If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. Mark Twain

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music For Your Pets to Relax & Enjoy

Other than the good treatment you receive at spas, what else relaxes you? The music you're hearing, of course!

Well, you can now do that at home with your pets!  Produced by New World Music, which is the world's biggest supplier of the Mind, Body & Soul music - Healing music is suitable for healing and relaxing all types of animals including horses, dogs, cats, small furries and even birds.

An animal is more sensitive than humans, hence they are influenced by the sounds around them. Research has shown that animals’ moods can be influenced by music and some types of music can help to reduce stress.

Margrit Coates is a world renowned animal healer and she recognized the need to produce music composed specially for animals and which is sympathetic to their environment.

My dogs can attest to that they love the music and they listen to it everyday; it’s relaxing and it helps to calm them.  Whenever you take your furry one out for a car ride, just pop in the CD and your ride will be much more enjoyable!

The following Music for Animals CDs are available on sale at $28 each (including postage).

 Music For Pets
Beautiful Music suitable for playing to all animals.
Help heal your pets on the physical, emotional and mental level with crystal therapy. 

To listen to the sound track click Music for Pets

Animal Angels
This album is a perfect present to give your animal loving friends and family.
Beautiful music to share with pets and horses, especially composed by the
phenomenal Stuart Jones.       

To listen to the sound track click Animal Angels

Animal Healing
This album compiled by renowned healer Margrit Coastes, aimed specifically for playing
to animals from cats to horses. The Album cleverly avoids sounds that pets might find distressing.     

To listen to the sound track click Animal Healing

Connecting with Animals
Connecting with Animals take place when we tune into them via our minds and hearts.
Animals communicate with us all the time but humans often ignore
this way of being or misunderstand what they are saying.       

To listen to the sound track click Connecting with Animals

To order your music CDs, please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

This is what some owners have to say about the music for their pets:
"The music is ultra relaxing and calming not only for Cinder but for myself too! Whenever Cinder refuses to sleep, I'd put on the CD and she will go to her pillow immediately to enjoy the music, lulling her to sleep. I strongly recommend the CDs with the collection, you are spoilt for choice!" - Angeline, Pet Owner

"I would strongly recommend these music wellness CDs for pets as the music is very soothing and relaxing for them, which helps them fall sleep easily.  I even listen to it with my pets and play the CD in my car for my customers' pets, easing their stress and this is much appreciated by their owners.  This is a must have CD for all pet owners." - Lawrence, Pet Owner and Pet Transporter

Music for Pets - Animal Angels

Angels surround us and watch over us all the time.  They protect and guide us... heal us.  Angels are our teachers too, leading us to a deeper understanding of the natural world.

As well as animal guardian angels, watching over you right now, there are others that love us so much that they share our everyday lives.  These are our family animals angels, our pets and horses. Helping us, teaching us, bringing healing messages... they are our earthly link with the angelic realms of light. 

Animal angels reach out to touch our souls with their unconditional love, offering support and strength.

Relaxing and Healing Music to Share with the Animal Angels in Your Life

To order your music CDs, please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

Music for Pets

Pets and horses can benefit from the healing sounds of music in a similar way to humans.  Studies with animals and music have shown that some types of sound can be unsettling for animals, whilst other types of music can be calming for them.

The music on this CD has been especially composed as suitable for playing to all animals. The senses of animals are much more sensitive than those of humans therefore this music does not contain any sounds known to be unpleasant for pets and horses. 

The whole album is designed as a healing and relaxing chill-out experience for the animals that you love.

Relaxing and ling Music for Pets and Horses

To order your music CDs, please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

Music for Pets - Connecting With Animals

Connecting with animals takes place when we tune into them via our minds and hearts.  Animals communicate with us all the time but humans often ignore this way of being or misunderstand what they are saying. 

When we activate our sixth sense, or intuition, then we can hear what animals say to us, and learn how to help them.  Margrit Coates has commissioned this relaxing album to share with your four legged friends, so that they can guide you to a place of deeper awareness.

