If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. Mark Twain

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little Rose: "I Want to Live"

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fight for your life, just to live on for the ones you love?
This is Little Rose’s story; she loves, she fights – but she needs our help to stay alive.
Little Rose was rescued some time ago when she was found with a crushed paw. Imagine the amount of pain she had to endure as a young dog – living on the streets and fighting for food with a hind paw that was crushed beyond repair. To reduce the risks of infections or future complications, veterinarians had no choice but to amputate Little Rose’s entire hind leg. Fortunately, this brave lad recovered well and has been living safely in a shelter.

However, Little Rose and the other dogs’ stay at the shelter were cut short when the owner could not afford the upkeep of the place. Ten of the dogs had come to live with our dogs at Zeus Residence, while three others (including Little Rose) were moved to a neighbouring shelter. Had volunteers not relocated Little Rose, she would have been sent to be euthanized.  On the death roll is no place for a young and sweet dog like Little Rose. She deserved a second chance and her wish came true.
All was well, till about two weeks ago – volunteers heard that Little Rose had not been eating well and decided to check on her. As we entered the kennel, we knew immediately that something was not right. Little Rose was quiet and inactive; a huge contrast from her usual self. Upon approaching her, we were horrified with what we saw.

A huge puncture wound was seen on her side and pus was oozing out. This was a sign of an infection and she needed medical attention straightaway. Volunteers immediately took her to the vet; her eyes were downcast and terrified.  Tia, a volunteer, communicated with Little Rose via Animal Communication and uncovered that Little Rose had been attacked by two other dogs from the same kennel.

Upon arrival, the vet checked Little Rose for other wounds that she might have sustained. To our utter disbelief, this poor dog had another three bite marks on her stomach – one of which was the size of a 50-cent coin!  For a better look at the wounds, the vet technician had to shave off the fur from the site. Poor Little Rose cringed in excruciating pain as her wounds were examined and flushed with saline solution. The puncture wounds were so infected and raw that it hurt us to just look at this dog’s skinny frame – not to mention her eyes that portrayed fear and insecurity, speaking so much of the pain she had to endure.

The vet advised against stitching up Little Rose’s wounds because after performing some tests, it was found that she had not one, but TWO strains of the tick fever virus! Should she undergo an operation to stitch her wounds up, her heart may not be able to withstand general anaesthesia required for the procedure. This meant that Little Rose had to recover own her own in the most sterile environment possible.
That being said, Little Rose was then scheduled to be hospitalised for a short period, during which she was given medical treatment for her wounds and tick fever. Due to the increasing amount of vet bills, a foster took Little Rose home five days later and has been taking care of her. Though Little Rose has been steadily recovering and her wounds are healing well, she is still not out of the woods and her life is still on the line due to the two strains of tick fever. Her blood test results have reflected that she is anaemic and her white blood count has escalated. She is due for another health check soon to ensure that her blood count has not dropped further and her blood work has returned to a more normal level.
Besides paying for the medical expenses of little Rose, we are also housing ten of Little Rose’s shelter mates . Although our expenses have increased significantly, so have our joy – the joy of knowing that we have prevented them from having their lives cut short as a result of lack of funding. The joy of seeing their grateful faces, their doleful gazes and spring in their steps knowing they have been given a second chance to live.
It is an uphill task to keep Zeus Residence going, to provide a shelter for those who are homeless (at the last count, we have 43 furry residents) and medical attention for the injured and sick, like Little Rose.
You can help by:
  1. Volunteering with us - any form of help from bathing the dogs, walking them, transporting them to the vet or to their new homes or just simply being there to pat and give them a hug.
  2. Fostering an injured dog such as Little Rose.  Providing a clean and safe environment for them to recover fully.
  3. Sponsoring of Dog Food dry and can food (Nature's Gift) for our 43 furry residents as well as the factory dogs that we feed from PET HQ at 6265 8510 (Peggy).
  4. Contribution of any amount to defray the boarding cost at Zeus Residence. Cheque to be written to Ericsson Pet Farm Pte Ltd
  5. Contribution of any amount to defray the cost of medical bills of injured and sick animals. Our bill at Mt Pleasant has snowballed as a result of our many rescue efforts such as that of paying for Little Rose’s medical bill. Cheques to be written: Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Bedok) Pte Ltd.
Please mail your cheques to: 8 Raffles Avenue #02-04 The Esplanade, Singapore 039802. 
Thank you for being the person who makes a difference to the often forgotten ones.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fosterers – The Unsung Heroes

Baxter was fostered and nursed by Irene.
Being offered a foster place means everything to our dogs; a second chance in life. Without fosterers, we would not be able to help as many dogs as we do.

