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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How tough can life get?

Pardon us for this long story but we assure you, it is worth the read.

Sharpei was spotted on the streets in an industrial estate in December 2009. He could have been abandoned as he was extremely lost and confused being on the streets. He was very wary of dogs and humans and avoided everyone. He was a loner. If he was eating and another dog approached, he would leave his food and walk off, even if that meant that he forego his only decent meal of the week.

Waiting at the bus stop

Life as an abandoned dog

Sharpei spent his days sleeping at bus stops or under trailers. It took volunteers more than six months to gain his trust, but they never gave up, feeding him three times a week and befriending him. Finally, these volunteers' persistence paid off; they managed to catch him and he was temporarily housed in a friends' factory until they were able to find a foster. Outside the factory lived a black 3-month old female pup. Volunteers named her Bear and housed her in the same factory as Sharpei. Little Bear and Sharpei instantly became fast friends. Big brother Sharpei was very loving towards Bear and protected her from dogs who played rough with her. It was the first time he had a friend.

Just rescued and safe at the factory, but he was sad and afraid

Housed together at the factory with the little Bear

Two days after he was rescued. Look at the difference is his eyes and body language

Sharpei playing dead and refusing to have his very first bath

Sharpei and Bear playing outside the factory, before leaving for the vet

 He's my big brother

Looking out for each other

Playing rough with my big brother

Oops! Think I played too rough!

Last Sunday, both Sharpei and Bear had their first shower and were taken to Mt Pleasant Clinic (Redhill) to be checked by Dr Ang. It was Bear’s very first car ride. Both were microchipped, vaccinated and Sharpei was tested for heartworm. He was given a clean bill of health and Dr Ang estimated him to be between 2-3 years old. Having lived on the streets as an abandoned dog for more than half a year, Sharpei was thin, his bones protruded and he looked older than he actually was. Sharpei has the sweetest temperament and because he also had the build, volunteers decided he could be a future blood donor, given his good health. He just needed to be beefed up.

 Sharpei all excited to go to the vet

 Little Bear being examined by Dr Ang

 Sharpei being microchipped

That's my little nuisance 

Volunteers took both dogs out for the day and it was the first time in their lives they had human company, love and pats. They were happy dogs. When they went back to the factory in the evening, both were fed with brown rice with boiled chicken and eggs - Sharpei's favourite. The volunteers left late at night and both dogs were exhausted from their very first outing. It had been a long, fun day.

It had been a week since Sharpei’s rescue from the streets and volunteers took turns to go to the factory nightly after work to feed Sharpei and Bear. The day after their outing, volunteers went to feed them after work and panicked when Sharpei did not respond when called. Workers said they saw him inside the compound before locking the gates for the day. They called out for him and saw him walking down the lane outside the factory, wobbling and limping. It was 8pm and as he approached them, volunteers got a shock of their lives when they saw Sharpei. His face and ears were bleeding very badly and his right eye was swollen. The flesh below his left eye was ripped off and dangling. Poor Sharpei was relieved to see the volunteers and he put his head on their lap, faint from shock and trauma.

A badly injured Sharpei  (Picture taken from Hp)

It was an emergency and Sharpei needed immediate medical attention. These volunteers who intended to feed him and Little Bear their favourite dinner immediately called Mt Pleasant (Sunset Way) to ask them to hold on and not close for the day. Volunteers quite literally flew Sharpei to the vet, leaving Bear behind. Sharpei collapsed in the back seat of the car, his face bleeding onto the towels and his body shaking uncontrollably. Sharpei arrived at the vet at around 8.30pm and was carried in. Dr Ang tended to him and checked his entire body for wounds. They initially thought that he was hit by an oncoming car but when they shaved fur off, at least 15 puncture wounds could be seen on his face, ears, neck, arms and legs. The most serious injury was the gaping wound on his face. Fortunately, Sharpei's vision was unaffected; thanks to all the folds on his face.

Stitches running down his cheek

He was sedated and his wounds were cleaned. He was also put on drip to stabilize his condition as he was still in shock. The volunteers left the clinic and headed back to the factory to feed Bear. Little Bear was very sad and down, sitting at the gate awaiting Sharpei's return. She knew something was amiss. She quietly ate her food then went back to the gate, waiting for her best friend to return. The volunteers' hearts went out to little Bear and promised her that Sharpei would be back in no time.

The following day we called the Vet to check on Sharpei. His condition had stabilized and he would be operated on. The flesh under his right eye had to be cut off and the gaping hole stitched up. It won’t be easy as his face is very wrinkly.

Puncture wounds on his face, ears and neck

More puncture wounds

Visiting Sharpei at the vet

Volunteers will visit Sharpei nightly to bring him his favourite chicken and rice. They hope he cheers up and gets well soon because little puppy Bear misses him.

Sharpei has to stay at the vet for a few days. Volunteers will also check on Bear to make sure she is not too sad or lonely.

Poor Sharpei will be at Mt Pleasant (Sunset Way) for a day or two and if you would like to visit him, please let us know. You may send a text message to 91996247  . If you wish to contribute to Sharpei's medical bills, do let us know as well. We would greatly appreciate your generosity.

Volunteers are wondering - had Sharpei scaled the 5-ft tall factory fence to escape and look for them, the people he has grown to love and trust deeply? Or might he have almost risked his life for Bear, his little best friend? We will never know why he scaled the tall fence to get outside, nor why he got so badly injured but perhaps an animal communicator might be able to enlighten us. Volunteers will also go back to the factory to look around for the dog that might have attacked Sharpei, perhaps he may need medical help too.

Sharpei and Bear are looking for a real home, a family that will adopt them together and love both of them. They mean the world to each other.

Sad and lonely Bear awaiting her big brother's return

Article contributed by our young volunteer, Jo.

For an update on Sharpet pls visit Update on Sharpei and Little Joe

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