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Monday, May 30, 2011

Life As A Stray

Strays . . . .some people are repelled by the word.
Why feed them? Isn't it tiring? They are dirty, a nuisance and they carry germs, diseases...  Why care for them? They are just strays.  Yes, they are just strays and we love and care for them tremendously because we have the capacity to give them food, love and happiness.

Perhaps not to the full extent of those words, but enough to check on our regular brood, to feed them at least once a week and to ensure they are well and unhurt.

A sweet old furry stray, waiting for someone to come along and feed her. Better yet, take her home.

Do they really belong on the streets?

Barely past a month old and not knowing where his next meal will be coming from

Despite the sometimes unspeakable pain we feel when we see them in accidents, abused and suffering, they make our lives whole. Complete. They teach us about life, courage, endurance, loyalty, strength, perseverance and even joy and laughter. They inspire us. They bring smiles to our faces when we see them race to us, as fast as their little legs can carry them; pouncing on us as if we were their masters.

A life of aimless wandering

Pregnant, nowhere to go and no hope in sight
A stray pup scavenging for food

Survival of the fiercest

Thin, fearful and scar-ridden

A painful and pitiful sight. She would not allow us to approach her.
These “just strays” have taught us very important lessons in life; faith and forgiveness.  They live in the present and they get on with life, unlike us who dwell on our past with “what ifs” and what could have been.
Leader of the pack

It is an amazing journey we have chosen to fulfill in this life. If you are ever feeling down and needing someone to lift your broken spirits, go feed a stray. You will immediately feel your spirits uplifted and appreciate what you have in life because these “just strays”, despite having nothing to live for in their lives, are able to find peace and contentment.
How long are we going to go on doing this? For as long as we can. For as long as YOU care.
There is nothing more rewarding than saving a life.  Our wallets are always empty but our hearts are always full. Our work is never done. We make a difference everyday.
We would like to thank the students of St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School, their principal, Ms Melanie Martens, teacher Ms Chia Sui Yoon and the following students for making the video specially for Zeus Communications and helping us highlight the plight of the strays and the love we have for them.
Juliana Chia
Janine Loi
Lim Yu Ning
Cherie Zheng

Written by Fiona


  1. Thank you all for such an excellent post.

    Dear Public,

    What are we waiting for?

    Save a life! Save a stray!


  2. Thank u for loving and caring for these "strays". Yes, they do teach us so much more than we humans can ever learn on our own and the amount of joy they can bring into our lives is beyond anything that money can buy. Even as i watch the video, seeing the dog race to u and welcome u so enthusiastically, i can't help but grin broadly and feel that warmth in my heart :) I do a bit of "stray" work too and i fully agree when u say, "Our wallets are always empty but our hearts are always full.". Thank you again :-)


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