No matter how many animal shelters there are, there will always be times when they’ve reached saturation points and dogs have to be turned away. This is where an animal fosterer plays a critical role. Fosterers save lives by allowing many others to be helped and fostered dogs generally get adopted faster into their permanent homes.

Who they are
Fosterers are people who temporarily provide a safe and caring environment in their own home until a permanent home is found, helping them make the transition from their current predicament (of abandonment by their previous owner, a stray recovering from a horrific injury, or one that has just escaped the jaws of death, rescued from being put to sleep) to a new adoptive family. It’s a tremendously fulfilling position to be in, knowing that you’ve helped these animals through a difficult period of their lives and transforming them into socialised adoptable dogs, ensuring greater success in rehoming them.

What fostering involves
There are different roles for different types of fosterers. Besides providing a safe and loving environment to the fostered animal, a fosterer might be called upon to:

A) Monitor the temperament of the animal
B) Nurse them back to health
C) Provide basic training

A) Monitoring
Like us, dogs too have their own unique nature and characteristics. This knowledge helps us to match our dog to the right home and would allow them to integrate quickly into their new permanent homes.

Fosterers provide invaluable information about our rescued dogs, such as acceptance of visitors, whether they are friendly with children and other dogs, their behaviour when left alone, whether they drag on the leash, etc.

Nursing a 3 week old kitten, one needs to bottle
feed it every 2 to 3 hours and help it to urine and poo.
B) Nursing
Many a time, we have had dogs come to us in very poor condition, e.g. Malnourished, skin problems, infected eyes etc. These conditions are better managed in a home environment. Other times, stray kittens or puppies are rescued and they need to be fed regularly for a period of time.

Others may be ill and need to be given medication at certain times of the day or perhaps be bathed with vet prescribed shampoos periodically, and have to be brought to the vet if unwell. Fosterers provide such vital care to these animals.

Once back to health, the chances of them being rehomed will increase many-fold.

Kaelyn our youngest volunteer
walking Tiger at the Park
C) Training
It is easier to adopt out a toilet trained dog with good manners to good, prospective homes.

Every dog wants to be loved, well taken care of, and protected by their owners. But first, the dogs have to be trained and they are taught basic commands such as ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’ etc. Training these dogs and makes it easier for the adopters to handle the dog in future.

In addition, the fosterer helps these dogs get used to living in a proper home and around humans, making it easier for dogs to adapt when they find themselves in their permanent homes.

The fulfilment
The fulfilment of dog fostering is immeasurable. Yes, it hurts when you’ve bonded with the dog and it has to leave for its permanent home and yes, it does take up time, effort, dedication and genuine care, so it’s not a job for everyone. But the sense of purpose and fulfilment you receive knowing that you have made a huge difference by helping one more dog find its way into a happy home where it will be loved and cared for makes it all worthwhile.

If you would like to join the ranks of being a foster parent and help give our furry friends a second chance in life, email us at dogstalk@starhub.net.sg.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Our Hearts Opened the Doors to Others that Needed Help

Born on 15 November 1998
Passed away peacefully on 13 October 2011
Age 12 yrs and 11 months old

Goldy was a very kind dog who accepted every rescued animal as part of the family;
she shared her life and her home with them. 

Not once has she ever complained that we had strangers in the house and
she knew that her mummy’s journey was to help the voiceless. 

Since the day Goldy walked into our lives,
we opened our hearts in 1999 and helped many dogs and cats.

May Goldy Rest in Peace.