Music to share with your four legged friends.

To order your music CDs, please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

Music for Pets - Animal Healing

An animal's senses are much more sensitive than a human's and they are influenced by the sounds around them.  Research has shown that animals' moods can be influenced by music - some types can help to reduce stress whilst others can cause tension.

This album of soothing music doesn't contain any noises which animals would find unsettling and aims to provide peaceful sound energy for them.  Most importantly this unique music is aimed at connecting and synchronising with the animal chakras to help physical and emotional healing.

As you listen to this music it will help to link your own heart chakra to your pet or horse, taking you on a soul - level healing experience together.

Beautiful Music for Animal Healing and Relaxation.

To order your music CDs, please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What is Pain?

By Lynda Goh

WARNING: Certain photographs / videos present in this post may cause some readers to feel uneasy.

What exactly is pain?

How do you describe your pain and get relief from pain?

The feeling of physical pain is generally described as an unpleasant sensation or distressing experience of being aware of harm to the body. Humans experience pain in a variety of ways and from a variety of causes, but most commonly we experience pain that is related to injury or illness.

Pain is normally a symptom of an illness or an injury and is the body’s alarm system signaling that something is wrong.  Pain can be an unpleasant sensation ranging from mild localised discomfort to agony. It gets your attention, signals that you are in danger and has an essential survival value. Pain can serve as a protective warning of potential damage, can promote learning (hot surface, harmful) or can set limits on activities, which encourages resting.

Xiao Hei went through so much pain and he behaved as though nothing had happened.
We have all gone through different kinds of pain - when we fell as kids while running or playing catch and chasing our friends around the playground, and as adults we go through pain either from physical injury or emotional pain.

If we can feel the pain that hurts us so much – how would a dog feel? 

Can they tell you the pain that they went through when they encounter a dog fight and start to bleed?  Can they tell that they are unwell and feeling discomfort?  They can – if you can feel their emotions.

Xiao Hei was attacked by some dogs.
Sunday, 4 September
If you put yourself in Xiao Hei’s position – can you imagine the amount of pain he went through?  Xiao Hei was in so much pain and not once he has ever complained.  When a pack of dogs attacked him on 4 September 2011 morning, he was bleeding so badly till part of his flesh wound came off. Jacqueline, a volunteer with a shelter next door to Zeus Residence ran to me and asked for help.  Immediately, I rushed to their kennels to see what had happened to the poor dog. 

To my horror, I felt so much pain from Xiao Hei and he just sat quietly at the corner, as though nothing had happened.  I was so cross that I asked the caregiver why the wound had not  been cleaned and attended to – and she said to me in Mandarin “the wound will heal by itself”.  I could not believe the silly reply that she gave me and we immediately cleaned Xiao Hei’s wound and applied basic first aid on him. 

While cleaning Xiao Hei’s wound, I discovered several scars on him which were caused by dog fights. Xiao Hei was like an abused child being beaten by his parents continuously.  I told myself that the hurt and suffering has to end for this poor dog – and that he will no longer have to live in fear. 

Close up of Xiao Hei's wound.
Feeling sorry for Xiao Hei, we took him over to Zeus Residence to nurse him and the next morning, our volunteer Hilda took Xiao Hei to the vet at Bedok to ensure that the wounds were not infected. The vet cleaned the wounds up and he went home with antibiotics.

Saturday, 10 Sept
When I visited Xiao Hei on Saturday afternoon, his wound was healing very well but to my greatest horror – I found out that Xiao Hei’s anus was bleeding and part of it was sticking out.  Immediately, we tried to clean the wound to stop the bleeding and to make him comfortable.  As I was cleaning his wound, I felt so upset that Xiao Hei has gone through so much pain and suffering. 

