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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Singapore Angel. Fate brought them together.

“I don’t on my phone because nobody call me. Nobody care for me. Only my dog listen to me and my dog love me. I talk and she listen.” Those words pierced through my heart with so much pain that I was at a loss for words.

Singapore jumping for joy!
Often we take our friends, our family and even what we have, for granted. We assume our friends and family will always be there for us. Do we stop to appreciate them and tell them how happy we are to have them in our lives, as our friends? Selma’s words made me realize how fortunate we were to have what we have and what a sad life she had – no friends, no means to even survive, no money for food, no shelter and only a dog to love her. If she had disappeared today, would anyone have even noticed her absence? Probably only her dog, Singapore, would have missed her and pined away for her, like Singapore's version of Hachiko.

Last night after work, we had gone down to Orchard Road, searching her usual haunts but there was no sign of her. We then drove down to Rowell Road and found her in the Aunty’s shop. Aunty was chiding her for losing her dog, but caringly giving her a sandwich to eat. We told Selma we would take her to visit Singapore and she was extremely excited. She kept asking if she could take her home today but I told her the dog was terribly tired and needed another 2 days of rest.

While walking to our car, I asked the Aunty how Selma got the dog. According to Selma, her friend had adopted the dog from SPCA and given it to her. But we figured a more accurate story would be from Aunty; not because Selma would intentionally tell us a tall tale, but simply because she reasons like a child. Aunty told us that the dog belonged to a man who lived down the street but when his work contract ended and he left the country, he left Singapore on Rowell Road. As fate would have it, the dog found its way into Selma’s arms and heart and sealed their fate together. It’s been said many times that dogs or people enter our lives for a reason, and in this case, we know it to be true. Selma had nothing in her life; no one cared and Singapore knew that Selma needed her, so she sought her out.

On the way to the vet, I asked Selma about her life, etc – most of which would not be mentioned here but all I can say is, saying she has had a hard life would be an understatement. I asked her how she lost her leg (in case she was diabetic and needed help – what a busybody I was!) and she told me she was in KL when she was much younger, someone beat her up, took her passport and wallet and pushed her onto the road, where she was hit by a car and lost her leg. She started crying and asked me why would people do that to her . . . . .I was sorry to have brought up that subject, so I decided to chat about her dog instead. Her eyes lit up immediately. I told her she had to take good care of her dog because her dog takes good care of her and when it rains, she should seek shelter, not sit at the park in the rain. She promised she would do that. I also told her that she had to bring her dog to Aunty’s shop for food daily and we will buy canned food etc to leave at Aunty’s shop.
Singapore and Selma at the Vet during visiting hours
When we arrived at the vet, she was so excited that she walked really quick into the clinic. The sight of Singapore jumping on her and licking her face made all my exhaustion and stress disappear. The vision stayed in my mind all night – an elated dog and an equally elated owner. It was priceless.

We stayed for about half an hour. We put on Singapore’s new collar and bought chicken treats for her. We also taught Selma how to use the new leash – strapped across her shoulder so she need not hold on to it and Singapore will be beside her. This dog is a really amazing dog – the love between them is unshakeable. Singapore is extremely obedient and intelligent. She comes when called, sits, and gives you a kiss if you ask her for one.

Singapore Angel, looking slightly less tired
I told Selma that she had to meet me on Wednesday evening and we would go together to discharge Singapore. We gave her some food money, enough to last till the next time we meet, then we sent her home. While walking out of the clinic, Selma turned to me and said, “I call her Angel. She is my Angel.” Those words couldn’t be more true.

Taking her chicken treat from Lynda
After Selma left the clinic, we heard the loudest, saddest most pathetic cry I have ever heard in my entire life. It was so loud, and there was so much pain and sadness in that cry. It was Singapore, already missing and pining for her owner. Dr said that Singapore had been rubbing her nose on the cage all day trying to get out and her nose is really read and sore. She also commented that owner and dog should not be separated as all they have is each other. They NEED to be together. For that reason, we will try our best to “rehome” owner and dog together. If they were separated, Selma would no longer have anything to live for and Singapore would probably just pine away . . . .

We would like to thank everyone for writing in, offering help, ideas and suggestions. We appreciate all your kindness and concern. Selma would be happy to know that she now has many friends and many people who care for her and worry about her well-being.

Chris, the friend who found Singapore in the shopping mall, had written to Dr Vivian Balakrishnan (MCYS) and Dr Krishnan has replied, assuring us that his colleagues would look into the situation and that they would try their best to find a home where Selma would still be able to see Singapore. We are hopeful, but we expect that would take some months of looking into? Till then, with all the kind contributions, we will help with food for Selma and Singapore. We are still trying to find a room for rent, perhaps for a month, just so they have a shelter over their heads.

On a another note, we concluded why Selma calls her dog "Singapore". Singapore wears a AVA license that says "1***** Singapore" so Selma must have thought that was the dog's name :-)

Thank you everyone for showing that you do care and I will be sure to let Selma know she has friends.

You’ve got a Friend

Written by Fiona

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