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Friday, November 12, 2010

Reflections For An Angel

Since Saturday, everything has whizzed past so quickly. Finding “Singapore” in a shopping mall, looking for her owner, realizing that the owner was a vagrant, constantly updating the blog with new developments, receiving numerous calls from the Press and concerned animal lovers, and replying hundreds of emails each day. I never had an opportunity to stop and reflect, like I usually would.

Often after a rescue, we would relook the situation, assess how the dog / cat got injured, why it happened, how we can help, what we learned from the situation and the dog etc, so last night I drove down Rowell Road to feel how Selma and Angel lived. As I drove down that stretch, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of emptiness, pain, loss and sadness. This must have been how Selma felt, living on the streets for years, with nothing in her life except her Angel and nothing to look forward to. I was overcome with grief.

I thought about the lives they led; was it a miserable existence? Why was it that Selma was made to live this way? Did she make a mistake and was punished for it, to suffer for the rest of her life? Did she choose to live her life this way, on the streets with no food nor shelter and not a friend in the world? So many years, why didn’t anyone stop to help her? All she needed was someone to go out of their way to show they cared, to offer a friendship, a helping hand.

Animals are intuitive. They know your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. Angel probably knew how desperate a life Selma led and she wanted to help her owner, the same way that Angel roamed the streets and found Selma on that fateful day. The fact that Chris found Angel wandering in Forum Galleria was not a coincidence. I believe Angel had wandered off to look for someone to help Selma. Chris chanced upon Angel and from that instance, Selma’s life changed.

Angel knew Selma needed help and she went to seek help, even if it meant sacrificing her own life, happiness and risked being separated from her beloved owner, whom she had devoted her life to. Selma is now in a welfare home where she receives regular meals, has a roof over her head and perhaps along the way, she will have friends . . . .people who will genuinely care for her and her well-being. As for Angel, she sacrificed her happiness so that Selma would have a better life. Angel has been howling and crying because she misses the one person she truly loves, yet she did what she did, for her owner. Isn’t the human-animal bond absolutely amazing? It’s The Power Of Love.

Note : Angel will be visiting her beloved owner tomorrow (Saturday).

By Fiona

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