Xiao Hei was back at the vet again to see Dr Ang at Redhill who was on duty on Sunday.  The vet did several blood tests to check whether Xiao Hei could go under GA – when the results were out – we were saddened to hear that Xiao Hei had tick fever and heartworm. No way he could go under GA – he would never make it.  Dr Ang tried her best to push the rectum back with mild sedation and continued to monitor Xiao Hei.

When asked what was the cause for his anus to stick out – it seems that Xiao Hei had frequent diarrhea and he was using his muscles to push so often that it affected his anus.

Monday, 12 Sept
On Monday evening, Dr Ang called to say that Xiao Hei’s was losing blood and becoming weak. Hence, we needed to have a blood donor on standby the next morning for him. 

Blood Donors
Friends helped to broadcast for blood donors through Facebook and SMSes. You must be asking me this question now “I thought you have a data base of blood donors – what happened?” to be honest, it is still difficult to get owners to come forward to pre-register their dogs as a blood donor and some have donated before and they cannot donate so soon.  My vision for the future - I hope to raise a pool of dogs that are able to donate blood To Help Save Lives.

Not once has Xiao Hei ever complained, whined or growled at us despite all his pain. He never struggled whenever we cleaned his wound; he just stood still and allowed you to do anything on him. He is a real darling who went through so much pain.

Tuesday, 13 Sept
In the evening, we managed to find a Husky to donate his blood to Xiao Hei. Unfortunately, its blood type did not match.

And the search for another blood donor continued.

Wednesday, 14 September
It was late afternoon when we managed to find Dougie, a Golden Retriever to donate blood. However, it was getting late and it was not possible to get the transfusion done in the evening and we have to wait for the next morning to find out if there was a match.

Dr Teo called me in the evening to say that Xiao Hei had not been eating for the last 2 days and that his immune system was going down. Dr Teo wanted to prepare me that Xiao Hei may not make it through the night. 

Saddened by the phone call, I knew that in Xiao Hei’s heart that he wanted to live and that he was not ready to go.  I communicated with Xiao Hei and told him to be strong – I stayed focused and kept telling myself that I want to see him get well and see him play with the dogs at the shelter. He deserved this chance to be alive again!

Thursday, 15 Sept
At 10.00 am, Hilda made her way to Jalan Kayu to fetch Dougie but on the way to the vet, they were caught in a bad traffic, Dr Ang called to ask whether the donor was on the way.

Immediately when Dougie arrived, we did the necessary blood tests and at 1pm – I was delighted to hear that their blood cross matched and the transfusion was going to take place.  Such news brought joy and tears, knowing that Xiao Hei was going to get his second chance to live again.

It was 4.00 pm – Xiao Hei received about 300ml of blood from Dougie and he was in stable condition.  I visited Xiao Hei after work and Dr Ang told me that Xiao Hei had started to eat again.

Before I left, I gave Xiao Hei reiki till he fell asleep and also to reduce the swell on his legs which occurred due to water retention.  When I left the clinic, Xiao Hei was fast asleep.  Reiki helps to calm your mind and puts you at ease and helps you to rest well.

Xiao Hei was given the freedom to move around the clinic.

Black Magic?
Xiao Hei’s caregiver (we shall not name her but some of you will know who she is) told me that Xiao Hei was possessed by black magic, which sounded like some Chinese drama serial. It is believed that one man’s wife had an affair, hence the husband cast a spell on the dog and abandoned him at the temple to spite the wife.  Feeling sorry for the dog, the caregiver decided to rescue him although many had warned her against taking the dog for it would bring her bad luck. 

If you want my honest opinion, there was no black magic performed on the dog and he was fine.  The dog simply had low self esteem and no confidence - that’s why he couldn’t fend for himself.  We were going to change that for Xiao Hei by giving him the confidence he deserves so he can stand up for himself in future. 

Xiao Hei is a young dog estimated to be about 3 years old.  I made a promise to him that he will not have to return to the shelter where he came from and he will start a brand new life at Zeus Residence, where volunteers will show him with love and care.

