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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Golly, Ms Molly

Molly has an irresistible, magical quality that shines to show she’s the happiest doggie you’ve ever met. She’s got smiling eyes, a warm, fun-loving personality that wins you over within seconds of first meeting her.

Molly has a secret though: a dark, painful secret that she doesn’t talk about these days. To her, every day is a blessing and she gives great joy when I wake up to see her face in the mornings.

When I first heard of Molly, she had just been rescued JRT from a breeding farm. Although I was glad she was safe, I thought nothing more of it initially. 

However, when I met her the next day, something changed. There was something I saw in her eyes. They somehow gave a glimpse of her hopes and promises. There wasn’t the slightest hint of her past hardship, no trace in her eyes of the pain she had endured. If there was one clear indication, it was that she was not giving up on love and companionship.

See the glitter in her eyes!

It was only a matter of time that I found out about Molly’s dark, painful secret: she had a fractured hip, bones and a completely broken leg. No one knows for sure how she came to suffer these painful injuries. Adding to this, she was an expectant Mum when she was brought in. Being in such a state, the Vet recommended an emergency abortion.

Till this day, I still cannot put the precise moment or the exact emotion when she touched me, drawing me close to her for some strange reason. I have two dogs and pups but yet there was a compelling sense to help her.

Molly at the vet - looking as cheery as ever!

Molly's seven broken bones!

Next scene: She arrived at my home after her discharge, much to my delight. In the beginning, even though I wanted to reach out and hold her, I was afraid I would hurt her fragile condition. She came to my home, after having had an abortion, re-stitched and her leg, still broken. 

Although told she was not in pain, I was still very apprehensive. I must admit, it took me a quite a while to work up the courage to pick her and hold her. Now, I just can’t hold her enough. Over the days, she has built up her strength and confidence and races around her room freely. Molly is a free-spirit again, having found warmth and love, and giving back just as much, if not more.

Nowadays, she can easily draw a chuckle from me when I least expect. She reminds me of the cartoon “Road Runner“, when she zips around on her three legs. I call her my Comet.  She is not shy and lets my other dogs and pups know she is in charge. She is mellowing a little now, as she nurtures a special bond with one of our pups, Matthew. They play like kids do, and when Matt gets too rough, she walks away. Just like some classy great ole’ dame, she gets grumpy when she is tired. 

This is when she wants her quiet time. When tucked in for the night, she reaches for her prized possession, her towel. At sleep, she always looks peaceful and contented, like a little angel.

Isn't that a cheeky smile?

Molly has taught me one great lesson, without saying a word – the true meaning of second chances. Even after all she’s been through at some others’ hands, she has kept faith in being utterly trusting, forgiving and loving. Molly has added a new emotional dimension to my life and I’m glad she’s part of the family – she’s got the best bet for a place in the sun in my home…. 

Written by Susan Dhanwant, Molly's new mommy

We would like to thank Susan for generously sponsoring the printing of the shirts. 

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