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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Animal Abusers Need Help Too

Journalist, Agatha Koh Brazil, interviews Lynda Goh and finds out what Lynda would do if she was given $1 million.
Source: TODAY, 20 March 2010

"What have they done wrong? They don't deserve such treatment" she asked about the stray and abandoned dogs she rescues.

Abused. Little George, a Shihtzu, was beaten so badly by his owner that
he not only lost one eye, his eyesight, but one of his legs was also broken into three.
George now has difficulty walking but despite that,
George is the sweetest little dog you will ever meet;
loving and trusting.

The 39-year-old has a particularly soft spot for older canines, especially whose who have been "thrown out" by their owners because of age or disabilities.

"Helping them gives me great satisfaction because they have given so much. And whatever you do for them, they are appreciative," said Lynda.

Animals have emotions too, she has to constantly remind the pet owners she counsels.

"We pass our own emotions onto our dogs, and they pick this up... if a husband and wife quarrels, their dog will be affected," she said.

The saddest rescues she does are the dogs whose elderly owners are unable to care for them any more. She has seen enough cases of pet dogs who die soon after their beloved owners pass away.

Towards this end, if $1 million were to come her way, there is no question what Lynda would do.

"I would like to set up a foundation... I think it is not right that once the owners have passed on or are in an old folk's home that animals should go homeless. I would like to do something for them," she stated, the memory of a rescue fresh in her mind.

When an elderly woman had to be sent to a hospice because of terminal throat cancer, she left her pet dog behind in her apartment. It wasn't until Lynda was alerted sometime later - by the woman's relative from Kuala Lumpur - that the dog was rescued.

When it became evident that the woman was not going to make it, Lynda brought the dog to the hospice to see her. Staff there told her that for days before the visit, the elderly woman was only saying "Snoopy, Snoopy" - her dog's name.

On the day of the visit, she was unusually "alert", Lynda was also told. The next day after a joyful reunion with her pet, the elderly woman went into a coma and subsequently died.

And while her mission is to care for abused dogs, their abusers are on Lynda's minds too.

"Why do people abuse dogs? For that matter, why do people abuse their wives? It must be habitual and done out of a sense of frustration."

For that matter, if she would be able to set up her dream foundation, it would in some way also try and reach out to animal abusers.

"We are all educated," she said, "and yet animal abuse continues." At the very basic level, it is a challenge getting people to understand why they should sterilize their pets. And don't get her started on the types of abuse.

Throwing kerosene at dogs is common, she said, and just recently a recent rescue involved a dog abandoned in a box, put out under the sun.

While she hopes that there will be a new generation of animal lovers to continue the type of work she does, the results still keep Lynda going.

"When I see results, that's what keeps me going, And I want to do more."

Dogs at the Puppy Mill are over used and treated like breeding machines.

What do they have to look forward to?
Nothing, except a lousy diet, being forced to mate and
then have their puppies taken away
and sold when they are barely ready to go.
These poor dogs have never experienced Love, Hugs nor the Human Touch.
Neither have these dogs ever seen their puppies grow up.
Is this the life they deserve?
What have they done to deserve such fate?
All they want is a second chance.
A real life, to love and to be loved.

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