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Friday, August 27, 2010

Wishbone's Wish-Upon-A-Bone Finale

Wishbone's granting of pets' wishes kicked off in May 2010 and concluded with the finale on 21 August at Bishan Park's Green Room. Men and dogs were dressed in smart suits for the event finale and for once, the men were ALMOST as hot as the dogs!

Attractive door gifts
The Pet Wedding begins

Red, the little Poodle
Utt and  . . .  M-utt??

The event was graced by MTV celebrity, Utt, who is Wishbone's ambassador and a fellow animal lover. Utt hails from Thailand and has a 14 year old JRT back home. In Singapore, he has a 4 year old Shiba Inu named Aiko.
 Lynda and Lady Emerald, Utt and Aiko, Ruby and Nikki. Nikki is 16 yrs old! 
Lady Emerald has her very own Facebook - do check it out!

Throughout the months of Wishbone's event, they had granted wishes to four pets, ranging from a set of wheels for Qian Qian, to having an animal communicator communicate with Jo Jo the JRT, to medical and dog training.

Lynda was asked to communicate with Jo Jo the JRT to understand why he barked so much when he was at home. A meeting was arranged by Wishbone for Lynda to meet Jo Jo and his owner, Yu Jia. Read the New Paper article here.

Source The New Paper

Owning a pet is about bonding, communicating, loving, respecting, understanding and appreciating each other. A pet is NOT just a pet. A pet has feelings and emotions just like you and I, so please cherish your pet and give him your very best.

If you wish to learn how to communicate with your pets, read this and watch the videos at the end of the article. Its simple. You don't need to be intuitive to learn Animal Communication.

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