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Monday, September 20, 2010

Do Cats Cry?

Remember this cat we were hoping to catch? We had intended to take it the the vet to have its eye attended to. We did manage to catch him and provide him with the medical aid needed. Read this heartwarming tale   . . . .

Marcus waiting to be helped
Zeus Communications is very proud of 13 year old Alysha Nair who will be donating her birthday "ang pow" to help our rescued animals. She feels that she is no longer a little kid who needs toys and gifts, which she says, she will eventually outgrow. Instead, Alysha feels that the money can be put to a better use - for the animals. When people ask her what she would like as a birthday present, she tells them not to buy her anything but to donate to animal societies. Alysha says, "I love animals, and all I ever really hope for more than any gift in the world is to be able to help animals in whatever way I can and know that my actions may have made better the life on an animal somewhere out there." For a young girl, Alysha has a very generous heart and should be a role model to other children out there.

Recently, a factory worker told us about the plight of a cat with one eye. It's a pity how some people care for the animals but perhaps due to the lack of knowledge or education, are unable to tell us clear details of the animals' injury. He said that the cat's eye had been bitten by a fly or mosquito and the eyeball had shrunk into the socket.

Dr Lesley Teo examining Marcus the cat, while Lynda holds him.

We caught the cat two days ago and sent him to the vet. Dr Lesley Teo checked his eye and said it is likely to be an old injury from some months ago as the wound had healed. Marcus is really sweet natured and his injury could have been caused by an accident, a fight. . . we would never know. An operation was scheduled to remove Marcus' eye. This would lessen chances of his eye being infected, as well as discomfort. However, upon further examination, Marcus was diagnosed with cat flu. He needs to be treated with medication for a few days before proceeding with the surgery. After removing the eye, we will then take Marcus back to his home in the factory. 

Sweet, baby-faced Marcus!
The check-up, medication and operation is estimated to cost $550. Alysha has generously offered $300 of her birthday "ang pow" to help Marcus with his vet bills. It may be a small amount for working class adults, but it's a big gesture and a big amount for a young lady to show how she much she cares for and loves animals. A small act of kindness will go a long way and we're extremely proud of Alysha. We're sure her parents are too!

Thank you Alysha!

Latest Update (5pm) - Jacqui O. read Alysha's story and has kindly offered to make up the difference for the remaining $250 in vet bills.

Thank you everyone for helping little Marcus. Stay tuned for his updates.

Article put together by young volunteer, Jo-Ann, 16 yrs old

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