Sunday, 18 September
It was Sunday afternoon and I was at the shelter getting ready to send 2 dogs to the vet for sterilization and I received a call from Dr Ang giving us the bad news that Xiao Hei passed away in his sleep.  I recalled seeing him on Friday evening when he was so alert and walking about in the clinic – he showed me the will to live but I had this feeling that his system was slowly shutting down – Xiao Hei did not even show us his suffering and his pain.  Could you see how strong willed this dog was?

We are extremely glad that Xiao Hei received the treatment and a second chance that he deserved.  When he passed away, he went knowingly that we all loved him very much and he passed away with dignity.

What is Pain?
Could you feel the pain and the sadness Xiao Hei was going through?  If it was us, we would ask for pain killers to stop the pain because our threshhold for pain is low.  As for Xiao Hei, he persevered and he never gave up.  When an animal wants to live, its survival instinct is very high.

We would like to thank Dougie’s owner James for allowing the donation of Dougie's blood to Xiao Hei.  Dr Ang and Dr Teo for attending to Xiao Hei and for doing what they could to save him.

I know that from the bottom of Xiao Hei’s heart – he says "thank you for caring".

Xiao Hei has gone through so much pain.
Xiao Hei passed away peacefully
in his sleep on 18 September 2011.

What is Pain?

Xiao Hei may you rest in peace and
we know that you are very forgiving towards
humans and dogs that have done this to you.

You still trusted humans despite what you have gone through.

 If humans are as understanding as you,
you would have made this place a better world.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Zeus Times - December 2011

Dear Friends of Zeus

The last four months have been a busy period at Zeus as we were faced with so many things that needed our attention. Sadly, it was all the usual things - from lost and found dogs to abandoned and abused cases. Sometimes, we wonder if it would ever end, but that is wishful thinking, because as long as there are ignorant or uncaring humans, the problems will never cease as these are the people that are the cause of the problems.
But we plod on, doing the best that we can, because we want to show other humans, that it is possible to be informed and caring, and that is returned manifold by these wonderful dogs.

We try our best to keep readers informed regularly about our work via our blog and updates on Facebook.  So please join us by clicking Facebook  if you are not yet on our FB.  You will be updated on all the happenings at Zeus Communications.

You must have recently read on our blog that at the end of October, we had to rescue 10 dogs from a neighbouring shelter that was going to close because the owner could no longer care for her dogs.  We, together with all our volunteers, could not bear to see our neighbours being sent to be put down.  We have come to know and love them through our fences for almost 10 months – how could one bear to see them put down?  Our hearts could not bear it. The signs were all there – the lady could not even afford to feed her dogs and the poor dears were fighting for food because of hunger. We could not take it seeing those starving dogs fighting for the precious food, and getting injured in the process. So we donated dry dog food every week before that shelter closed.

Now they have joined us, we are amazed at how the dogs are getting along with our dogs. In their hearts, these doggies knew they were getting their 3rd chance at life, they knew they were going on death row, so they co-operated and behaved at our shelter.  So there have been no dog fights, perhaps because there is more than enough food for everyone and no dog needed to fight for food, perhaps they know that at Zeus, they would have a forever home, perhaps they sense that everyone at Zeus will have more than enough room in their hearts to share love with them.

We are so excited as we are preparing to move to a new kennel on 1 December and all our 43 dogs will be able to stay under one roof.  It will be a free roaming concept and the dogs will be able to run and play freely, as they are always meant to be.

But we can’t do it alone and we need your help. We are a private animal shelter – run with passion from volunteers who are the voices for the animals. We rely on sponsorships to keep the animals alive and healthy at the shelter. We are now running full capacity after taking in the additional 10 dogs that were going to be put down. If you would like to support our work, please write in to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg and your contribution will help these animals greatly. If they can, they will certainly thank you with a woof and a lick!

We are also thankful to have a team of dedicated volunteers with such big hearts to help take care of the animals and to ensure that the animals receive their basic needs i.e. food, shelter and medical care.