This story was written in Memory of Goldy –the joy and the journey that we travelled together.  If she was still here with us, she would be celebrating her 13th Birthday today. By Lynda

It was 15 February 1999, Chinese New Year eve – it was a half day at work and I decided to go and check out a pet shop “Tim Bark Tu” at Hong Leong Gardens, which my friend, John suggested that I visit.  When I  got there, I walked around to see what was in store, and a 3 month old English Cocker Spaniel puppy caught my eye. The lady in the shop took the puppy out and placed her in a play pen for me to view. I played with her for a while and headed home.

As I was driving home, I could still see the image of her in the play pen calling out to me and saying “take me home”…. There were other customers in the shop looking at her too – but somehow – her eyes were connected to mine.

When I reached home, I had no appetite for my lunch and had no mood to do anything – not even to clean the house to get ready for Chinese New Year. I just couldn’t stop thinking of her.  After an hour of deliberation, I called the pet shop to tell them that I was going to bring her home for the New Year and to wait for me before closing for the holidays. 

Bringing a Puppy Home
It was about 3pm when I arrived at the shop; I paid for the dog and bought the necessary accessories and food to bring this sweet little one home.  You must be wondering why I bought a pet instead of adopting.  Back then in the late ‘90s, there were not many animal welfare organizations and there was only the SPCA, and the criteria to adopt was very stringent.  But after getting Goldy – you won’t believe this – six months later, our doors opened up and we started rescuing and nursing dogs together.  Goldy was the light and path that opened our hearts to helping other animals.

When I brought Goldy home, it was puppyhood all over again… it wasn’t easy having to get up in the wee hours of the morning having to attend to her and I was at my wits end with sleepless nights as I tried to paper train her.  I then started reading about Cocker Spaniels on the internet and fortunately, I was able to get help and advice from the Cocker Spaniel experts who were based overseas. 

I realized that training Cockers is different – you need to use different tones on them – a happy tone to tell them that they did the right thing and angry tones for doing the wrong things.  Screaming and being angry does not work for them – you need to reason and speak to them nicely like an adult – and it worked! 

This little girl graduated from paper training in 10 days!  I was so proud of her and as long as she could go to the paper to pee and poo on her own, she had the freedom to roam about the entire house.

Animal Communication & Dog Training
When I think back about my life with her –  I realized we did communicate in our own ways. But it was only after meeting Rosina, my teacher and mentor, that her teaching was put into perspective;we all can communicate with our pets.

I admit that I made the greatest mistake when she was a puppy – I thought doggy training will be good for her – instead, she disliked it tremendously.  Every Wednesday, whenever it was time to go for training, Goldy would hide under my bed and it was really hard to get her out of the house. And when the training was over – she would dash to the car and say “Let’s go home!”

There are various dog trainers; I would recommend that you find someone that you are comfortable with – check them out and understand their training methods.  The one that we attended – was no fun for a puppy like Goldy, as training should be fun and enjoyable. I still remember how Goldy would face her bum towards the trainer whenever he walked past because she refused to look at him! I knew the trainer was pissed with me, but it didn’t matter. We were not training for a competition so Goldy’s happiness was more important.  Our objective was to learn something that we could apply and she was more than perfect for being able to understand basic commands.

Goldy loved to play on the slides – she would climb up the steps and slide down on her own and we had to make sure that the playground had no children playing about, because we did not wish to get into trouble with the parents.

From left Lady Tian, Goldy and Pebbles - they are now together on the Rainbow Bridge.
Animal Rescue
Goldy and I rescued a lot of animals together.  The number of dogs that received aid was uncountable.  Goldy was a very kind soul and had a heart of gold…. It was natural for other dogs to get jealous whenever their owners bring other pets home. However, there was not a single complaint from Goldy. Admittedly, I do feel guilty that I did not have much time for her – as our rescue work took up so much of my free time – but she knew that this was my journey and she opened the doors to other dogs who crossed my path.

Taking Care of an Old Dog
As Goldy was getting on with age, she started to develop heart problems and tick fever. I almost lost her last October and I am very thankful for Lang, a Weimaraner, who donated blood to Goldy and she was able to live for another year. 

