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Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Loving Memory of Baby Boy

In Loving Memory
Baby Boy
2008 ~  1 June 2011

Baby Boy was a local cross breed who was obese from being kept in a small room for 2 years, being fed on white rice and plain bread. It was all that his owner, Ida, could afford. Even though Ida was barely able to support herself, she loved her 10 dogs dearly and could not bear to part with them. Zeus Communications heard of the plight that Ida and her dogs were in, and offered to house Baby Boy and Nelly, another dog at Zeus Playhouse. We also offered Ida a job at Zeus Playhouse where she can spend time with the dogs and take care of them.

Baby Boy was so overweight, all of 44 kg, that his legs were giving way. This made it extremely difficult for him to walk. He spent his days lying down or sleeping at Zeus Playhouse. Last week, a volunteer had to take Baby Boy to the vet. It took 3 people 20 minutes just to carry him less than 30 metres from his kennels to the van! The doctor diagnosed him with Thyroid Deficiency and he was put on medication. Lynda bought him low calorie food and we told Ida to walk him 5 minutes a day. 

On 1 June afternoon, when Ida showed up to clean the kennels and to feed the dogs, she found Baby Boy motionless. She called and shook him but he didn't move at all. His body was still warm. He may have passed away in the morning, possibly from heart failure; all of 2+ years old.

Ida then contacted Jeannie, a volunteer, and Jeannie informed the rest of the volunteers from Zeus Communications. Arrangements were made by Jeannie to transport Baby Boy to Mt Pleasant (Whitley). Meanwhile, a new volunteer, Mandy, made her way to the vet to help with the registration and cremation arrangements for Baby Boy.

Baby Boy left us, knowing in his heart that everyone loved him. He had many fur friends and made new friends at Zeus Playhouse. During his stay with us, it was the first time that Baby Boy saw sunshine and that brought us a lot of smiles and happiness in our hearts.

It was a sad day for all our volunteers who knew Baby Boy and we continue to mourn the loss. He is dearly missed by his Playhouse mate, Nelly. Visiting the Playhouse this weekend was a sad affair with Baby Boy not around.

Baby Boy, may you rest in peace and thank you for sharing your Mummy Ida with the other animals.  Your Mummy has brought a lot of joy to the animals at the playhouse.
From all the volunteers at Zeus Playhouse.  You are our Sunshine :)

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