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Friday, February 25, 2011

Many Many Many Dogs!

On Valentine’s Day, we didn’t receive a bouquet of 23 roses. Instead, we received a surprise of 23 dogs and 14 cats! A shocking discovery was made. A lady was found to have many animals in her HDB apartment. While it is not uncommon to have people owning more than one pet, this lady had 16 dogs and 14 cats living under one roof. “Many animals” is obviously an understatement.

This lady had called up a pet transport provider, Anderson, asking for help to send 5 puppies to the SPCA. Anderson thought about the negative consequences of leaving the dogs at the SPCA and told the lady that if the dogs were still young, there are hopes of them finding homes. Anderson then proceeded to ask the lady for details of the puppies. While the lady was trying to relay the dog’s descriptions to her, Anderson noticed that there seemed to be more than 5 dogs! She decided to ask Mel and Mun Ee, animal welfare volunteers to pay this lady a visit. To everyone’s surprise, they found out that this lady had a house full of dogs and cats! Mel immediately asked this lady how she had gotten herself into this situation and her miserable plight surfaced.
Lucky, 2 year old male JRT X Poodle  
Junior, 4 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian

Ping Pong, 5 month old male Poodle X Pomeranian
This lady, a Thai national in her forties, initially started out by taking care of her friend’s pets. Unfortunately, her friends never came back to claim their dogs. Over time, the number of dogs (and cats) in her household increased. The real problem lies here: Most of dogs were NOT STERILIZED. Out of the 14 dogs, only 3 were neutered. Animals should never be made to suffer because of irresponsible humans. Through their natural instincts, the animals started to breed endlessly. The lady, earning a measly sum of $900 a month, could barely afford food for the many animals in her home, let alone afford their sterilization. She tried to separate the males from the females when they were on heat, but her efforts were futile as “accidents” occurred, not just once but many times! With the amount of noise the animals made, a complaint was made to AVA, who then stepped in to investigate. When AVA found out about the numerous animals, they ordered the lady to have all the animals removed within two weeks. She was desperate for help and in dire straits, the lady then decided to send the dogs to the SPCA. This was when Anderson, Mel and Zeus Communications stepped in to offer help.

Anderson and Mel immediately organized an adoption drive for the dogs and that’s when more dogs were discovered! They found another four 19-day old puppies at the lady’s house. They were huddled in a corner, eyes barely open.

Prince, 3 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian
Princess, 4 year old female Poodle X Pomeranian
During the adoption drive, a volunteer noticed that something was not right with a dog named Wang Wang. They then realized that Wang Wang was pregnant! True enough, with the next one week, she gave birth to two puppies. One puppy survived, the other didn’t as it got stuck during the birthing process.
Wang Wang, 4 year old female Poodle X Pomeranian
The dogs are currently still at the lady’s house waiting to be adopted. Another adoption drive is being organized for the remaining dogs this weekend (Feb 26 & 27) Volunteers, together with Zeus, have started the sterilization process. To date, seven dogs have been sterilized and we intend to have all the dogs spayed.

Dogs for Adoption/Fostering:

1. PUI PUI: 5 month old male Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
2. PING PONG: 5 month old male Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
3. POM POM: 5 month old female Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
4. PEPPER: 5 month old female Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
5. MICKEY: 1 year old male JRT X Poodle (ADOPTED)
6. NAM TAAN: 1 year old male JRT X Poodle (ADOPTED)
7. LUCKY: 2 year old male JRT X Poodle (ADOPTED)
8. PRINCE: 3 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian
9. COCO: 3 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
10. JUNIOR: 4 year old male Poodle X Pomeranian (ADOPTED)
11. PRINCESS: 4 year old female Poodle X Pomeranian
12. WANG WANG: 4 year old female Poodle X Pomeranian (NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION)
13. NONG BOON: female Mongrel (ADOPTED)
14. HONEY: 10 year old female Pomeranian (ADOPTED BY OWNER)
15. JACKFRUIT: 8 year old female Poodle (PENDING ADOPTION - Neighbour)
16. BONIA: Age Unknown, female Poodle X Pomeranian (PENDING ADOPTION - Neighbour)
17-20: 4 Puppies born on 31 Jan 2011 (NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION)
21: BAM BAM: 8 year old male (ADOPTED)

TOTAL: 21 dogs


Should you wish to adopt or foster any of the dogs above, please contact the following volunteers ;

Anderson – 9850 8827

Mel – meltwn@hotmail.com

*Please note that there will be an adoption fee of $200 which will cover the cost of sterilization, microchipping and vaccination.

Thank you.

Written by Jo-Ann


  1. How come there are so many mix breed in the house? especially poodle mix breed

  2. Hi Bob,

    The lady had not enough money to sterilize the animals in her house - it's explained in the story!

    Zeus Communications

  3. omg....this story is..incredible..omg.. n all the dogs look so lovely! omg i wish i can adopt seriously but i already got 1 dog in the house (HDB) ..I like Lucky alot.. :( pls i hope they find good home...they r all young...cute...lovely.. God Bless pls!

  4. Hi, does that mean that all of the dogs are sterilized, microchipped and vaccinated ?

  5. Hi Wilson,

    Yes, they have been. Do email us if you would like to contribute to their sterilization, microchipping and vaccinations.

    Zeus Communications

  6. I, Jenny here... I am the new mummy of "Wang-Wang" from the above ! she is renamed Candy.. She was timid when I got her on 17 July 2011 but now.. she rules my hse! she is so cute ! She can shake her hands, listen to the command of "sit" and " stop". She can walk on her hind legs.. Her latest - she will lie down on her back, hands/legs up in the air when u say "ku chee, ku chee".. meaning she wants u to rub her belly lor!! :)


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