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Friday, November 19, 2010

Angel Is Back At The Vet

Reminiscing the days gone by
A light-hearted tune but the words resonate what both Salma and Angel feel for each other.

A concerned reader, Irene, helped us discharge Angel from the boarding kennel and fetched her back to be boarded at our regular Vet. Angel seemed slightly happier being back with some familiar faces and attempted to eat a little. She has lost quite a bit of weight from her 5 days of being on a hunger strike, pining for the love of her life; the only friend she had ever known.

Angel looking terribly forlorn

Keeping Angel at the Vet costs quite a huge amount of money; in fact almost three times more than boarding her at a commercial facility but we didn't want to be in the situation where we had saved her, and in the midst of finding her happiness, lose her or her health. Boarding her at the Vet or the boarding kennel is not a long term solution either, but for now, it's the best we can do for Angel. We are appealing to anyone who feels for Angel the way we do, to please offer your help. We require help in the following areas ;

1) monetary contribution to her stay at the Vet. Please email Fiona dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg
2) someone to foster or adopt her (she is not very good with other dogs, but friendly with people)
3) volunteers who can take her to visit her owner on weekdays. To pick Angel from the Vet, visit her owner for an hour or so and then return her to the Vet. This can take place anytime during the weekdays, as long as Angel is returned to the Vet before they close for the day.

For #2 and #3, please sms Lynda at 91996247 to make the necessary arrangements.

Angel desperately needs a friend
Thank you everyone for being there for Angel. We appreciate your kindness, suggestions, help and contributions. I guess, we too, were all touched by an Angel.

Updates by Fiona. Photographs courtesy of Irene Ong.


  1. Separating them and getting helpers to allow them to meet several times a week is not sustainable in long run. Why not consider renting a room for Selma and finding a home based simple job for her, so that she can have a steady income and can be with Angel all the time?

  2. Hello,

    We agree its not a long term solution, neither is boarding Angel at the vet but for now, Angel is a bag of bones and we have no choice but to allow her to meet her owner on alternate days as she will only eat when her owner feeds her.

    Renting a room for Salma is not an option. Who will fund it and provide for her living expenses?

    Zeus Communications

  3. sadly our 'shelter for homeless' only sounds good on paper. It is mostly to stop people from loitering and therefore, when someone goes in, they have trouble getting out.

    some of the rowell shop owners had been taking care of selma and the dog, even though they had to live on the street. in fact, often when strangers offered food to her, she would say that she had already eaten.

    it is a tough call, reuniting them to place them back on the street or to continue to have them receive shelter and care but be apart.

    maybe ultimately, it is for selma and the dog to decide.


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