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Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Abandoned Couple

On 15.4.2011, I received a call from my fosterer that a pair of Chihuahuas were found squeezing in a corner under the hot sun outside a house along Surin Ave around 2pm, a male and female. I asked him to bring them to safety while I rushed down. Nobody was in the house and neighbours claimed that the dogs don't belong there.

A very tired and sad dog

Checking to see if their eyes were alright

Both were dying of thirst and the stench was horrible. Pus was oozing out from Girl's wound and Boy's eyes. Their nails were horribly long and they had very bad yeast infection in the ears. Both were taken immediately to the vet for check-up and blood test. The male has severe conjunctivitis and severe heartworm, while the female has a badly infection wound on her stomach, possibly from a Caesarean wound that might have burst open and did not heal well. Both have microchips but are not registered and they are estimated to be about 4 to 6 years old.

Ears were filthy but we always expect that. Usually, dirty ears are the least of our worries

Girl's cesarean wound was infected and oozing pus. Apparently, it is a rather old wound.

Girl Girl, who is suspected to having had multiple C-sections, had her surgery on 21.4.11 by Dr Dennis Choi at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital, Whitley Road. "Girl Girl, presented with a discharging sinus and nodular, lumpy lesion of the ventral abdomen. Surgical exploration revealed severe fibrotic mass lesion with purulent discharge of subcutaneous tissue of ventral abdomen extending all the way into abdominal muscles and linea alba. Entire abnormal appearing portion was excised en-bloc and sent for histopathological examination. Culture and sensitivity performed and came back as negative for bacteria growth. Girl Girl's surgical wound is healing well and currently recovering well under surgery." She will need another surgery in about 2-3 months’ time as her infection was so bad that vet can only treat what's beneath the skin and not further at time of surgery. She was hospitalised for a day. She’s now on heat. Thank God that she is now safe else she likely be pregnant again...

Female's Caesarian wound might have opened and she was not brought to the vet. The wound healed on its own but it did not heal well, with some insides healed on the outside!

Girl - long uncut nails. They had probably never left their cages and were terrified being at the vet.

Drawing blood and doing a thorough check to ensure they were well

Boy, eyes all red from tiredness and severe conjunctivitis

Boy Boy's eyes are getting better and there's a small ulcer on one of the eye. Vet has put him on medication for 5 days prior to treatment, to be on the safe side. He had his first heartworm jab on Tuesday, 26.04.11. The jab will put his life at risk because his heartworm is very severe and the jab may cause his heart to stop or trigger a heart attack but there's no choice. If he is not treated, he will die. He needs 3 jabs over a period of two months. The 2nd and 3rd jab will be done on the second month.

Long, unclipped nails

Getting his nails clipped. He tired to snap as he was so tired, stressed and confused.

Both are of very good temperament and Boy is very quiet and had not barked a single time since they were found, while Girl is always cheerful and active. She has a very high pain threshold despite all the sufferings she has been through. Both have separation anxiety but this will go away with time and care.

To Adopt/Foster

SMS: Alycia 9689 0777 or email yee.alycia@gmail.com

To contribute to the vet bills, please email dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

Written by Alycia Yee

The total bill as of now is about $1,600 and it is likely to increase. Please help in any way possible, it would be much appreciated.

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  1. The vets who treated them said Girl Girl is not more than 4 years old and Boy Boy is abt 4-5 years old. - Alycia


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