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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Venus - A True Inspiration

Venus’ wound has totally healed and she is now using her injured leg when she walks. Dr Ang tells me that this is as good as it gets. She will forever have a slight limp, but will no longer feel any pain in that limb. She can now use it again.
Scar from the past
Venus has been an inspiration to many readers, myself included. Although she endured pain, disappointments, human cruelty, we see in her eyes that she still has hope; hope for a better, happier life.

Venus went for her very first swim and it took six humans to bring one dog for that swim. Not because she was difficult to manage, but simply because everyone who went, cared for her in their own special way.

Mun Ee fetched Cary and Venus from the Vet, to the pool.

Putting on a life vest for Venus. (L to R : Cary, Dr Lesley Teo, Natasha, Mun Ee & Dawn)

Cary lifting Venus into the pool
Cary and Natasha assuring Venus
Getting Venus used to the water

Venus swimming to Cary
The swim was important for Venus because she needed to use her injured limb in the water, to know that her limb no longer hurt and that it was almost as good as new. Initially when Cary carried Venus into the pool, Venus froze – from the cool water, as well as from the fear of being in the pool. We could see the fear in her eyes. Natasha (the massage therapist) and Cary (Venus’ best friend) talked to her, assured her and hugged her to make her feel secure and less fearful while Dr Lesley Teo, Mun Ee (who fetched Venus from the Vet to the pool) and Dawn (Venus’ other best friend) cheered on from the sidelines. It was a heartwarming moment when Venus finally started to kick and swim. Tears welled in my eyes as everyone watched her propel herself forward, like proud parents of a baby taking her first steps. When Venus completed her first lap, Dr Teo clapped and ran to her, giving her a big hug for being such a brave dog. We know that Venus has cemented her place in our hearts forever, with her faith and undying courage.

Dr Lesley Teo clapping and cheering Venus on
Dr Teo telling Venus what a brave girl she is!
We’ve tried our best to find her a home, but perhaps that is not meant to be. Venus will be discharged this Saturday afternoon, after nine weeks at the Vet as our longest staying rescue dog. At the Vet for the past two weeks, she has had the company of Little Joe. Volunteers found Little Joe unwell again and took him back to the Vet where tests were run and he was found to have an auto-immune problem. Will tell you more about Little Joe in another post. For now, we pay tribute to Venus.

Venus standing tall and proud after her swim
Venus will be going to a new industrial estate in Tuas, an entirely new place to her. A kind, elderly Uncle K has offered to let Venus live in his factory compounds where he has asked workers to build an enclosure for Venus. She will be in the enclosure during the day and in the evening when the workers leave, she will be allowed a free run of the place. Since Little Joe has been with Venus, we have decided he too will move to Tuas with her. In unfamiliar and new surroundings, at least she will have a familiar face, a friend. Venus will bring her own sunshine to Tuas and we know that when we visit her, she will wag her tail with wild abandon and joy.
Venus playing with Little Joe in their "private suite" at the Vet

Little Joe & Venus - Best Buddies
From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank everyone who has helped give Venus a better life. Cary for taking Venus to swim during his break, Dr Teo for taking time off her busy schedule to meet us at the pool, to ensure Venus would be alright; Natasha for massaging Venus' muscles so that they didn't waste away and friends, readers, animal lovers who have contributed to her vet bills, friends who have delivered home cooked food to her daily during her entire stay, visitors and well-wishers. EVERYONE. Your love for our street animals is priceless. Thank you.

If we could just take an example from man’s best friend, we would learn so much more and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow. ~ Dan Rather

Written by Fiona

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