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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

English Lady Displays Psychic Powers, Chatting with Cats & Dogs!

For more than two decades, Rosina has traveled the world teaching people how to connect with our animal companions.

Thousands of people from all walks of life have benefited from Rosina's teachings, but her message isn’t just about communicating with animals. Its also about the deeper gifts the animals bring to us. Through animal communication, we learn to understand the meaning of unconditional love, and often animals offer a direct reflection of those areas within ourselves that need nurturing.

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Source: Lianhe Wanbao, 15 March 2010


English Lady Displays Psychic Powers, Chatting with Cats & Dogs!

Hailing from England, animal psychic Rosina (59 yrs old) shares her ability to communicate with animals through psychic concentration. Knowing their pet’s thoughts she says, helps owners establish a better relationship with them.

Rosina explains that she thinks about the questions she wants to ask, and as long as the animal is willing to respond, she will then be able to see images or sentences forming in her mind. Her communication abilities even extend beyond the mind to her other senses.

Rosina found out about her psychic abilities when she was 6 years old, while she was chatting to a cat out of boredom. Amazingly, the cat responded to her. But it was only when she reached age 10, did she understand that not everyone shared her special gift.

With her trip to Singapore, she hopes to help pet owners here understand their pet’s thoughts and feelings better. In addition, she would also like to take the chance to discourage animal abuse.

She tells us that most of her students join her classes to learn how to strengthen their bond with their pets.

One of her students, Miss Ng Suan Eng shares her experience: Her dog had a friendly personality, but 1 year ago, it suddenly developed a dislike for strangers. After communicating with it, Rosina found out that the dog’s sudden aversion to unfamiliar people stemmed from a previous break-in at home.

The dog wanted to protect the owner from similar incidences, thus it started to be wary of strangers. Miss Ng had not shared with Rosina the fact that her home had been broken into before, thus was taken aback that she knew that fact.

Rosina says she is able to communicate her questions through thoughts to the animal, even being able to tell the animal what to do. However, whether the animal wants to respond or not, is entirely out of her control.

She says:” Animals are like humans, they lie too and may not listen to instructions. Therefore, the owner must understand their pet’s personality before they can foster a stronger bond.”

Finding a Missing Dog Through E-Mail

By just looking at a picture of a pet, Rosina is able to communicate with it anywhere in the world!

Fiona Foo, a volunteer at Noah’s Ark CARES shares an incident where a pet dog had gotten lost in a crowded activity centre. Fiona and her team spent 3 fruitless hours looking for it, before deciding to e-mail Rosina for help in communicating with the dog. A picture of the missing dog was e-mailed to Rosina, who was at Hong Kong at that time.

With descriptions from Rosina on images the dog was sending her, the volunteers finally managed to find the dog 2 hours later at Kallang Park. Rosina says she is even able to communicate with deceased pets.

Believe It or Not!

Our reporter ‘borrowed’ a friend’s pet pictures for Rosina to communication with, and asked her a few related questions. After sharing the answers Rosina gave with the real owner, our report found that most of the answers were spot on!

Question: What is the dog’s favourite spot at home?
Rosina: The owner’s bed.
Owner: My bed. It always tries to jump up onto my bed.

Question: What is the dog’s favourite food?
Rosina: The owner feeds it different kinds of food, but its favourite is meat.
Owner: I feed it different kinds of food, but it loves meat the most.

Question: At home, does the dog like the male or female owner more?
Rosina: The female owner, as she is very pretty!
Owner: It likes me more.

Question: What are the dog’s habits?
Rosina: It likes to scratch itself.
Owner: It likes to scratch itself.

Question: How has the dog’s state of mind changed since the past?
Rosina: It wishes the owner could spend more time with it, like the past.
Owner: I used to have more free time previously as I was studying. Now that I am working, I am unable to spend as much time with it anymore.

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