Christmas Gifts for the Shelter Dogs – Meatloaf Cakes and Cookies
Christmas is around the corner and we are working together with The Barkery to give our shelter dogs a treat!  The dogs love the meatloaf cakes very much and we hope that you will make their wish come true by sponsoring either a meatloaf, cake or cookies for Christmas.  The Barkery will arrange to send the goodies to the doggies on Christmas Eve.

Please click Christmas Gifts for the Shelter Dogs to order meatloaf or cookies.

Christmas Presents for Your Pets – Music CD for Pets
An animal’s sense is much more sensitive than a human’s and they are influenced by the sounds around them.  Research has shown that animals’ moods can be influenced by music and some types of music can help to reduce stress.

Margrit Coates is a world renowned animal healer and she recognized the need to produce music composed specially for animals and which is sympathetic to their environment. 

My dogs are testimony to that – they love the music CDs and they listen to it every day; it’s relaxing and it helps to calm them.

The following CDs are available on sale at $28 each (including postage).

Music For Pets
Beautiful Music suitable for playing to all animals.
Help heal your pets on the physical, emotional and mental levels with crystal thereapy

Animal Angels
This album is a perfect present to give your animal loving friends and family. 
Beautiful music to share with pets and horses, especially composed by the
phenomenal Stuart Jones.
Connecting with Animals
Connecting with Animals takes lace when we tune into them via our minds and hearts. 
Animals communicate with us all the time but humans often ignore
this way of being or misunderstand what they are saying.  
Animal Healing
This album compiled by renowned healer Margrit Coastes, aimed specifically for playing
to animals from cats to horses.  The Album cleverly avoids sounds that pets might find distressing.

 To order your music CDs, please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

Zeus Communications 2012 Calendar

Zeus Communications’ 2012 Calendar is on sale! Proceeds will aid the street dogs who count on us to give them a 2nd chance to live. Vagabond dogs usually have nothing, and it’s up to us to give them the love they deserve.

All proceeds from the sale of the calendars will go towards the upkeep of the shelter dogs that the volunteers have dedicated their heart and soul to helping.

Facts & Figures to Run a Shelter a Month
Rental of Boarding Facility & Caregiver - $3,000/-
Canned Food (10 units a day x $2.50) x 30 days - $750/-
Dry Food (20 bags x $65) - $1,300/-
Miscellaneous (e.g. Frontline, flea and tick shampoo, garbage bags, etc...) – $600/-

This amount excludes medical fees for the shelter dogs if they fall ill.

The shelter is currently running at full capacity and we now have 43 dogs at Zeus Residence – your contribution to help us to keep them alive is greatly appreciated.

To order please click Calendars.


Xiao Hei the Dog with the Fractured Leg
Vet fees have been pretty high for us since July; we have had several rescue cases like Xiao Hei, a dog that disappeared for 2 days. His caregiver was so worried that one evening, she decided to jump into a 5ft deep canal to search for Xiao Hei. How many people would bother jumping in to a drain to save a dog, let alone a lady in her 60s? That was what Mrs Ong did, stunning her husband, by her dedication and how she followed her instincts and heart into the canal to search for Xiao Hei. And thank goodness she did. Poor Xiao Hei was hiding in the drain, injured and could not walk as he had fractured his front right leg. Xiao Hei was in so much pain that he struggled and wanted to bite his rescuers.  After they managed to get him out, they brought him to the vet for treatment but his injuries worsened.  The rescuers decided to call Zeus Communications for help and advice. We suggested that they seek a second opinion before deciding what to do. Immediately, Xiao Hei was discharged from the first vet and was transferred to Mount Pleasant (Bedok) where he was attended to by Dr Lesley Teo.

After performing an X-ray on his leg, Dr Teo suggested that his leg be amputated to make it easier for him to move around, otherwise Xiao Hei would need to drag his front leg around, and that would cause more sores.  When Xiao Hei was discharged, he was put under the foster care of Anita, who has kindly taken care of him.

