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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harm For A Specific Gain

For every lucky dog who has a comfortable home, nutritious food and a loving family, countless other dogs are suffering at the hands of incompetent or irresponsible people, struggling to survive.
Jill, struggling to survive
Breeders treat animals as mere moneymaking commodities to mass produce and peddle for profit. These little creatures are denied socialization, exercise, and even medical care in this cruel, money-hungry industry. Mother dogs are kept in tiny cages or kennels and are bred over and over again until they can no longer produce puppies. Then they are conveniently left to die a slow death or auctioned off, without ever getting to experience a kind word, a gentle touch, or simple pleasures like the sun on their backs and grass under their feet.
Jill is an example of human cruelty. Her front legs were so swollen she can no longer bend them naturally. The vet says this could have been caused by lack of walking, standing too long or staying in a same position over an extended period of time.

Possibly the first time Jill is walking on grass. Her body shows signs of the years of abuse.
Lynda taking Jill for a walk

In addition to contributing to animal homelessness and suffering, many breeders endanger the animals' health by breeding dogs who are related to each other, which can cause life-threatening genetic defects. Again, I ask you to think of the pedigree puppies you have purchased and question why they have skin problems, weak hind legs, hip dysplasia and generally, one health issue after another.
Drawing blood from Junior
Jade, with her head wound left untreated
Ace had an eye injury left untreated, This has resulted in scarring and vision in his right eye is slightly blurred

 Dr Ang checking Ace's eye

 Jade has extremely bad teeth and needs a dental when she is stronger. She is also anemic

June also undergoing a blood test

 Jan having her teeth checked
Breeding dogs are usually kept in small cages, forced to eat, sleep, and relieve themselves in the same filthy patch of dirt, far from the human companions they long to be with. They pass their days being bored, lonely and deprived of human companionship. They live in pain, sadness, sometimes hunger and with illness. Many experience nothing but suffering and abuse, with no way of ever getting out of their misery. Dogs are social animals – they need companionship, exercise, mental stimulation and most importantly, they need and deserve a REAL life.
Fear in Jamie's eyes having been out of the kennels for the very first time
Why breed and bring more dogs into the world when there is already an over-population of dogs, with so many needing homes and when we’re bursting at the seams with unwanted dogs?
Jamie getting a blood test done

Jan was so scared of being at the vet, she pooh-ed all over herself and Dr Teo and Carey lovingly bathed and cleaned her up.
Junior at the vet

Cute little Jan
June, enjoying the lovely sunshine for the very first time

 Jade and Jamie playing and running for the very first time! FREEDOM!!
We owe it to our companion animals to make their lives as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. Fortunately for these animals, YOU cared enough to help them.

Updates on the eight dogs

Jack (male Golden Retriever) Available for fostering or adoption
Tick Fever
Bad Teeth
Arthritis in his front legs
Estimated age - 5 to 6 years old

Jill (female Labrador Retriever) Available for fostering or adoption
Tick Fever
Bad Teeth
Possible bone cancer or arthritis in her front legs (Drs can't confirm based on her x-ray results unless a biopsy is done)
Kidney failure
Estimated age - 5 to 6 years old

Jamie (female Japanese Spitz) ADOPTED
Tick Fever
Bad Teeth
Estimated age - 2 years old

Junior (male Japanese Spitz) ADOPTED
Tick Fever
Bad Teeth
Estimated age - 2 to 3 years old

Ace (male Yorkshire Terrier) ADOPTED
Tick Fever
Ear Infection
Left eye scarred from an injury
Bad Teeth
Estimated age - 2 to 3 years old

Jade (female Yorkshire Terrier) ADOPTED
Bad Teeth
Conjunctivitis in both eyes
Gastrointestinal infection
Estimated age - 2 to 3 years old

June (female Maltese) ADOPTED
Tick Fever
Bad Teeth
Dry eyes
Estimated age - 3 to 5 years old

Jan (female Maltese) ADOPTED
Tick Fever
Bad Teeth
Dry eyes
Estimated age - 3 to 5 years old

* All these dogs will need a proper dental scaling and sterilization when they are healthier. They have follow up vet visits for the another complete blood count (CBC).
Should you wish to adopt, foster or help with their medical bills, please email us at dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg


  1. I have called a 2X for each number (total of 6X): Jeannie, Fiona and Lynda over 2 days to enquire about adopting/fostering a dog. There is NO answer for each call and NO ONE returned the call either. Similarly, I wanted to adopt a dog from the highly publicized case where a group of dog lovers took over 20+ dogs. I called and emailed them but no one bothered to answer at all. Then I made a special trip from my place from Jurong to Tampines to visit Mutt N Mittens where these dogs, someone named Derrick allowed me to view and I picked out 2 dogs that I wanted to seriously consider for adopting. Left my namecard and 2 HP no. Derrick promised to call back after they sort out their stuff. NO calls from Derrick and so-called dog lovers, and weeks later, I'm still seeing the dogs that I wanted to adopt STILL WAITING TO BE ADOPTED. On their blogs and your blog, I see many pleas for help to foster/adopt etc, but hey if you guys are NOT picking NOR returning calls, you will be missing out lotsa other sincere people who wants to do their part to help the animals.

  2. Oh so you guys do vet comments only after approval? I guess I won't be seeing my earlier comments up here then.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    We apologize for not stating clearly on our blog that we are all volunteers holding regular jobs, so we can help more animals. We cant possibly be taking "animal calls" throughout the day at work, we might soon lose our jobs. It would have been helpful if you had sent an sms to either one of us or perhaps, an email. Our email address is on the blog and we do usually reply our mails. We may not have time to return your call because apart from work, there are many things to do for the dogs - make vet appt, check on them, reply emails, other dog rescues etc. and we are mere volunteers.

    With reference to Derrick, Zeus is not associated with Derrick in any way. We have "worked" together in other puppy mill rescue projects but that's as far as it goes. Like us, he too is a volunteer holding a regular full time job.

    On another note, not every person who shows interest in adopting one of our dogs, will get the dog. It is dependent on many factors including how the dog reacts to the person.

    Now, which dog would you like to adopt? You didn’t leave a contact.

    Regards, Fiona

  4. i think the comments are quite harsh & uncalled for. so called dog lovers? i sense some sarcasm there. if you were such a great dog lover, then please go out to the streets & there are a bunch of dogs available for you to adopt. what have you done for the dogs so far other that enquire on adoption and criticise people who actually put themselves out there to rescue the dogs?

  5. I contacted both Jeannie and Fiona and they both did return my call after they saw my missed calls. If you really want the dog, why didn't you call them back???

    And the 20++ dogs, I also emailed them and they even let me know the place to view those dogs as well.

    At times, it really depends on how much you want to keep these dogs. If your urge is that much, I'm sure you'll try to contact them (not waiting to be contacted instead).

    And it's really unfair to pass this kind of judgment towards them while they don't owe you any favor at all. They're also helping to foster some dogs at the moment, who are you to criticize them for a small mistake like this? It could be many of us who will email + call them like what you did and given the fact that they're only volunteers, they could have missed out something also, right? Get your facts right before you criticize others.


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