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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Animal Whisperer

By Sara Ann K, Multimedia Journalist, RazorTV

Source: The Straits Times, Razor TV, 17 Mar 2010

'Animal communicators act like a telephone link between owners and their pets,' said Ms Arquati.

'IT'S like Avatar,' claims natural animal communicator Rosina Maria Arquati. 'You connect to the animal kingdom.'

Ms Arquati, who has a quirky ability to communicate telepathically with animals, devotes her life to bridging the gap between humans and animals.

'Animal communicators act like a telephone link between owners and their pets,' she explains.

The Briton has lived in Hong Kong the last 32 years with her veterinarian husband and seven rescued dogs.

Besides household pets like cats, dogs and rabbits, Ms Arquati is also able to speak to pandas, orang utans, fishes and cockroaches!

RazorTV presenter Sara-Ann brought her dog Mumble to see Ms Arquati to find out if anything was bugging it.

Watch RazorTV to find out what Mumble said.

Dog Psychic? (Animals speak to her Pt 1)
Can humans communicate with animals? Can they converse telepathically with them? Using just a photo of people's pets, Rosina seems to be able to do just that. So what's the verdict from the pet owners?


Supernatural Telepathic Powers (Animals speak to her Pt 2)
Can we really communicate with animals, or is it all just mumbo jumbo?
We find out what participants at an animal communication event thought, and what they would like to learn from their pets.


A Real Life Dr. Dolittle? (Animals speak to her Pt 3)
Can she really talk to animals? Rosina tells us how she does it, and explains how they actually can speak to us.  Plus, find out why she avoids wet markets, puppy farms and factory farms as well.


Believe It Or Not! (Animals speak to her Pt 4)
RazorTV put Rosina to the test with Sara's dog, Mumble. Were her readings right? Were any secrets revealed?


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