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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Marcus' Update

We visited Marcus and he has had his surgery; his eye has been removed and he has been sterilized. Dr Ang says that he is recovering well and the loss of his eye could possibly have been due to the severity of cat flu. We never knew cat flu could be this serious!

He is eating well, seems much happier and more comfortable. His wound looks a little red and weepy - but that's because they had just applied some ointment on his eye.

Marcus is a quiet boy and much friendlier than when he was first rescued. Perhaps he has grown accustomed to human contact and know that we mean no harm. He allows the Dr and nurses to carry him, clean his wound, etc with no fuss whatsoever.

A friend, Karen, visited Marcus and Venus at the Vet and she bought 60 calendars as well! If you haven't already got your copy, HURRY and GRAB one! With so many kind friends helping us, our calendars are selling like hotcakes! Proceeds from the calendar sales go entirely to providing medical aid for the street dogs and cats that we care so passionately about.

Marcus will be at the Vet for another 2 or 3 days before going home to his factory. We will wait till his wound is dry as we dont want to risk infection.

Thank you everyone for showing us you care for the animals as much as we do.

To read the first part of Marcus' story.

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