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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adoption Drive - Second Chance for Love

Science Diet has organized an adoption drive for some 18 puppies, 11 rabbits and 15 kittens! These lovely animals are looking for homes to go to, where they will be loved and cared for. 

Event poster

Zeus Communications will be there at the adoption drive and you will get to meet our sweet puppies who long to have their very own forever homes. These puppies are extremely affectionate, intelligent and will make good family members! 
Zeus Communications' puppies for adoption!

Details of the adoption drive are as follows-

Date: 25 & 26 June 2011 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 11am - 5pm
Venue: U-Petgamart (11 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 Singapore 519355)

There will also be a mini bazaar selling merchandise from Blessing Home, House Rabbit Society of Singapore as well as us Zeus Communications!

Do spread the word about this event happening this weekend! The more people know about it, the higher chances there are of our doglets being adopted. All we want is for them to live happy lives with a family to call their own. 

We look forward to seeing you at the adoption drive this weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Golly, Ms Molly

Molly has an irresistible, magical quality that shines to show she’s the happiest doggie you’ve ever met. She’s got smiling eyes, a warm, fun-loving personality that wins you over within seconds of first meeting her.

Molly has a secret though: a dark, painful secret that she doesn’t talk about these days. To her, every day is a blessing and she gives great joy when I wake up to see her face in the mornings.

When I first heard of Molly, she had just been rescued JRT from a breeding farm. Although I was glad she was safe, I thought nothing more of it initially. 

However, when I met her the next day, something changed. There was something I saw in her eyes. They somehow gave a glimpse of her hopes and promises. There wasn’t the slightest hint of her past hardship, no trace in her eyes of the pain she had endured. If there was one clear indication, it was that she was not giving up on love and companionship.

See the glitter in her eyes!

It was only a matter of time that I found out about Molly’s dark, painful secret: she had a fractured hip, bones and a completely broken leg. No one knows for sure how she came to suffer these painful injuries. Adding to this, she was an expectant Mum when she was brought in. Being in such a state, the Vet recommended an emergency abortion.

Till this day, I still cannot put the precise moment or the exact emotion when she touched me, drawing me close to her for some strange reason. I have two dogs and pups but yet there was a compelling sense to help her.

Molly at the vet - looking as cheery as ever!

Molly's seven broken bones!

Next scene: She arrived at my home after her discharge, much to my delight. In the beginning, even though I wanted to reach out and hold her, I was afraid I would hurt her fragile condition. She came to my home, after having had an abortion, re-stitched and her leg, still broken. 

Although told she was not in pain, I was still very apprehensive. I must admit, it took me a quite a while to work up the courage to pick her and hold her. Now, I just can’t hold her enough. Over the days, she has built up her strength and confidence and races around her room freely. Molly is a free-spirit again, having found warmth and love, and giving back just as much, if not more.

Nowadays, she can easily draw a chuckle from me when I least expect. She reminds me of the cartoon “Road Runner“, when she zips around on her three legs. I call her my Comet.  She is not shy and lets my other dogs and pups know she is in charge. She is mellowing a little now, as she nurtures a special bond with one of our pups, Matthew. They play like kids do, and when Matt gets too rough, she walks away. Just like some classy great ole’ dame, she gets grumpy when she is tired. 

This is when she wants her quiet time. When tucked in for the night, she reaches for her prized possession, her towel. At sleep, she always looks peaceful and contented, like a little angel.

Isn't that a cheeky smile?

Molly has taught me one great lesson, without saying a word – the true meaning of second chances. Even after all she’s been through at some others’ hands, she has kept faith in being utterly trusting, forgiving and loving. Molly has added a new emotional dimension to my life and I’m glad she’s part of the family – she’s got the best bet for a place in the sun in my home…. 

Written by Susan Dhanwant, Molly's new mommy

We would like to thank Susan for generously sponsoring the printing of the shirts. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update On Jill and Molly (Rescued Breeding Dogs)

We recently brought Molly and Jill back to the vet’s, and Molly saw Dr. Simon Quek, a bone specialist, for a second opinion to check if an amputation of her right hind leg is really necessary. The previous vet had said that Molly’s leg was broken in 3 places, but Dr Quek confirms that it was SEVEN instead! Our jaws just dropped when we heard that. It is very likely that she was hit by a car and has been living in pain for many months, as the injury seems to be very old. However, Molly has learnt to live with the pain and her body has grown numb to it. She even runs pretty fast using 3 legs. 

It was decided that amputation of her right hind leg will no longer be necessary since she seems to be coping well. What Molly’s owner needs to look out for now is pain, or if her knee bones start to jut out of her skin, as the bone has entirely snapped into 2 pieces and there is no union of the bones anymore. Our volunteers and Molly’s owner were extremely elated that Molly is able to keep her leg.

Molly enjoying her ice-cream as celebration of the awesome news!

Susan, the angel in Molly's life

As for Jill, she took another blood test at the vet, where 3 weeks ago she received a blood transfusion from Jewel. The blood test results this time showed that Jill’s blood count is almost normal and her life is no longer at risk. The blood test also revealed another miracle; Dr Quek said that he does not think that she has kidney failure although the initial results showed that she had. The only explanation we have for the initial diagnosis of kidney failure is that when we first rescued Jill, she was very ill, under nourished and probably had been ill for a long time as well. 

