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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rescue Remedy and Healing for Pets

Our pets mean the world to us. That's why we have a list of essential items below that all pet owners must have

There are many reasons why pets have emotional issues. When your pet presents you with a behavioural issue, there may be underlying reasons for that behaviour. What worries us, may not always worry your pet; and vice versa. Pets have emotions, just like you and I. They have also been known to take over the emotions of their owners; such as if the owner is stressed or unwell, the pet is also emotionally affected. While the trend towards the use of drugs to deal with animals' separation anxiety and other complex stress related emotions is on the rise, many pet owners are turning to all-natural alternative solutions like Rescue Remedy.

Rescue Remedy can help your pet with:

- Visits to the vet (fear, anxiety)
- Fear of loud noises (thunderstorms)
- Excessive barking or hissing
- Shock, trauma or mistreatment / abuse
- Loss of a companion
- Separation anxiety
- Adapting to new surroundings
and much more.
Rescue Remedy for Pets. Alcohol Free.
How to use Rescue Remedy :

Give 4 drops several times a day, either in their drinking water, or on their tongue. The droplet is made of glass, so please do not put the droplet directly into your pet's mouth. Use either a plastic droplet or a syringe instead.

Cost : S$28/-  per bottle (includes postage)

Please email dogstalk@starhub.net.sg to purchase. 

Music for Your Pet's Wellness

Imagine a world without music; life would be mundane and uninteresting. Music has been made and developed throughout the years, appealing to man's audio senses. Similarly, it has been proven that pets are affected by different kinds of music. 

Have you ever noticed your pet's reaction when the television or radio is switched on? Different pets' reactions differ greatly towards music. Just like us, they are attracted to types of music that they are comfortable with and research has shown that pets do benefit from music; what more music composed specifically for their listening pleasure.

Music Wellness for Pets - Volume 1

Music Wellness for Pets - Volume 2

The CD is a must-have for pet owners! We even have them in our cars! Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Redhill) plays the CD for dogs and cats from the time they come to work and I believe the Drs and vet techs there can vouch that their dogs are calmer and more relaxed!

Cost : S$20/- per CD set (includes postage)
* Both Volume 1 and 2 are suitable for ALL pets.

Please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg  to purchase.

Thundershirt for Dogs

Thundershirt is a vest for dogs. It provides gentle, constant pressure and has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. From real world experience, we know with certainty that Thundershirt DOES WORK. We have used it on our rescued dogs, as well as our own pets and to date, majority of the dogs have benefitted from the use of Thundershirt. 

Dr Temple Grandin believes that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system. Using pressure to relieve anxiety has been a common practice for years.   Many veterinarians and dog trainers now recommend Thundershirts for their anxiety cases.

Thundershirt can be used for fear, thunder storms, anxiety, traveling in cars, trips to the Vet, excessive barking and excessive jumping. Almost immediately, you would be able to see improvements. Thundershirt can also be used as part of a behavior modification program.

One thing is for certain, for a very large percentage of dogs, Thundershirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a terrific calming effect. This has obvious benefits for most types of anxiety. Thundershirt is also a very useful tool for managing excitability or hyperactivity with strangers, on the leash, or in a training environment.
Please note that because of our weather in Singapore, it should NOT be worn for long hours or outdoors.

Cost : S$70/- for the grey 
            S$78/- for Navy Blue Rugby and Pink Rugby  (includes postage)

Please email dogstalk@starhub.net.sg with the following details;
1) your dog's chest measurement (in cm or inch)
2) breed of dog
3) your dog's fears / issues

View the Thundershirt video.

If you are ordering from out of Singapore, please email Lynda at dogstalk@starhub.net.sg
Together with the above, and Animal Reiki, it would complement your pets' health and wellness.

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