But there’s a happy ending – very good news that we can celebrate with – Xiao Hei has been adopted by a family!

The canal where Mrs Ong used her heart and followed her instincts to find Xiao Hei.

Xiao Hei after surgery and coping well.
JD – The Jurong Dog also known Affectionately as Ah Boy
Finally, it is such a great relief that, after 6 months of trying, we’ve managed to rescue JD.  The first thing that we did was to bring him to the vet to be examined, where he was found to have severe heartworm. We weren’t surprised given the living environment that he was staying in all his life.

It was such an anxious time as JD was receiving his treatment. Severe heartworm treatment is very stressful for the fragile dog – there was a risk that he might not pull through the treatment because of the amount of adult worms in his heart.  We prayed and hoped very hard that he will pull through to enjoy a warm and loving home he truly deserves after living on the streets for so many years.

JD's first visit to the vet and he had to stay over for heartworm treatment.
JD is such a fussy eater, that it caused a few worried moments. His tastebuds changed every day, we tried different things - roast chicken, fried chicken wings, honey chicken.  JD will refuse to eat if he does not get want he wants. So, like little servants concerned for his health and not wanting him to lose weight, we obliged his Royal Highness’s needs. Volunteers Letty and Irene had to cook a variety of chicken for him.  If he was not happy – he would just walk away. But, guess what, he’s a smart boy. I told him that there would be no more fussy eating habits, he has to eat what the other dogs are having. And now, he has finally come to terms and eats what is given to him. All he wanted was guidance!

But we can’t help but sneak some special treats, especially from his  godmothers who will pan fry his chicken, roast it or honey bake it for him.  JD must have been a Prince in his past life!

If you like to help with the dogs’ medical fees, a cheque can be made to ‘Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Bedok) Ptd Ltd’ or ‘Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Redhill) Pte Ltd’ and please kindly mail the cheque to 8 Raffles Avenue, #02-04, The Esplanade Mall S(039802) and write “Rescued Dogs Medical Aid" behind the cheque.
Adoption Drive
We will be organizing an adoption drive every weekend till the end of the year on the following dates:

Dates: Saturdays and Sundays
            3 & 4 Dec
            10 and 11 Dec
            17 & 18 Dec

Time: 3pm to 6pm

Venue:  Ericsson Pet Farm, 16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2

Viewing is by appointment only. Please contact the following representatives if you are interested in adopting a loyal companion home.

Irene (Hp: 8298 8129) / Hilda (Hp: 9199 6662) / Tia (Hp: 9641 4903) / Jeannie Hp: (910 90475)

Please click to Adoption to view the dogs.

Some of the shelter dogs have found their forever homes, namely Sally (Cross Shepherd), Nichol (Cross Beagle), Xiao Hei (Cross Breed), Ringo (Cross Lab), Twinkle (Schnauzer), Baxter (Cross Maltese), Wally (Maltese), Casper (Maltese) and Ryan (Golden Retriever).

We are very thankful to their owners for giving the dogs a second chance and for opening up their hearts and home for them.

Do you recall Crystal the scalded cat?  She is now living the lifestyle of a Princess. I am sure that in her past life, Crystal was served by several slaves!  She sleeps on a leather sofa with her four paws in the air and just imagine it - her slaves fanning her to keep her cool.  Crystal has found her forever home with our volunteer Jeannie who adores and loves her very much.

Lost & Found

In the last 4 months, we were notified of several lost dogs – a Schnauzer was reunited with his owners.  However, the rest remained unclaimed and they have gone to good homes.

We received the following dogs:
     A Male Maltese
     A Male Shih Tzu
     A Female Chihuahua
     A Male Schnauzer (Reunited with Owner)

Please visit our blog and google for Lost & Found – we have owners still looking for their missing dogs and we hope that their pets will be reunited soon with them.

What is new with our society? 

