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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life Unleashed (Updates on the rescued breeding dogs)

These defenseless dogs had their lives snatched away from them when they were mere puppies. They lived lives of suffering and misery, living a pathetic existence they thought was normal, all because inhumane breeders were ruthless and only interested in making money.

Our volunteer, Irene, carrying June

This is June!
If you had the opportunity to meet any of the 8 dogs we rescued, we know you would have told us they were the sweetest and most trusting dogs you had ever seen. Why is it that despite being abused all their lives by humans, that these dogs still trust us? This is a lesson that I often believe animals were put on earth for – to teach humans how to trust, love and forgive. 
Look what a little love can do! Isn't June gorgeous?

Jack, a Labrador Retriever, is available for adoption

If you look into the eyes of these 8 dogs, you will see that there is life and hope in them again and this time, they know it’s a real life that they will be living.

We thank everyone who have contributed to the vet bills, who came to visit the dogs, buy them treats, cook for them, walk them, send them to the vets for follow up visits etc – we couldn’t have done it on our own. To those who came down for the adoption drive – glad you chose to adopt and not buy a pet.

Our adoption drive
The people who adopted the dogs did have some common feedback and it was sad to know that most (of the dogs) were terrified of walking on grass or walking on leash. These poor dogs were caged up for the most part of their lives and walking on grass or having the sun shine on their backs is something they never imagined they would ever experience. Raising them is like raising a puppy – the patience, the paper training, the input of language – because they had none. No one ever cared for them, talked to them or ever cared how they feel. That is why we are so very grateful to the overwhelming response from members of the public who wanted to adopt these dogs, despite being told they had tick fever, dry eyes, only half a set of teeth, etc

Cute little Jan has only half a set of teeth and has been adopted too!
Poor little Jan had many teeth extracted
Little Jan and her new family who loves her tremendously!

Junior (Japanese Spitz), now named Sammie, is enjoying his new life with his new family. He is still scared of walking on grass but we are quite sure that with lots of love and patience, he will eventually overcome that fear.
Junior in his new home

Comments from Junior's owner, May Young - 
Sammie (his new name) came to us  about two weeks ago. When he first came, he was reticent, reserved, passive and withdrawn. He didn't know what was play, good food, affection... didn't respond when he was called, and didn't look you in the eye. He stayed in one spot for the first week. I guessed he had never been on any surface except concrete, because when we put him on the grass, his steps were very tentative and nervous, and he was even afraid of steps... till this day he is afraid of going down steps, and we had to help him negotiate one step at a time, as in front legs then back legs on one step, and then repeat again for the next.

What a difference two weeks made.
Now he prances around the whole garden, seeking doors and openings where he can see us, waiting for the pats and strokes and treats we give him. When we are with him, he laps up all the attention and physical affection he can get, pressing his body against ours and even climbing up on our laps. He is no longer reserved and passive, but tears down the garden barking at dogs or people walking by. He is cheeky and full of life, enjoys the different kinds of food like liver, fish, and meat, whereas when he first came, he was only interested in rice. Sammie is a changed dog, we can see he is happy,  with hope in the glitter of his eye. 

I am glad I made a difference in Sammie's life.
Junior (Sammie) being loved by his new family
Jamie (Japanese Spitz), is the apple of the family’s eye. Jamie has a great fear of walking on leash and we have advised the family to leave the leash on her and let her walk at home, dragging the leash and just getting used to the fact that the leash is harmless.
Jade and June will go to their new homes at the end of February, while Jan and Ace are still settling in with their new families.

Remember Jill, who almost lost her life to money? Jill is getting stronger by the day. Although still underweight, you can see in her the will to live. She now loves her treats and enjoys her walks when we take her out. We know we can never erase her painful memories of being bred in captivity, but we’re trying our best to make up for lost time.

 Would you like to give Jill a home and the love she deserves?
We took Jill to the beach. The way her eyes shone, no money in the world can buy. It was a whole new world to her! She sniffed the air when we got out of the car. Jill is good with her walks; she doesn’t drag at all. She sniffed the grass before walking on it and we let her take her time, stopping to smell the roses. We had lunch at the beach and Jill ate a hamburger, vegetables and all. Then we took her to walk on sand and she showed no fear at all, occasionally stopping to sniff the sand, probably trying to figure out what this soft texture was. Then we headed back to the kennels for yet another meal that our volunteers had lovingly cooked for her and the other dogs.
Jill, loving life!
Jill at the beach and having the time of her life!

A few days back, Jill had to go to Mount Pleasant at Sunset Way for a digital x-ray. Both her front legs are not as swollen as it was initially when we first rescued her. Her legs seem more normal sized now, but we wanted to do the x-ray, for Jill, to be assured that there is nothing seriously wrong with her and to rule out the fact that she has bone cancer. Her x-ray results have been sent to Melbourne for a second opinion.
Jill looking sooo happy
Jack, weighing all of 38 kg, is a handsome lad or Lab now. A far cry from the scrawny dog we first laid eyes on. Walking Jack is a whole new ball game – he’ll take you for a roller coaster ride, for all of 3 minutes and then he needs a rest! Not because he is old, but simply because he has never ever left his kennel. Like us, he would need time to build up his stamina.

Jack the handsome lad? Handsome Lab?
We’re still hoping for Jack and Jill to find true love. For now, they are still staying at the boarding kennels and we understand that most people live in HDB apartments and thus cannot adopt a medium sized dog. However, if you have space in your backyard or driveway, won’t you please give Jack or Jill your yard? We assure you that they are undemanding and would be most grateful to you for renewing their faith in mankind.

Written by Fiona


  1. What's the latest on Jack and Jill?

  2. Hi,

    Jack has been adopted and will go to his new home soon while Jill urgently needs someone to foster/adopt her.

    Zeus Communications

  3. My family actually wanted to adopt Jack. Is it confirmed he has been adopted? If for some reason he is "returned" to you pls let us know because we really want to adopt him. Thanks.

  4. Hi,

    Please email us privately at dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg.

    Thank you!

    Zeus Communications


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