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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update On Jill and Molly (Rescued Breeding Dogs)

We recently brought Molly and Jill back to the vet’s, and Molly saw Dr. Simon Quek, a bone specialist, for a second opinion to check if an amputation of her right hind leg is really necessary. The previous vet had said that Molly’s leg was broken in 3 places, but Dr Quek confirms that it was SEVEN instead! Our jaws just dropped when we heard that. It is very likely that she was hit by a car and has been living in pain for many months, as the injury seems to be very old. However, Molly has learnt to live with the pain and her body has grown numb to it. She even runs pretty fast using 3 legs. 

It was decided that amputation of her right hind leg will no longer be necessary since she seems to be coping well. What Molly’s owner needs to look out for now is pain, or if her knee bones start to jut out of her skin, as the bone has entirely snapped into 2 pieces and there is no union of the bones anymore. Our volunteers and Molly’s owner were extremely elated that Molly is able to keep her leg.

Molly enjoying her ice-cream as celebration of the awesome news!

Susan, the angel in Molly's life

As for Jill, she took another blood test at the vet, where 3 weeks ago she received a blood transfusion from Jewel. The blood test results this time showed that Jill’s blood count is almost normal and her life is no longer at risk. The blood test also revealed another miracle; Dr Quek said that he does not think that she has kidney failure although the initial results showed that she had. The only explanation we have for the initial diagnosis of kidney failure is that when we first rescued Jill, she was very ill, under nourished and probably had been ill for a long time as well. 

Jill having her vanilla ice-cream
Jill looking so much better!

Jill also had a poor diet, which led to malnutrition, therefore her kidney results were very bad. We are also now convinced that it is also unlikely that Jill has kidney failure at all as she was not displaying any symptoms of constant thirst. Patients with kidney failure drink water non-stop, but Jill does not.

It was a great day as not only did we receive simply good news, they were TWO miraculous pieces of good news! We decided to give both doggies a treat and took them out for some vanilla ice-cream after their visit to the vet. They were pleasantly surprised, licking and slurping up their ice-cream happily.

As you know, Jill has not been adopted yet; she is still waiting for a permanent home and the tender loving care she needs. The common concern was that she “won’t live very long”, but after reading this, most people will know that Jill is not going to depart anytime soon. Won’t you consider supporting her? If you are unable to adopt Jill, you can help out by sharing her story with friends and relatives.

Written by Natalie Chew

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