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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Venus - Dare To Live

Every once in a while, an animal touches our lives and shows us what they are really made of – true courage, strength, love, compassion and determination. It has been said many times that animals enter our lives for a reason. We may not see the reason at that particular moment but some time down life's journey, when we sit and reflect, we often realize why they came into our lives. Nothing in life is coincidental, everything happens for a reason. Often, a very valid reason, that makes us better humans.

Strong and determined. Venus gave us many lessons in life.
For Venus, she taught us many lessons. She showed us how strong she was, fighting to live, getting out of her pain and depression from having lost her babies in a miscarriage and living in pain with a broken hipbone. Enduring surgery after surgery to rectify her broken hip, to be sterilized and then having to go through sessions upon sessions of massage and walks with Cary or Dawn (staff at the Vet) to build up her leg muscles again. The physical and emotional pain. She taught us to never give up, no matter how life gets us down. 
Bigger and stronger, Venus is slowly using her injured leg again.
For those who have been faithfully following Venus’ route to recovery, silently cheering her on, you would know that she has been at the Vet for more than two months – this would, of course mean that her bills have amounted to no small amount too. A whopping $3000+ to be exact. However, the thought of the escalating bills never discouraged us from helping her; never once did we think of releasing her back to the streets when she had not fully recovered. Just like Venus’ faith in us that we would care for her and see it through, our faith in all our friends and fellow animal lovers have not waned – we know that somehow, some way, friends will continue to contribute and help us out with her vet bills. We never doubted that, just as Venus had entrusted her life in our hands. She taught us Faith.

Venus also taught us to use our skills as Animal Communicators, to understand her fears, her pain, and her gratitude. Yes, despite the fact that she tries to snap at us when we pat her, we know she is grateful to us for helping her.

If you had for one moment thought that dogs are far more superior beings than humans, well – you thought right. Despite the hard life that Venus had gone through, she helped save a life! She was resting in her “Redhill Suite” when a Chihuahua, owned by Mr Vernon Cornelius, needed a blood transfusion. An An had not been eating for a few days and had been diagnosed with tick fever. He needed blood to live. Immediately Drs thought of Venus, who was lazing in her suite waiting for volunteer, Lynette, to bring her her daily ration of beef, eggs and rice. Dr Ang called Lynda for her consent and Lynda immediately agreed to let Venus donate blood and Mr Vernon was absolutely relieved. On a separate note, a doggy blood donor should be at least 25 kg in weight. Venus is lighter than 25 kg, but she was donating blood to a Chihuahua, and An An only required 75ml of blood from Venus, instead of the usual full bag of 450ml.

Blood is drawn from the jugular vein.

Drawing blood.

It's in their blood to save lives.

An An receiving blood.
We visited Venus the following day and what we saw absolutely amazed us – she was glowing with pride. Yes, she knew she had done a good deed, she knew she had saved a life and she was extremely proud of herself for doing that!

We are still hoping that someone would write in to offer to adopt Venus. Like we often say, even if it means living in the patio or garden for the rest of her life, it is still paradise compared to where she came from. Venus has been to hell and back. She never gave up, neither will we. Everyday we continue to hope and pray that someone will want to take her to their home and give her a life that this black beauty truly deserves.
A HERO in every sense of the word.
We would like to thank Lynette for faithfully bringing food to Venus everyday, rain or shine, for the past two months of Venus’ stay at the Redhill Suite and Dr Ang for the use of her photographs.

Do stay tuned for Venus’ next update, as she goes for her very first swim. Venus will be discharged this Sunday.

We salute Venus with this song, Dare To Live.

Written by Fiona.

A note from Mr Vernon Cornelius.

In certain emergencies Pet Animals DO need Blood Donations!

After my dog, An An, was diagnosed with 'Tick Fever' by Veterinarian Dr Ang Yilin, he was found to have a drop in blood count, and platelet count. A very dangerous situation, and he urgently needed emergency 'Blood Transfusion'! So the panic was on to find a suitable match and donor!

An An feeling down
It was to our blessed good fortune that a big, once badly injured dog named Venus, recovered by Ms Lynda Goh, was being treated at Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Center (Redhill). Venus' blood was a perfect match, and so began the process of her blood extraction to help An An survive!

St Venus' Blood Donation saved An An's life! It is with deepest gratitude and many thanks to the very generous heart of Ms Lynda Goh, but it was St Venus' 'gift of life' that saved An An!

Mr Vernon Cornelius with An An.
I must shamefully admit I never really gave much thought to Blood Donations for Animals, but having experienced this life or death encounter for my beloved pet, it made me realize the seriousness for such a need, and the urgent necessity for an Animal Blood Bank!

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