The last one year was not easy, having to bring Goldy to the vet regularly every month for check-ups and having to drain the fluids from her stomach every 10 days.  I owed it to her to take care of her till the day that she was due to leave me – she ha been so patient with me all these years and it was definitely not easy on her part, having to share me with other fur kids.

Everytime we vistited the vet, I knew Goldy’s time with us was getting shorter.  I kept asking her whether I could do anything for her and whether she had any wishes that I could fulfill.  But all she asked was for me to spend time with her. 

Dogs ask for the simplest things from their owners – “quality time”.  Each day after work, I tried to spend as much time with her.  I remember how she would ask me to switch on the air con whenever she was feeling hot – and of course I would do it for her.

Meat Loaf baked by Irene

Meat Loaf, Cup Cakes and Birthday Cake for Goldy
Granting Goldy’s Wish
In early October, we held an adoption drive at the Doggy Style Café at NEX Shopping Centre and when I saw Lynn celebrating her dog’s birthday, I received a message from Goldy that she would like to have a birthday party to celebrate her 13th Birthday.  I told Irene about Goldy’s wish and she suggested that we celebrate much earlier because Goldy was not feeling well and she might not make it till 15 November. 
On Monday morning, I started planning Goldy’s party; I quickly invited our friends and their fur kids who could make it for the party, called the caterer to order food for the humans and The Barkery to order a doggy birthday cake.

I am very thankful to Elizabeth of The Barkery for taking my call at 11pm and for accommodating my request to bake a birthday cake and cupcakes for Goldy’s birthday party after explaining the situation.  Team members from the Barkey have really gone the extra mile to make a dog’s wish come true.

The Birthday Party
Goldy’s party was held on 11 October at Ericsson Guest House, which was attended by our friends (people and dogs) and family members. The dogs enjoyed the food and had a great time eating the meatloaf and cupcakes. 

Goldy had always loved her food and I was so happy to see that she enjoyed herself as she was eating away and I had granted her wish to have a birthday party.

I would like to thank Irene for making her delicious home-made Shepherd Pies for the doggies.  The shelter dogs too shared the celebration by having a feast.  Irene is our shelter dogs’ favourite cook!

Goldy enjoying her cup cake.

Goldy having a bite at her birthday cake.

Her Last Breath
On Thursday morning, 13 October, Goldy passed away peacefully in her sleep next to me on my bed.  She went peacefully – no struggling to catch her last breath – her heartbeat just stopped.  I know that my dogs who are on the rainbow bridge have taken her away from me and she is now happily playing with them in the Garden of Eden. 

Our Message to all Pet Owners
Whether your dog is young or old, it is our moral obligation to see it through their entire life with care and love.  Dogs never look at how much money you have or own, all they ask is for your love and companionship. 

A PET is a Life Time Commitment till the day they leave this earth.

It is a lot of hard work taking care of old dogs – especially when they are old and sick.  Goldy could no longer walk but she still loves her food.  To me - as long as the dog is still eating and loves their food - I will keep her going till the day she departs and joins her fur friends on the Rainbow Bridge.  

Goldy tends to pee while she is asleep - it does not bother me, I will continue to care for her till her last days.  Although it was extra work to wash the bed sheets – it was part and parcel for a dog to grow old – like humans – one day it will happen to us and our children/caregivers will have to take care of us when we are no longer mobile.  Something for you to think about, what happens if one day you can no longer take care for yourself e.g.  cant feed yourself, cant go to the toilet on your own and become bed ridden  – you need help right?  Will our children take care of us? Will we end up at an old folks home so that someone will feed and clean us up everyday?  Are we prepared to grow old and face it?

No matter how much work is involved - we HAVE to see it through and we owe it to them because we brought them into our lifes.  Like our parents, we owe it to them for brining us into this world and its our duty as children to take care of our aged parents.
Do not abandon your old sick dogs on the streets or somewhere deserted - just because its too much work, the medical cost and pass the dirty job to others to pick up. 

