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Monday, January 17, 2011

Feed The Factory Dogs (And Cats)

Almost a year has gone by since Zeus Communications was formed, and we have seen many dogs and cats come our way. You have journeyed with us and witnessed the different street animals suffer from various injuries, illnesses and even great emotional turmoil. We always do our utmost best to help them but we know there are still many others needing our attention and kindness. We can't possibly do it all on our own.
Their food bowls are often filled with dead leaves, ants and rain water. 
 Leftover food thrown by workers. You can't imagine the stench which can be smelt from afar. The bad sour smell was so awful, yet that is the only food these factory cats have. 

Help us fill their food bowls and their little tummies
You may think that street and factory dogs are similar in many ways, but they are slightly different. Street dogs lead a very sad life. They have absolutely nowhere to seek shelter in, having neither food nor water for days and have no caregivers at all. No one would know or recognize these dogs even if they were to pass away. On the flip side, factory dogs are able to find refuge from the weather in factory buildings, away from the sweltering heat of day and the chilling cold of night. If they are lucky enough, factory workers or guards may keep a lookout for them and might even give them daily scraps of food. Dogs are known to repay kindness shown unto them and are likely to start guarding the factories from intruders and provide companionship to lonely workers.
Little Joe now lives in the same factory with Venus

The workers take good care of Little Joe and Venus

There are some factories that have workers staying at the factory 24/7. These workers accept the factory dogs as their friends and kin; trying to feed and care for them even with their meager salaries. Despite most of them earning less than $800 a month; an amount barely enough to support themselves or their families, they try their best to share with the dogs whatever food they have. We want to and will help these people because of one main reason – they CARE. We, as volunteers, often do not have much time to go around feeding all the factory dogs, as our time is spent on other doggie stuff, but with the help of these kind factory workers, these factory dogs are able to get their stomachs filled.

Venus now has a factory she calls home and the workers take good care of her.
Tiger is temporarily living at a boarding kennel, waiting to be adopted

Zeus Communications’ ‘Feed The Factory Dogs’ programme aims to provide food to security guards and workers who have dogs or cats living on their compounds. By providing the food, we hope to see more workers befriending and caring for these factory dogs. Our volunteers will send the food to the factories on a monthly basis and when a dog is injured or unwell, the workers can contact us to get the needed medical attention. When the dog recovers, we will take them back to the factory to recuperate. From past rescue operations, we learn that some factory workers even go the extra mile to give the recovering dog their daily medication after they have been discharged from the vet!
Literally rubbish food fed to the factory dogs. The foul smell was overpowering. We have been providing food to the workers for the cats and dogs in their compound, and could do with your help too.
Is this the way man's best friend should live? Every dog or cat deserves a decent meal.
 An old factory dog, too weak to stand and eat. Sweet as she is, asking for someone to take her home and love her might be asking too much, so we'll just be contented with feeding her proper meals. And this furry one loves cat food!

This doggie gets the head of a roasted suckling pig, remnants from a wedding dinner!

Factory cats. Help us help them, and many more like them!

This programme yields many benefits. As the workers feed and care for the dogs daily, they develop a strong human-animal bond and become friends. This way, the workers can care for the animals, in turn gaining friendship and extra security for their factory. Also, with the help of the workers, it will be easier for us to catch the dogs to undergo sterilization under Zeus Communications' Street Dog Sterilization (S.D.S) program. Another plus point is that the workers who have formed a relationship with the dogs can help to protect them from people who may attempt to attack the dogs. It is unavoidable that some humans have a strong distaste for dogs and may want to harm them, but with strong kinship between man and dog, fewer dogs will suffer from abuse and injury.

Rein Biotech kindly offers Zeus Communications a one-for-one food deal. When you buy a bag of dog or cat food, Rein Biotech will sponsor another bag of the same item. This donated food will be directed to dogs like Little Joe, Venus and Tiger who were rescued from the streets and now live in factories where they have caregivers to feed them, as well as other factory dogs, whom we know have caregivers caring for and feeding them. We kindly appeal to you to contribute to this programme - the factory animals need your compassion.

Care-givers who care for and feed the factory dogs and cats

Life is hard enough for them. Let's try to help them in every little way we can.
The launch of this programme doens't mean that we will neglect other stray animals who have nowhere to call ‘home’. We are merely trying to save time – only by entrusting some factory dogs to the workers, thus allowing us to devote more time to wandering strays who are in dire need of our help - a proper meal and a friend who cares. 

This is a ‘one for all and all for one’ effort. Please help us feed the factory dogs by buying the dog  or cat food. We will deliver the food to the respective security guards and factory workers whom we already know, as well as others who are willing to genuinely care for their factory animals. Similar to this saying, 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step', we make this small step forward to help these factory dogs. You may not think your contribution is much, but eventually, everyone's pocketful of kindness can snowball into a wonderful outcome for these unfortunate animals. Help us to help them please.

They need help. We are trying our best. Will you help them too? Yes!

Article written by volunteer - Jo-Ann Teo

Editor's Note :
Dear readers, I would like to introduce you to our young writer, Jo-Ann, who is all of 16 years old. Not only is she able to juggle her studies and help us write articles for our blog, Jo is also a wonderful writer who is extremely passionate about animal welfare. I hope you enjoy reading her regular contributions as much as I do and I would like to thank her for helping us in our work.


  1. It is great to read about your good work towards the helpless ones..though there is one aspect i don't feel comfy with is Euthanasia..every being wants to live even though they may be in pain. if possible,the animals should be left to live out their life span..euthanasia is cutting short their natural life span. I think if it is for our own loved ones, parents, children ..we don't consider euthanasia at all.

    with metta

  2. I do not support euthanasia either.
    It is as good as killing, suicide etc ...

    Life is precious!


  3. Maybe one day, people should go down and look at how these poor dogs live and then comment if a life of nothing is better or freedom from euthanasia...


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