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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boy Adopts Pedigree Dogs, Then Sells Them (Straits Times, 26 May 2011)

Pet owners, please beware when you give your dog up for rehoming, or when you are looking for a foster. If it's not a friend of yours nor a recommendation, please be careful; do your own due diligence. One careless move and your dog might fall into the wrong hands.

If you have bought a dog from this young Indian boy, S, please email us: dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg


  1. This article just convinces me that selling animals for profit is just plain wrong! I really hope they re educate this boy as opposed to just punishing him as he will grow up one day and needs to develop a conscience. suzanne

  2. When an animal plea ....
    Would you hear the animal?

    Can you hear at all?

    As far as I know, my dog will not sell me away.

    Dear Boy,

    Do you know what you are doing?

  3. One day, after this boy reaches adulthood, he will likely end up in jail.

    He is just very lucky to be under 21.

  4. His parents should be punished for covering and "permitting" the kid for his acts. Yes, this kid will grow up to be a nuisance to society and future jailbird ... time will tell.


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