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Monday, December 27, 2010

Abandoned For His Loyalty

Limping in agony, a forlorn-looking dog searched desperately for a familiar face as he walked feebly on his badly injured leg. Hope of finding his home began to fade as the days and weeks passed. He probably was once a happy dog showered with love and affection but alas it was not to be. He was callously abandoned by his owner whom he faithfully trusted and loved. Growing thinner and weaker as the weeks went by, his heart sank as he didn’t understand why he was left on the streets to fend for himself. He yearned for human affection and compassion and hoped some kindhearted soul will take pity on him and end his suffering. His desperate cry for help was finally answered when a European couple spotted him limping helplessly along Bedok South Avenue. There was finally a glimmer of hope, he thought to himself as he whimpered pitifully.

Just rescued. Check up at the Vet

Braven warded at the Vet for a battery of tests. He was found to have an enlarged liver, enlarged spleen and an enlarged right kidney.
It was 30 November at 11pm. The couple kept him for the night. The following day, the couple brought the injured husky to the Mount Pleasant Bedok clinic for examination. There, they saw some rehoming posters for 2 huskies and the couple decided to seek help from the lady who posted them. This lady then posted information of the injured husky on some dog forums that very night, but to no avail. The European couple had no experience with dogs, nor did they know how to cope with his leg injury. Furthermore, the abandoned Husky could not control his bladder and bowel movements, so they decided it was best to surrender him to the SPCA. When this lady found out from the couple that the dog had been surrendered to the SPCA, she immediately went and bailed him out. She then approached Zeus for assistance. We helped her ward the dog at our regular vet. For his courage and will to live, she named him Braven.

Looking much happier and in less pain after his leg amputation
Upon examination, the vet concluded that Braven was in excruciating pain as his leg was badly wounded. His thin frame indicated that he had probably been running or walking for days before he was found.. An X-ray was done, and sadly it showed a broken hip and leg. Braven had probably been injured for weeks or months, evident from the signs on his paw pads and the angle he had been tip-toeing at. The vet is unable to verify if his injuries were caused by an accident or if he had been beaten up. To our utter dismay, Braven’s leg needs to be amputated as it cannot be salvaged due to his prolonged injury. Braven is still warded at the vet and we are hoping for a miracle that he will be adopted.

I still vividly remember my mum (who was in her 60s) climbing up 16 floors of stairs from block to block calling out and looking for our lost poodle. My mum had a phobia of taking the elevator but that did not stop her from searching for our lost poodle. She enquired with neighbours, passers-by, road sweepers, and nearby schools to keep a lookout for our dog. We called the SPCA and advertised in the newspapers. Our efforts and prayers were answered and we finally found our poodle a week after it was lost. My mum taught me resilience, compassion, hope, and responsibility.
Braven, finally happy and comfortable after his amputation. Look at him run!

I strongly believe that we should all act responsibly and try everything possible to help our pets. They are precious living things and not a piece of furniture that can be discarded or a product with an expiry date. A pet is a lifelong commitment. To you, he may be just a dog, but to him you are everything. Your pet cat or dog is a domesticated animal living under the same roof as you. They have not been taught to hunt for their food and were born and raised to be dependent on their owners for food and shelter. Dumping them on the streets is cruel and subjects them to starvation, disease, injuries, and is basically a death sentence. Please think twice before getting a pet if you are uncertain that you can provide a home for the animal for the rest of its life. Adding a pet to the family is an important decision. Animals deserve our love and sensible care; finding another appropriate home for your pets is your responsibility and any local humane society or animal welfare league can offer you good advice. Please also spay and neuter your pets to prevent unwanted animals. Therefore, I appeal to all those pet owners out there to have a heart and act responsibly.

Written by Susanna Gan


  1. Why? keep them and then abandoned them. Doggies do having feeling just that they are unable to speak out. It is sad to read their story and yet our help is very limit. :(

  2. I cant figure out where this is located at... Where is Braven at right now? Where can I get more info on him? My email address is lizzyhope1981@yahoo.com

  3. Braven is a beautuful dog. "He was found to have an enlarged liver, enlarged spleen and an enlarged right kidney."- Is it life-threatening?


  4. Hello Cola,

    Braven's health issues seems to be under control and he is under medication. It is not life -threatening and he is happy and comfortable now.

    Thank you for your concern.

    Zeus Communications

  5. Reading such horrendous acts certainly make any normal person blood boiled. I hv recently adopted a beautiful chocolate lab which unfortunately in a shameful & heartbreaking situation where it is the original owner friend whom abused the dog after taking him in.
    Wish I could take in Braven but am now struggling to find a good domestic helper to take care of my 2 labs since my current one is planning to leave. Hope Braven can find a good home soon.



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