Many times, through our work with the animals, we often encounter old and sick dogs abandoned on the streets and they can be found as far as Lim Chu Kang (farmland areas), Jurong and Tuas (industrial estates). 

I believe whoever abandons or ill treats their pets will have bad karma some time later in their lives.  Whoever thinks about doing it had better think twice and many times more. Because once you’ve brought an animal into your life, it’s your responsibility and you owe it to your pet to look after it through thick and thin, till its very last breath.

Goldy Loved the Sun, the Sand and the Sea like Mummy.

Goldy enjoying her swim at Sentosa.

Watching the World Goes By.....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Baybe's Journey

By Jasmine

I've never had the intention of keeping a pet dog. But, the first time I met Baybe, he totally melts my heart, it’s love at first sight and so I’ve make the decision to keep him forever till death tear us apart. But things started to change... From good, to the worst end...

The first day when Baybe went home with me, my life totally change, because of Baybe... I am much more happier than before...

Had been keeping him by my side ever since mid-July 2009, things changed during August 2010, HDB had been visiting us weekly regarding Baybe’s matter. My family and I tried to avoid by not opening the door each & every time they drop by. Till one day, during end Oct 2010, my boyfriend came back home from downstairs after taking Baybe out for a walk. Just when they gonna step into the house, the man from HDB stopped them. Due to the noise outside, I went out of the house to see what’s going on & was informed that I must remove Baybe from the flat. Otherwise, I will be fined up to $4,000.

Due to all the stress that HDB is giving, I seek for help from Baybe's trainer. Her advice was bringing Baybe to the factory side & release him there. Being helpless, I followed what she say. When I’ve reached the factory side, I feed Baybe & release him. Once I’ve released him, he ran off. He ran across a bridge, till my brothers shouted loudly in Chinese "Baybe 我们回家咯 快点回来 (we are going home, come back!)”. He ran back to us, we leash him & walk back home.

While on the way heading home, we met Baybe’s friend’s owner. She gave me a good scolding and she promise that she'll help me with this matter. She then called her friend, Elise and inform her regarding this matter, Elise called me on the next following day, telling me that she'll be fetching me & baybe to a farm at Pasir Ris. When reached the farm, I was asked to pay a monthly deposit & a monthly boarding fee. Due to the shortage of cash, Elise paid half of the amount for me.

When Baybe arrived at Zeus Play House he was all skin and bones
Each & every month I’ve been paying Baybe's rent regularly, I am the only person working in my family, I've to support my mom & 2 little brothers with $800 that I am earning monthly, it’s really hard for me.

Till starting of Aug 2011 , I've no choice but to seek help from the boarder, I asked if he's able to take over Baybe's ownership , he disagree hurriedly and say if I am unable to pay him the boarder fee he'll send Baybe back to my place, I was panic.

As i am not allowed to keep Baybe at home due to the HDB. I went around asking for friend's advice, one of my friend advice me seek help from Mel, I had been thinking for days till I decided to send Mel a Facebook message. Mel was really kind; she told me she'll help me with it.

After waiting for some days, she replied, telling me that a friend of hers might be able to help. As soon as I received Mel’s message, Lynda called me and arrange to meet up with my dog. Till now, my dog had been settled down at Zeus Play House. I am really glad to have met Mel & Lynda.

They're like the guardian angels of my dog. Thank you for the help!

Footnote from the Editor:

When Baybe arrived in August 2011, he was skin and bones; he was so hungry as though he has not eaten for days. From his reaction, we knew that he did not get enough food at the other boarding facility. We gave Baybe some time to settle down and gave him more food to fill his stomach. Within a month, Baybe grew to be a very confident dog and he wanted to take charge. Baybe was staying with a few young teenagers (dogs) and we had to balance the yin and the yang in the kennel – or else the male dogs would start and want to gain control.

Baybe has put on weight and he will be ready to be sterilised in December. If you would like to sponsor Baybe’s:

Sterilisation i.e. $120.00
Vaccination i.e. $10.50
Heartworm Tests i.e. $45.00
Monthly Sponsorship of $100.00

Please write in to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg.

