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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marcus copes with one eye

Alysha visited Marcus twice while he was at the Vet. She said she wanted to do more than just give her birthday "ang pow" to help with Marcus' Vet bills. She wanted to make an effort to visit him, play with him, ensure that he was well and so, Mommy had to take her to visit!

Alysha and Marcus meet for the first time.
Marcus somehow knew that Alysha had helped him. Soon as she opened his cage, he melted in her arms and became Baby Marcus. He is really sweet and docile, so it was no wonder that Alysha grew so attached to him.
Marcus treasuring his precious moments with Alysha
Before & After
Alysha had asked her Mommy if they could keep Marcus at the Vet for a while longer, so she could try to find him a home. She couldn't bear for him to go back to the factory. Mommy agreed, so 13 year old Alysha rallied all her friends together, put up posts on Facebook and asked her friends and classmates if anyone would adopt Marcus. Unfortunately, no one could. So with a heavy heart, she had to let him go.

We took Marcus back to the factory and when he arrived home, he stayed in the carrier for quite a while, not wanting to come out. He must have felt that the clinic was a much nicer place, with human love, lots of pats and regular meals. Sadly, he had to go back to reality.

Marcus enjoying his last decent meal before leaving

Whilst Marcus was eating in the clinic, Dr Ang commented that Marcus' favourite food was Science Diet and Lynda immediately bought a bag of Science Diet for Marcus, so that he could have it back at the factory.
Sweet Marcus playing in Dr Ang's consultation room before being discharged

Marcus feel more comfortable and happier now that his eye has been removed.
Marcus not wanting to go home
Marcus calculating to see if he had raised enough funds to pay his Vet bills
Marcus needn't worry about his bills, which amounted to $630/-. Alysha and Jacqui O had contributed $550/- in total, to his vet bills and Alysha's Mommy paid the difference of $80/- to board Marcus at the Vet for a few extra days while they tried their very best to find him a home. Sadly, no one could take him.

Marcus is back at his factory and as with all our rescue cases, our volunteers will go visit on a regular basis to check and ensure that the street dogs and cats we have helped are coping fine, that their wounds dont get infected again, and to provide them with food. That's our commitment to the street animals.

Marcus thanks everyone for showering him with love and concern; and he thanks Alysha's Mommy too, for contributing an extra $100/- so that he can have more Science Diet to share with his cat community in his factory.

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