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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Angel Needs A Friend

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Angel still has not eaten and we are extremely concerned for her. During her week's stay at the Vet, although picky with food because she had never eaten kibbles before, she at least had her meals. She has lost weight and is extremely depressed and yearns for human companionship. We will be transferring her back to the Vet and hopefully she will be slightly happier, and will start eating again. We had initially discharged Angel from the Vet because it was a lot more expensive boarding her at the Vet, as compared to a commercial boarding kennel but with the turn of situation, we have to put her back at the Vet as we are concerned for her health and welfare.We appeal to anyone who has a garden or yard and can help foster Angel as this might help her gradually detach herself from her owner.

The post below is written by Theresa who is a missionary coordinator; she is both hearing and visual impaired and is her early 60's.

Now it is my turn to blog back in full reply to your question on the blog, "why nobody stopped to help and why nobody bothered to care??" The fullest answer is one word: heartless... briefly in my opinion as a counselor for 17 years, I know what to say.

There were lots and lots of passers-by all over Orchard and Little India; surely, especially rich folks, but why nobody looked at this suffering person?? They surely can give her five dollars surely especially those who are working, but none gave. Why?? The only answer again, is heartless. Or shall I add, loveless?? Maybe both heartless and loveless, why? Because how do you love if there is no heart? So because heartless means no heart and no heart means no love, is there love without the heart to love?? Remember, my friends, love comes from the heart only. Therefore, nobody bothered to stop or help because they are heartless. If anyone cared, at least I think, could surely report to the welfare office to inform them that there is someone in need. So far so many years went on and nobody love or cared; poor Selma lived a very sad and lonely life, but Angel has another mind to help Selma by going off seeking. Why did Angel do this? Because she has a heart and she knows how to love Selma... she, Angel is a model of love to teach the heartless to love. Therefore, I hope with my own heart of love that people will think again how to love others. I thank especially for God's help when I first heard, I prayed and here we are happy ending. Selma is fine now, but we need you to love angel, so come forward and show your love. Adopt Angel and love her.

Written by Theresa Chan in reply to the blog post.

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