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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiger's Pain In The Butt

Warning. Some of the pictures may upset you.

More often than not, animal rescue volunteers release animals back to the streets, with very heavy hearts, when the animals have fully recovered. Lives as strays or industrial animals are full of danger and uncertainties, plagued with fights against other strays for food, being set upon when they are on heat, or even constant encounters with ignorant humans.

Tiger's pain in the butt

Tiger was initially found in the industrial site in July. He was badly injured with a bleeding scrotum, most likely from a typical dog fight. Not only that; he also had been hit by a car and suffered from a broken leg. After sufficient treatment, Tiger was sent home to the factory to recuperate. 

Tiger's huge gaping wound from his 3rd accident

All was well during the subsequent feeding rounds until one day in September; volunteers discovered that Tiger was injured again. They saw that his anus had been bitten so badly that it was protruding and bleeding profusely. He could not pooh as it was too painful and blood dripped onto the roads.

Tiger's second injury had his anus protruding
Again, the volunteers had to bring him to the vet and after cleaning him up, the doctors found his wound infested with more than fifty maggots. Tiger must have been in extreme pain for a few days. Had the volunteers not rescued him in time, the maggots could have bombarded his vital systems and might even cause him to die. Tiger was treated and this time round, the vet bill amounted to $800. Friends raised enough money for the bill and discharged Tiger back to his home at the factory hoping that such misfortune would not befall him again. Little did they know that Tiger would be injured for the third time! Volunteers lovingly called him a “pain in the butt” as all his wounds were at the back; his scrotum, his anus and now, a huge chunk of flesh was ripped off near his anus. Volunteers reckoned that Tiger is too old to run and because of his previous car accident and broken leg, he can’t outrun the other younger dogs. As such, he is often attacked from behind. Drs estimate him to be about 6 or 7 years old.

His wound was the size of an apple, deep and huge
Two weeks ago, the workers at Tiger’s factory called to inform us that Tiger was hiding under a lorry, refusing to come out. Knowing Tiger, we knew at once that he was in pain. Tiger loves his food and will only hide away from everyone when he is in tremendous pain and feeling miserable. The pet transport was called immediately and the workers helped put Tiger into the pet carrier. This time, his wound was so bad that you could just imagine the degree of pain he was experiencing.

Tiger's private ambulance

The wound was so huge and deep, it measured the size of an apple! It was just below the anus and looked like it had been a week old. Think about how much suffering Tiger has been through; getting bitten in the behind THREE times in just four months!! At the vet, Tiger cried and whined so badly, it was impossible not to feel sorry for him. Even pain killers did not ease his pain. The doctors found almost 200 live maggots in his wound; could have been more but the vet tech said after 150 maggots, they lost count. . . . On top of the huge wound, Tiger was also found to have two strains of tick fever. His gums were almost white and he looked as if he would go anytime. Had the workers not called us for help, it may have been too late to save Tiger. 

Maggots from Tiger's wound
The volunteers have been so busy helping Angel and Salma that it is only now that they could find time to update the blog on Tiger. Doctors estimate that he would have to stay at the vet for about two months as the wound is still raw and huge. Also, he needs injections on alternate days for his tick fever. Despite strong pain killers, Tiger is still whining and crying very badly. A two-month stay at the vet will incur a huge bill of up to nearly $2000 to treat his wound, tick fever and low blood count.

If you would like to help us and contribute to Tiger’s vet bills, please email Fiona at dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg  Your contribution will go a long way!

Tiger feeling extremely miserable
If you would like to adopt Tiger, please sms Lynda at 9199 6247. He will be easy to take for walks; he definitely won’t be dragging you as his legs are way too weak! Tiger can't go back to his factory because for a street dog, he is not terribly street smart.

We thank Ms June B. for generously contributing to Tiger's vet bills.

Written by Jo-Ann (16 yrs old)


  1. poor boy, he's very lucky to have been saved by you guys in time, he's much luckier than many other strays which died slowly from injuries or illnesses without anyone noticing them...

  2. Is Tiger HDB-approved?

  3. is tiger fully recover? Tiger is a poor boy. Pray hard for him to have a good mummy and daddy. :)

  4. Hi all,

    Thank you for expressing your concern for Tiger. He is still recovering, the wound is still raw and he needs to be at the vet for another few weeks. Then we will need to look for someone to adopt him.

    Also, Tiger is NOT a HDB-Approved breed.

    Zeus Communications


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