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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Music For Your Pets to Relax & Enjoy

Other than the good treatment you receive at spas, what else relaxes you? The music you're hearing, of course!

Well, you can now do that at home with your pets!  Produced by New World Music, which is the world's biggest supplier of the Mind, Body & Soul music - Healing music is suitable for healing and relaxing all types of animals including horses, dogs, cats, small furries and even birds.

An animal is more sensitive than humans, hence they are influenced by the sounds around them. Research has shown that animals’ moods can be influenced by music and some types of music can help to reduce stress.

Margrit Coates is a world renowned animal healer and she recognized the need to produce music composed specially for animals and which is sympathetic to their environment.

My dogs can attest to that they love the music and they listen to it everyday; it’s relaxing and it helps to calm them.  Whenever you take your furry one out for a car ride, just pop in the CD and your ride will be much more enjoyable!

The following Music for Animals CDs are available on sale at $28 each (including postage).

 Music For Pets
Beautiful Music suitable for playing to all animals.
Help heal your pets on the physical, emotional and mental level with crystal therapy. 

To listen to the sound track click Music for Pets

Animal Angels
This album is a perfect present to give your animal loving friends and family.
Beautiful music to share with pets and horses, especially composed by the
phenomenal Stuart Jones.       

To listen to the sound track click Animal Angels

Animal Healing
This album compiled by renowned healer Margrit Coastes, aimed specifically for playing
to animals from cats to horses. The Album cleverly avoids sounds that pets might find distressing.     

To listen to the sound track click Animal Healing

Connecting with Animals
Connecting with Animals take place when we tune into them via our minds and hearts.
Animals communicate with us all the time but humans often ignore
this way of being or misunderstand what they are saying.       

To listen to the sound track click Connecting with Animals

To order your music CDs, please email to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

This is what some owners have to say about the music for their pets:
"The music is ultra relaxing and calming not only for Cinder but for myself too! Whenever Cinder refuses to sleep, I'd put on the CD and she will go to her pillow immediately to enjoy the music, lulling her to sleep. I strongly recommend the CDs with the collection, you are spoilt for choice!" - Angeline, Pet Owner

"I would strongly recommend these music wellness CDs for pets as the music is very soothing and relaxing for them, which helps them fall sleep easily.  I even listen to it with my pets and play the CD in my car for my customers' pets, easing their stress and this is much appreciated by their owners.  This is a must have CD for all pet owners." - Lawrence, Pet Owner and Pet Transporter

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