Jill having her vanilla ice-cream
Jill looking so much better!

Jill also had a poor diet, which led to malnutrition, therefore her kidney results were very bad. We are also now convinced that it is also unlikely that Jill has kidney failure at all as she was not displaying any symptoms of constant thirst. Patients with kidney failure drink water non-stop, but Jill does not.

It was a great day as not only did we receive simply good news, they were TWO miraculous pieces of good news! We decided to give both doggies a treat and took them out for some vanilla ice-cream after their visit to the vet. They were pleasantly surprised, licking and slurping up their ice-cream happily.

As you know, Jill has not been adopted yet; she is still waiting for a permanent home and the tender loving care she needs. The common concern was that she “won’t live very long”, but after reading this, most people will know that Jill is not going to depart anytime soon. Won’t you consider supporting her? If you are unable to adopt Jill, you can help out by sharing her story with friends and relatives.

Written by Natalie Chew

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zeus Advocates Better Breeding Standards‏

Dear Friends,

Some of us have registered to attend the conference organized by ACRES.

Volunteers of Zeus Communications and fellow animal lovers plan to go together as a team to stand up for the animals. There is strength in numbers, we believe.

We are the animals’ voices; lets speak out for them! 
Our objective is to set better, more humane breeding standards for the animals.

To go as a team, we would like our friends and fellow animal lovers to wear this t-shirt to advocate our message at the forum. 



Should you wish to purchase a shirt, regardless of whether or not you're attending the conference, it is sold at $15 each. Please email us your shirt size mailto:dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg%C2%A0 by June 9 and you can do a fund transfer for the shirt payment. We hope you will buy a t-shirt and wear this to the forum, to support our work and our stance against puppy mills and breeding farms.

Email us with the following details please :
Shirt size
Mailing address (to post the shirt to you)

If you are planning to attend the conference, please register directly with ACRES and we hope to see you there! 

Details of the conference from ACRES as follows:

Be Engaged - Help Shape Animal Welfare Policies in Singapore

Dear Animal Lovers, this might be something you want to attend, just to
hear what they have to say.
Be Engaged - Help Shape Animal Welfare Policies in Singapore
Over the years, there has been much concern about animal welfare
issues in Singapore. There has been an increasing media coverage on
these issues and member of the public have voiced their concerns
through emails to AVA, on newspaper forums, blogs and on facebook.
Organised by ACRES in collaboration with Chong Pang grassroots and
with the support of Minister K Shanmugam, SPCA would like to invite
you to the first-ever Public Forum on Animal Welfare Policies giving
you the opportunity to be engaged, to voice your concerns and help
shape animal welfare policies in Singapore.
Date : 18th June 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Venue : Chong Pang Community Club Hall (21 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 768677)


Please RSVP by sending an email with your name and age to
We hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Loving Memory of Baby Boy

In Loving Memory
Baby Boy
2008 ~  1 June 2011

Baby Boy was a local cross breed who was obese from being kept in a small room for 2 years, being fed on white rice and plain bread. It was all that his owner, Ida, could afford. Even though Ida was barely able to support herself, she loved her 10 dogs dearly and could not bear to part with them. Zeus Communications heard of the plight that Ida and her dogs were in, and offered to house Baby Boy and Nelly, another dog at Zeus Playhouse. We also offered Ida a job at Zeus Playhouse where she can spend time with the dogs and take care of them.

Baby Boy was so overweight, all of 44 kg, that his legs were giving way. This made it extremely difficult for him to walk. He spent his days lying down or sleeping at Zeus Playhouse. Last week, a volunteer had to take Baby Boy to the vet. It took 3 people 20 minutes just to carry him less than 30 metres from his kennels to the van! The doctor diagnosed him with Thyroid Deficiency and he was put on medication. Lynda bought him low calorie food and we told Ida to walk him 5 minutes a day. 

On 1 June afternoon, when Ida showed up to clean the kennels and to feed the dogs, she found Baby Boy motionless. She called and shook him but he didn't move at all. His body was still warm. He may have passed away in the morning, possibly from heart failure; all of 2+ years old.

Ida then contacted Jeannie, a volunteer, and Jeannie informed the rest of the volunteers from Zeus Communications. Arrangements were made by Jeannie to transport Baby Boy to Mt Pleasant (Whitley). Meanwhile, a new volunteer, Mandy, made her way to the vet to help with the registration and cremation arrangements for Baby Boy.

Baby Boy left us, knowing in his heart that everyone loved him. He had many fur friends and made new friends at Zeus Playhouse. During his stay with us, it was the first time that Baby Boy saw sunshine and that brought us a lot of smiles and happiness in our hearts.

It was a sad day for all our volunteers who knew Baby Boy and we continue to mourn the loss. He is dearly missed by his Playhouse mate, Nelly. Visiting the Playhouse this weekend was a sad affair with Baby Boy not around.

Baby Boy, may you rest in peace and thank you for sharing your Mummy Ida with the other animals.  Your Mummy has brought a lot of joy to the animals at the playhouse.
From all the volunteers at Zeus Playhouse.  You are our Sunshine :)

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