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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Joe goes home

Volunteers discharged Little Joe from the vet and returned him to the factory on Sunday. He was very quiet on the way there and kept looking out of the windows. When volunteers turned into the lane he lived on, Little Joe immediately jumped up and was visibly excited - he knew he was home!

On the way home
The moment Little Joe got out of the car, he raced up and down the road as if he was doing an invisible obstacle course - he was lucky that it was Sunday and there were no other cars on the road! Little Joe proceeded to mark every single tree and lamp post, as if to let everyone know he was finally home.

Can't wait to get out of the car
The security Uncle came out and Little Joe jumped up on him with lots of excitement and happiness. Uncle patted him and commented that Little Joe had indeed put on some weight and that his wound had healed very nicely. Little Joe went for a walk by himself down the road while volunteers chatted with Uncle and updated him on Little Joe's condition. He willingly agreed to feed Little Joe his medications. Our team of volunteers really appreciate this man's kindness and hope to see more people like him.

As Little Joe needs to put on a lot more kilos, volunteers have provided Uncle with a carton of dog canned food and a carton of cat canned food. Volunteers will visit Little Joe regularly to ensure that he is healthy and well.

Little Joe needs to put on a few more kilos

Little Joe eating his beef and eggs cooked by volunteers

A friend, Pauline and her daughter, Yitian, contributed the outstanding $400 to Little Joe's vet bill - settling his bill in full. They also gave 2 big bags of dry cat food for Uncle to feed the 14 cats in his compound. A big thank you to Pauline and Yitian.

Donated cat food

Out of the 14 cats in Little Joe's factory compound, volunteers have brought 9 for sterilization and the remaining will be sterilized over the next month or so, when they are ready.
This is Little Joe's home. Under the lorry.

Thank you everyone for helping. Without your support and contribution, we would not have been able to help Little Joe.

Article put together by Jo-Ann.

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