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Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting Angel Back on Track

Today, Angel was treated to another visit to Salma. Before visiting Salma, Angel had 5 cans of Cesar (dog canned food) plus some brown rice I brought for her. This was after the vet had fed her 1 can of Cesar with dry food earlier that morning. It sure is a good sign that her appetite is improving.

Angel looking better
Thinking that Angel will visit again on Thursday, Salma only sat with Angel for about 45 minutes (or perhaps I was just too boring for Salma!). We were not allowed to stay within the Home's parameters, so the three of us (including Angel) had to sit under the HDB block across the road. Salma was allowed to be out of the Home's premises so as to be with Angel during our visit. Usually, the Home’s residents are not allowed to venture beyond the Home. Surprisingly, after we left Salma, Angel only cried for a short 3 seconds. She stopped even before I drove onto the main road.

Since Salma didn't spend so much time with Angel at the Home, and the vet would not open till 2 pm, I had some time on hand and took Angel to the Botanical Gardens for a short walk. Unlike my dogs who would dive straight into the little streams, Angel did not seem to know what to do with the water. Just to get her started, I played a bit with her near the stream and splashed some water on her. Despite the shaky first time, Angel clearly enjoyed walking in the park, sniffing the grass, flowers and trees along the way, her tail wagging happily in the air. She would gamely run alongside me when I started on a jog. All in all, I'm sure she had a good time albeit the brevity.

From the visit today, I think Angel is growing less attached to Salma. She is now able to eat in the absence of Salma – she burrowed her head into the food container while I was fixing up her meal, long before Salma appeared. Angel clearly could not wait to eat. This was in stark contrast to her behaviour last week, when she was desperately searching for Salma before she ate. She was also happy walking in the park and did not appear forlorn at all. In fact, if she did not have to visit Salma, I can use the time to bring her to the park more frequently since she seems to enjoy herself there. I just wish Angel would put on weight more quickly and she will definitely be a very pretty girl.

Contributed by Mun Ee.

The New Paper, 5 December 2010
We have just been informed by the vets that each time Angel goes out to visit Salma, she spends the next two days crying and pining for her owner. As such, we have decided not to bring Angel to visit Salma so frequently. Perhaps a month or so down the road. In the meantime, friends still take Angel for outings and we thank Mun Ee for taking Angel to the Botanical Gardens, Chiew Guat for taking Angel to Labrador Park and we thank Delphine for her time.

Angel learning to be sociable

Angel and Tiger are slowly becoming friends as the both of them spend quite a bit of time together at the clinic.

Contributed by Fiona. Photographs courtesy of Irene Ong.

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