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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Little Black Bear (Sharpei's Lil' Sister)

Bear, a 9-month-old puppy, has come a long way. 
Bear at the Vet for her vaccination when she was just 3 months old
She grew up on the streets, fended for herself, and was barely 3 months old when volunteers spotted her wandering in an industrial estate.  To protect her from the harsh environment in the industrial estate, volunteers housed the little Bear in a nearby friend’s factory, together with a larger 2+year-old stray dog called Sharpei (so named because of his resemblance to the Shar-Pei breed). Perhaps that was meant to be, because soon the friendship between the two blossomed.  Big brother Sharpei grew to be very loving and patient with Bear and even stood guard over her – such that other dogs had to think twice about bullying Bear. That was the first time Bear had a roof (albeit a temporary one) and a true friend - one she could rely on.

Bear at an adoption drive when she was 4 months old
Over the span of the next few weeks, several events took place, which saw the frequent separation of the two good friends. For most part, Sharpei had to be hospitalized due to an unfortunate injury. You could see the sadness that lingered in the dogs’ eyes whenever they were separated and the joy that prevailed at reunions.

Time has since passed and fast forward approximately half a year, we have witnessed the separate adoptions of Bear and Sharpei, now known as Duke and how they have grown in the care and nurture of their newfound families. We have endeavored to have some kind souls adopt them both together but that was not possible, given that most people live in HDB flats or already have dogs of their own.

Bear was duly adopted by an Assoc Professor, Mr. Wu, who already has a senior Shihtzu. He was looking into adopting another dog and after having chanced upon Bear in a dog forum, emailed us to say that he would take her (just like that – how kind of him!)

Lynda playing with Bear at her foster home, before she was adopted by Mr Wu and his family
We brought Bear to his home that weekend and spent some hours with Bear there. Lo and behold, Mr. Wu’s shihtzu (Mao Mao) was not too pleased, having been the only dog in the household all his life. He literally wanted to eat the little Bear up.

This is Mao Mao, a Shihtzu.

For the next two nights, they had to be separated.

By the third day, they became best friends… and are now inseparable. (We attribute this to the nature and temperament of Bear – Bear is easygoing and humbly gives in Mao Mao, whom she respects as her senior.)

We visited Bear a few days back – it warms our hearts to see that she has put on weight. Her coat is beautiful; she has grown into a black beauty indeed. She is still playful like a puppy and chews the occasional shoe or slipper.  The entire Wu family adores her – the family helper, Mr Wu’s wife and two teenage children. Interestingly, Mr. Wu’s wife’s surname is also “Bear” in Chinese.

Bear in her new home!
A big bright smile from a very happy Bear!
We hereby extend our dearest thanks to Mr. Wu for adopting Bear and giving her the life she deserves.

Contributed by Dave Goh (Volunteer writer)

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