Pet Sponsorship will help with the upkeep of the dogs at the shelter – the funds will be used for food and boarding. Thank you.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Saved from the Ghetto

Updates:On Saturday, 19 Nov when we visited our dogs at the shelter, we understand from the volunteers that Sox was feeling miserable. Hearing such words hurts our hearts to hear that a dog is unhappy. We went to visit Sox and she was locked up in the kennel with another dog and she did look sad and we decided to take her into our shelter since 2 dogs have found home and we had a space for Sox.

Our policy at the shelter is that we can only take in a new dog when a dog at the shelter has been rehomed - or else the place will be over crowded and the dogs will get frustrated due to space constraints. The number of dogs rescued from the shelter that was closed down is ten.

On Sunday, 30 October - Zeus Communications rescued nine dogs from being put down. The owner of a shelter has been struggling financially for some time now and could barely afford the upkeep of the dogs under her care. For the last 3 months, we have been providing her 14 shelter dogs with bags of dry food.

Unfortunately, the shelter had to close and the dogs were scheduled to be put down by the end of October. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, the dogs have escaped their unfortunate fate, and have moved in with our shelter’s dogs. They are currently undergoing rehabilitation and it gives us a chance to get to know the dogs better so that they can be rehomed.

Initially, we were worried that the dogs would not get along with those in our shelter. Amazingly, after we had communicated with the dogs and told them that they need to share the space and live in harmony, they seemed to understand. So far, they have adhered to our rule of “No Fighting Allowed” and are living together as friends. Dogs know when their fur friends are on death row and they somehow welcome them with open hearts and accept them as members of the families. 

Many times, when we are at the shelter playing and attending to our dogs – our neighbour’s dogs will look across the fence and say “Hey! You guys are having so much fun – how we wish we can join you.”  The dogs look through the fences with envy that they were always having fun.  Well, what we can say is that today their wish came through – they get better nutritious meals and snacks from us.  What the dogs can now look forward to now would be car rides to the park – more walks and fun time with the volunteers.

The Zeus Play House
However, Zeus Play House is now getting too crowded and we would like the dogs to be adopted out into loving homes. It would be great if the dogs could go to families who would love and care for them instead of being confined to a small amount of space in the shelter.  A shelter is a temporary home for the dogs till they find their forever home. We do not want it to be a life sentence for our dogs, confining them forever. Our role is to house, socialise and nurse them until they are ready for adoption, when they find the right companion.

For those wondering why we did not choose to take over the shelter where the dogs were at previously, it is because it does not make economic sense to spend the extra money on rentals and  the upkeep of the shelter. Apart from cost, we want to give the dogs a chance to be adopted instead of leaving them to spend the rest of their lives at the kennels. We are also running on a very tight budget as the money available to us for animal rescue comes from sponsors and benefactors.

Daisy, Nokia, Jelly Bean, Coco, Bobby, Mei Mei, Tiger, Blackie and Faith are the nine who are now safely residing in our shelter. We have learnt that most of them were rescued from Kranji Industrial Estate, where heavy vehicles and machines made the place dangerous for the dogs to roam about. Right now, we are hopeful that the biggest and sweetest boy (Bobby) would be a suitable blood donor to save the lives of dogs who are in need of blood.

New Residents for Adoption
Daisy - Female, est. 2 years old
Daisy is the mummy of Jellybean and Nokia. She and her babies were rescued from one of Kranji's many danger zones where traffic is heavy and big trucks rush by with no regards to the lives of the dogs. Daisy is a smart lady who always has a keen eye for her surroundings especially when it's time for treats! Her sweet temperament, coupled with her beautiful coat of brown and black, she’s a doggie that’s hard to miss!

Nokia (with white chest) and Jelly Bean
 Nokia - Female, 1.5 years old
Nokia was found at Kranji with her mummy Daisy and sister Jellybean. She is full of boundless energy - you can see her racing up and down the kennels, playing with her mummy and sister. During her calmer moments, she'd tag along with you, curious as ever! Her name means "little child" in the Teochew dialect, because she used to be a skinny puppy who never seemed to put on any weight! But after what seemed like a long time, Nokia has finally grown up into a fine young lady.