Scooter the Cat
When owners tire of their pets, they conveniently throw them out.  Scooter a Cross Burmese cat had an ear infection, gingivitis and tooth decay – can you imagine how much pain he was going through? He was rescued in Simei and is now taken care of by our fosterer and she is giving him all the tender loving care that he deserves.  Please click Scooter to read about his plight.

Smokey was abandoned at Sin Ming
industrial estate and to our horror
he was fed with rotten food.
 Smokey the Chihuahua
In August, we were alerted by a caller that an owner had abandoned his Chihuahua at Sin Ming industrial estate.  When the rescuers went to get the dog at the factory, he was co-operative – however, when they arrived at the vet, he tried to bite them and the same evening, he bit the fosterer.  They had no choice but to send him to me to be disciplined – and guess what?  He ended up being such an adorable and loving dog – sometimes dogs just need a firm but loving hand and they become model dogs! We named him Smokey and I believe he was abandoned because the family members didn’t know how to handle him.

Ryan & Snowy
This is such a bizarre case. An irresponsible owner decided one day, “I shall not have dogs” and then proceeded to dump his beautiful Golden Retriever and Shih Tzu at Sungei Tegah. Ryan, the Goldie and Snowy, the Shih Tzu, both males were found by Iris while she was driving in the area.  An old man approached her to help these poor dogs who were eating scraps off the floor in a factory. These dogs came from homes - how do you expect them to survive on the streets?  Please click Ryan and Snowy to read about their story.

Bambi the Shetland
An utterly ignorant and ill-informed owner abandoned his sheltie at the groomer – why? Because of ticks. Guess what? The dog didn’t invite the ticks on his body, the ignorant owner didn’t give him the protection he needed, and walked him around streets picking up ticks. When the parents found out, the owner then refused to bring the dog home. So, if the owner didn’t shower for a week and picked up ticks in his body, will his parents be right to also dump him at the orphanage? Where is the rational thinking in this?

The dog was so sad and confused when our volunteers picked him up from the pet shop that he kept asking what is going on and why isn’t he going home and going to someone’s home instead.  We know that in his heart he loves his master very much – unfortunately his master was in NS and the parents did not want to take care of it anymore. But the Sheltie is now in a better home with a more understanding and well informed owner - Tia adopted him and re-named him Bambi.

Tessa the Fox Terrier
A Fox Terrier named Tessa was recently abandoned by her owners. She was tied up at a void deck for several hours till a kind soul brought her home and called our volunteers for assistance.  Tessa is now under foster care and if you would like to adopt her please click Tessa to read about her plight.

Doggy Tea Party
We would like to thank all our guests for attending the Doggy Tea Party with Rosina on 22 October.  We hope that you had great fun with your pets and that you understand your dogs better.  The funds raised from the event, will go towards the upkeep of the 43 dogs at the shelter that are waiting for homes.

Zeus Doggy Outings to the Park
The weather has not been too kind to our dogs – and we weren’t able to bring them to the park for our monthly outing.  When the monsoon season is over, we will resume our monthly doggy outings to Pasir Ris Park.  Details will be available on our Facebook/Blog.

Please stay tuned to our blog for more animal stories.

Our first family photo together, from standing from left: Javin, Jacqueline, Jeannie (with Xiang Xiang), Nancy (with Sugar) , Hilda, Steven, Ida (our Doggies Favourite Nanny), Clement.
Seated from left: Tien Nee (with Snowy), Lynda, Rosina (with Bambi) and Tia.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little Rose: "I Want to Live"

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fight for your life, just to live on for the ones you love?
This is Little Rose’s story; she loves, she fights – but she needs our help to stay alive.
Little Rose was rescued some time ago when she was found with a crushed paw. Imagine the amount of pain she had to endure as a young dog – living on the streets and fighting for food with a hind paw that was crushed beyond repair. To reduce the risks of infections or future complications, veterinarians had no choice but to amputate Little Rose’s entire hind leg. Fortunately, this brave lad recovered well and has been living safely in a shelter.

