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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bring Sunshine To Our Dogs at Zeus PlayHouse!

If you have been some of the shelters of the past or have seen it in movies, you will know that oftentimes, it is a bleak-looking barrack like enclosure with compartmentalized cages within but all these are slowly changing with the help of animal welfare groups and volunteers.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a kennel dog? Imagine your view consists of just a concrete kennel wall or fenced wall, day in and day out? No exercise, no walks. That would be pretty depressing wouldn’t it?

Zeus Playhouse dogs get to run freely in the entire kennel compound – except for when they misbehave and need to sit in a kennel and reflect!

Puppy is for adoption. The little girl isn't!
Not only do they have the free run of their very own Playhouse, we hope that they will soon have a nice colourful, bright and cheery Playhouse too!

Area that needs to be painted.

Nobody likes to stay in a home where the walls are made of dull, dreary concrete slabs. Now, imagine if you have bright, colourful and cheery walls, won’t that help lift up your spirits?

Help us bring sunshine to our dogs!

We would like to brighten up their lives by painting wall murals at the kennels to brighten up the place.

There are 9 walls to be painted, each wall is about 1m x 1.8m. We are looking at painting happy dogs, flowers etc on the walls. Anything cheery will be great!

I'm ready to work!

To do so, we will need your contribution in order for us to purchase the following:

1. Paint brushes of various sizes

2. Roller brushes

3. Paint trays

4. Thinner / Turpentine

5. Acrylic paint of different colors (bright colours)

6. Matex (to whitewash the walls)

We will need to raise $400 to help fund our 'Bring Sunshine to the Dogs' project.

How can you help? You could help with the following;

1. Make a contribution to 'Bring Sunshine to the Dogs' Project

2. Design wall murals – we welcome budding or professional artists to make a difference in the doggies’ lives. This is a small scale project and we need just 2 or 3 artists to help design and paint the walls. If you have always wanted to show off your talents or give back to society, this is the perfect opportunity! Or if you have always wanted to express yourself and not have to face the consequences of your creativity, this is your opportunity. The dogs promise only a howling success!

Please emails us at dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg and submit your designs to us by May 29. Thank you.


Date: 4 & 5 June 2011 (Sat & Sun), to paint the wall murals but we hope to finish everything on the first day (4 June)

Time: 2.00 pm to 6.00pm (depending on weather)

If you would like to offer help in any form, please email us dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg

Thank you for brightening up their lives!

Written by Tia

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