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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Updates on Sharpei and Little Joe

Updates on Sharpei

Volunteers had taken the little Bear to visit her big brother, Sharpei, at his foster home a week after the both of them went to different foster homes. They were absolutely ecstatic to see each other and the little Bear licked Sharpei continuously. The little one followed him all around the house and they played and rolled happily in the garden, just like the good old days. It was a bittersweet moment – seeing how happy they were together and yet knowing that it was unlikely they would be rehomed as a pair.

Best of Friends
Playing together

 I miss you, little Bear.

The two best friends spent the evening playing and just being near each other. It was such a joy watching them together, the bond between them strong as ever despite having been apart.

When volunteers left with the little Bear, Sharpei had wanted to go along too and you could see the sadness in his eyes, when our car drove off. We had promised to see him again, when he was due to have his stitches removed.

Removing his stitches

 An absolute darling
The following week, volunteers and Sharpei’s foster took him to the Vet to have his stitches removed. As always, he was a brave dog and sat quietly while Dr Lesley Teo removed the stitches from his hip, paws and cheek. He had been well taken care of by his foster and seemed much happier, more confident and showing less ribs. He can afford to put on a few more kilograms and we think he will, gradually, especially if he is to be a future blood donor.

Sharpei at the Vet, after having his stitches removed

His foster, Stef, told us that he is comfortable in her home and gets on well with her other dog, a yellow Labrador. Sharpei is also getting pickier with his food, occasionally choosing not to eat the same menu more than twice consecutively! We also found out that poor Sharpei has a great fear of rain and thunder; and would shiver hours before the storm. We wondered how terrifying his stray days must have been for him; imagine having a fear of rain and thunder, fear of humans and possible abuse and the other Alpha dogs fighting for food. What a sad life it must have been.

Gorgeous again!

We’re so thankful that Stef has been fostering and caring so much for him. We are also grateful to the many friends and readers who have shown their love, care and support in various ways. Everyone has made a positive difference in Sharpei’s life and shown him that he does mean a lot to us.

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Updates on Little Joe

After Rex’s gift of life to Little Joe, he is doing a little better. His gums are slightly pinkish; however he is still anemic and his breathing, laboured. He does not seem to like his kibbles and canned food, preferring to go hungry and wait for volunteers, Lynette and little Sara, to bring his daily ration of beef, liver and eggs. Dr Ang is extremely concerned about Little Joe as he still looks like a skeleton and really needs to put on a lot more weight. He needs to eat lots of carbo but Little Joe simply refuses to even eat rice. Dr Ang mentioned it could be because he is still not feeling too well and thus, his tiny appetite. His wound on his neck is healing faster than we expected it to. This could be because he has had a blood transfusion and some proper nutrition. The planned surgery to remove the dead cells from his neck will no longer take place as the wound is gradually closing on its own.

The wound is healing really well
Little Joe, however, will not be able to undergo sterilization as yet because he is too thin and weak. This can only be done many months down the road.

Little Joe is still extremely weak
Look at his tiny frame

Dr Ang says that Little Joe will need to stay at the Vet for a few more days as his life is not entirely out of danger yet. He needs to be further monitored and his wound dried before he can return to the factory.

We thank the many people who have offered to cook nutritious meals for him and friends who have contributed to his vet bills.

If there is someone out there that has a place in his heart and home for Little Joe, would you kindly take him in? The factory and living under trucks is not a life for this skinny, little sick dog.

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