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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dreams are Made of These...

It has been exactly a month since Venus was discharged from her “Redhill Suite” and brought to her new factory as we felt it was safer for her. At this new factory, hopefully there would be lesser heavy traffic, fewer strays dogs and the workers there would feed and care for her.

During her stay at the vet, she was together with Little Joe who was there for severe tick fever.  They were together at the vet for about two weeks. Initially Venus would always growl at poor Little Joe each time he even went near her or accidentally bumped into her. Staff at the clinic had to keep a constant watch over the both of them lest Venus took a chunk out of Little Joe. Both Joe and Venus have quite opposite personalities. While Joe is sociable, easy going and loves humans; Venus is wary of people and keeps her distance. This probably stems from all that she has been through. Joe is an extremely fussy eater while Venus simply loves her food. Don’t they sound like true opposites that would attract? It sure wasn’t love at first sight but by the end of two weeks, Venus became more tolerant of Joe and slowly gave in to him.

Lynda decided we should bring both to the new factory together since they had gradually become good friends during their stay at the vet, and also being in an entirely new environment, having a familiar face would make it easier for them to cope and settle in.

Venus’ story touched many readers’ hearts and gave us many learning experiences. She not only fought to live, she gave back by donating blood  to save a little Chihuahua. Just a few days back, Venus’ story was featured in an American Animal Welfare newsletter and we’re extremely proud of her.

Baby Venus when she was just 2 mths old and living on the streets
Watch a short clip on Venus taking her first few steps a few days after her surgery.

Venus arriving at her new factory.

They never have to worry about food.

Once again we’d like to thank everyone for your contributions, volunteering, care and concern. Everyone helped in whatever way you could and we truly are blessed to have such wonderful friends and readers. Without your belief, we would not have been able to help Venus and provide her with the care and support she required to heal.

Venus and Little Joe are now the best of friends. Little Joe is still picky with food and Venus gives in to him. She allows him to eat before her and will only eat when he is done. Perhaps she knows there will always be food for them. They spend their days lazing under the sun, or rough and tumbling on the safe compounds of their new factory. Venus still tires easily and after a few rounds of running and playing, will need to rest. She is extremely attached to Little Joe and will always seek him out. She runs almost as good as new and Drs say this is as good as it gets.

A picture paints a thousand words. Look how happy and healthy Venus is today. Gorgeous isn't she? It’s all thanks to all you animal lovers out there who gave her a reason for living.

Venus Our True Inspiration.

Watch Venus run like the wind in her new factory.

These are what dreams are made of and what makes all our sleepless nights worthwhile.

If you would like to support our work, please buy a ticket to our inaugural dinner on Saturday, 18 December where we will present a slide show of Venus, Tiger, Little Joe, Angel and all the other animals that have made a difference in OUR lives.

Written by Fiona

Little Joe

Remember Little Joe, the sickly dog that we rescued a few months ago in August? He had been put on treatment for tick fever and a wound on his neck, had healed completely and was returned to the factory. However, some weeks back while on their regular feeding rounds, volunteers found him in skin and bones once again. It was a heart-breaking sight for these volunteers who had hoped that Little Joe could lead a healthy life after recovering. Such is the life of a street animal; anything ranging from illnesses to even death can happen at any time.

Joe getting a blood test.
The volunteers took him back to the vet where he was checked and diagnosed with another two strains of tick fever. The tick fever could have made Little Joe very sick or even be fatal. This time round, Little Joe was also found to have an auto immune-related problem which meant that he could no longer live in dirty factory conditions. His two-week stay at the vet had not only cost volunteers a huge amount of money, but they now also needed to source for an alternate home for Little Joe.

During the time Little Joe stayed at the vet for treatment for his second bout of illnesses, he met Venus, who was recovering from her injured limb. Initially, Venus would try to attack Little Joe and would growl each time he walked in front of her but in a few days, Venus and Little Joe had learnt to live with each other. By the time Venus was ready to be discharged, they were best friends, playing and running around the clinic with each other.

They did not start off as the best of friends.

Joe and Venus at their Redhill Suite

Volunteers saw the friendship that was forged between the two and decided that they would go to a new factory together, since they could have each other's company. It seemed the most feasible decision as Little Joe was two and Venus had just turned one. They would be able to take care of each other and explore the new compound together. Animals need friends and companions too!

Little Joe leaving the vet for his new home at the factory.

Little Joe already found a new best friend.  Venus is a little cautious as always.

Joe and Venus exploring their new home.

The work of rescue volunteers is an on-going cycle that will never be complete, due to the innumerable number of animals out there who need their help. It may be taxing and tiring at times, but they still go the extra mile with the best interests of those dogs and cats in their minds. In the end, it is all worth the while.

Written by Jo-Ann Teo, 16 yrs old


  1. reading all these warm my heart....I love ZEUS for their work..thanks to u guys on behalf of all the helpless doggies ;)

  2. OMG. the way how Venus wagged her tails when she's at her new home was so touching~ it simply put a smile on my face. =D
    I hope that both Little Joe and Venus will have this new home of theirs permanently with much love and care so they no longer need to live the life of a stray.
    Thank you to Zeus! =D


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