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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Home For Tiger

After surviving the many ordeals life as a stray has thrown at him, Tiger is now ready to go home. This time, however, we have decided that Tiger needs to go to a real home, not the original factory where he came from. A home with family members who will protect him and shower him with love and care. It is hard to imagine how much pain Tiger has been put through and it is too high a risk for him to be returned “home” to be a stray. If we put him back on the streets, chances of Tiger being attacked and injured again are very high due to the scarcity of food and abundance of heavy machinery in the industrial area. Plus the fact that Tiger had been hit by a car previously and his legs won’t carry him as well as they used to. That was probably why he had been in three injuries in four short months.

 The handsome Tiger

Look how nicely Tiger's wound has healed! 

We would like to say big thank you to all who contributed to Tiger’s vet bills, Trempest, June B, Christopher W, and all the other who helped in their own way. His strength has touched many hearts and we are hoping for someone who will take him in. Never again will Tiger have to fight with other dogs for a meal or dodge moving vehicles.

Tiger is obedient and easy to train because he is extremely food-motivated!

Unfortunately we could not find someone to foster Tiger, so he is temporarily being housed in a commercial boarding kennel and the sooner we find him a home, the better it is for him. It also costs us money and these funds could be better spent rescuing and helping other dogs instead.

Despite his age, Tiger behaves like a real baby.

If you know anyone who is able to give Tiger a place in your home and hearts, please contact us immediately. Do take note that Tiger is a mongrel and is not HDB approved. Tiger has no problems getting on with other dogs. He loves company.
Written by volunteer - Jo-Ann Teo, 16 yrs old

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