Jelly Bean - Female, 1.5 years old
Jelly Bean is Daisy's daughter and Nokia's sister, found at Kranji. She was named Jellybean to suit her personality - a bag of colourful jellybeans! Orange is for her sunny personality, red for her warmth and blue for her oh-so-cool attitude. Come see Jellybean play and you will know what we mean!

Coco - Female, 1.5 years old
Coco was also found at Kranji Industrial Estate and she looks like a pug in disguise! She is the quieter one of the lot, preferring to stealthily take in her surroundings and then secretly steal any uneaten food! Her guilty looks never fail to give her away and she'll make you roar with laughter. With her soft brown coat and black muzzle, she is no doubt a little pug in disguise! Take a look at her!

Bobby - Male, 3 years old
A sweet, gentle boy that belies his big size, Bobby is a real darling. He was rescued as a puppy by an NS man, who kept him near the quarters of his bunk. The man's seniors disallowed that and Bobby was brought to the shelter. Sadly, his owner has not visited him for a long time. Always looking a little forlorn, Bobby clearly misses his owner very much and would love to have a family to call his own.

Mei Mei - Female, 5 years old
A lorry driver found Mei Mei wandering near the sea some time ago. Although quiet, Mei Mei is one to love attention and will come running to you when called! Her lovely cream coat of ringlets makes her most ladylike-looking.

Tiger - Female, 1.5 years old
Hear me ROAR (or yelp)! This unusual and beautiful brindle coloured girl will rush to investigate new surroundings, but will be the first to yelp in fear at any sign of trouble. She loves following people around, and will stick close by your side during your visit to the shelter. Her curious and playful nature makes her sweet and endearing.

Blackie - Male, 1 year old
Blackie was found at Kranji, chasing cars and bikes as they travelled along the road. He is finally safe from the dangerous life on the streets and would love to have a home to call his own.

Faith – Female, 2 years old
Faith was found in a rubbish bin by an old man in Kranji. She had been rehomed but because she could not get along with the existing dogs, she had to return to the shelter. Despite the transitions from the streets to a home to a shelter, Faith is always full of hope that one day; the perfect family would come along for her.

Medical Health Check
Before being rehomed, all the dogs need to undergo a full health check to ensure that they are well. They also have to be microchipped and vaccinated. We urgently need funds for their health checks and the average amount for each dog will amount to around $100. Each healthy and happy dog has a better chance of getting rehomed.

Please help us to fulfil their life long dreams and they have escaped death twice!

Zeus Comms 2012 Calendar
Do take this opportunity to purchase a copy of Zeus Communications 2012 Calendar in aid of the street dogs who count on us to give them a 2nd chance to live. Vagabond dogs usually have nothing, and it’s up to us to give them the love they deserve. All proceeds from the sale of these calendars will help towards the upkeep of the shelter dogs that the volunteers have dedicated their heart and soul in helping.

Facts & Figures to Run a Shelter a Month
Rental of Boarding Facility & Caregiver - $3,000/-
Can Food (10 units a day x $2.50) x 30 days - $750/-
Dry Food (20 bags x $65) - $1,300/-
Miscellaneous (e.g. frontline, flea and tick shampoo, garbage bags, etc...) – $600/-

The amount excludes medical fees for the shelter dogs if they fall ill.

The shelter is currently running at full capacity and we now have 43 dogs at Zeus Play House – your contribution to help us to keep them alive is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Lynda Goh
Zeus Communications

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lost & Found: Cross Breed

Dear All

Thank you for your help to circulate our poster on the missing dog Sporty. 

We are pleased to inform you that a kind soul has found Sporty at 10pm last night and alerted the SPCA to pick him up.  The person who found Sporty did the right thing by calling for help.  We are very grateful for his kind deed.

On behalf of Sporty and his Caregivers - many thanks.

3 Nov 2011

Lost & Found: Golden Retriever

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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."- Unknown