However, Little Rose and the other dogs’ stay at the shelter were cut short when the owner could not afford the upkeep of the place. Ten of the dogs had come to live with our dogs at Zeus Residence, while three others (including Little Rose) were moved to a neighbouring shelter. Had volunteers not relocated Little Rose, she would have been sent to be euthanized.  On the death roll is no place for a young and sweet dog like Little Rose. She deserved a second chance and her wish came true.
All was well, till about two weeks ago – volunteers heard that Little Rose had not been eating well and decided to check on her. As we entered the kennel, we knew immediately that something was not right. Little Rose was quiet and inactive; a huge contrast from her usual self. Upon approaching her, we were horrified with what we saw.

A huge puncture wound was seen on her side and pus was oozing out. This was a sign of an infection and she needed medical attention straightaway. Volunteers immediately took her to the vet; her eyes were downcast and terrified.  Tia, a volunteer, communicated with Little Rose via Animal Communication and uncovered that Little Rose had been attacked by two other dogs from the same kennel.

Upon arrival, the vet checked Little Rose for other wounds that she might have sustained. To our utter disbelief, this poor dog had another three bite marks on her stomach – one of which was the size of a 50-cent coin!  For a better look at the wounds, the vet technician had to shave off the fur from the site. Poor Little Rose cringed in excruciating pain as her wounds were examined and flushed with saline solution. The puncture wounds were so infected and raw that it hurt us to just look at this dog’s skinny frame – not to mention her eyes that portrayed fear and insecurity, speaking so much of the pain she had to endure.

The vet advised against stitching up Little Rose’s wounds because after performing some tests, it was found that she had not one, but TWO strains of the tick fever virus! Should she undergo an operation to stitch her wounds up, her heart may not be able to withstand general anaesthesia required for the procedure. This meant that Little Rose had to recover own her own in the most sterile environment possible.
That being said, Little Rose was then scheduled to be hospitalised for a short period, during which she was given medical treatment for her wounds and tick fever. Due to the increasing amount of vet bills, a foster took Little Rose home five days later and has been taking care of her. Though Little Rose has been steadily recovering and her wounds are healing well, she is still not out of the woods and her life is still on the line due to the two strains of tick fever. Her blood test results have reflected that she is anaemic and her white blood count has escalated. She is due for another health check soon to ensure that her blood count has not dropped further and her blood work has returned to a more normal level.
Besides paying for the medical expenses of little Rose, we are also housing ten of Little Rose’s shelter mates . Although our expenses have increased significantly, so have our joy – the joy of knowing that we have prevented them from having their lives cut short as a result of lack of funding. The joy of seeing their grateful faces, their doleful gazes and spring in their steps knowing they have been given a second chance to live.
It is an uphill task to keep Zeus Residence going, to provide a shelter for those who are homeless (at the last count, we have 43 furry residents) and medical attention for the injured and sick, like Little Rose.
You can help by:
  1. Volunteering with us - any form of help from bathing the dogs, walking them, transporting them to the vet or to their new homes or just simply being there to pat and give them a hug.
  2. Fostering an injured dog such as Little Rose.  Providing a clean and safe environment for them to recover fully.
  3. Sponsoring of Dog Food dry and can food (Nature's Gift) for our 43 furry residents as well as the factory dogs that we feed from PET HQ at 6265 8510 (Peggy).
  4. Contribution of any amount to defray the boarding cost at Zeus Residence. Cheque to be written to Ericsson Pet Farm Pte Ltd
  5. Contribution of any amount to defray the cost of medical bills of injured and sick animals. Our bill at Mt Pleasant has snowballed as a result of our many rescue efforts such as that of paying for Little Rose’s medical bill. Cheques to be written: Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Bedok) Pte Ltd.
Please mail your cheques to: 8 Raffles Avenue #02-04 The Esplanade, Singapore 039802. 
Thank you for being the person who makes a difference to the often forgotten ones.

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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."- Unknown