

Dr Teo draining out the excess fluids
We can only imagine what is going through Venus' mind; confusion, fear, one pain after another and wondering why her life has taken this sad and miserable turn. It was tough surviving as a stray. What did she do to deserve such fate? What does she have to look forward to? Recovering and going back to the streets? Living the next 7 to 10 years with little food and hiding under a truck for shelter?

Numb with emotional and physical pain
We were hoping that she could start swimming as soon as her wound healed, but now this happens.

Venus has been at the Vet for 6 weeks. Although she has had a steady stream of well-wishers, and friends who have contributed to her Vet bills, her bill is accumulating. Dr estimates she will need to stay another week or so. Hopefully this time, her wound will heal completely and we can start her on some swimming. Natasha, the massage therapist, has kindly offered to take Venus for swimming when she is ready. Venus has not used her injured leg since her first surgery, probably still remembering the excruciating pain she felt before the surgery. With swimming, we're hoping that she will realize that there is no longer any pain in that leg and that she will start using her leg again.

If you have yet to purchase our Zeus 2011 calendars, please do so. Your purchases and kindness will help Venus as we try to give her our very best, help rebuild her life and put her back on the road to recovery.

Voices that care, a song for Venus.

If you can ferry Venus to and from the Vet, for her swimming, please email us at dogstalk@starhub.net.sg. It would most likely be during the day, office hours. 

Should you know of anyone keen to adopt Venus, please let us know. Even if it means living in your garden or back yard for the rest of her life, we will be eternally grateful.

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