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Friday, November 11, 2011

Baybe's Journey

By Jasmine

I've never had the intention of keeping a pet dog. But, the first time I met Baybe, he totally melts my heart, it’s love at first sight and so I’ve make the decision to keep him forever till death tear us apart. But things started to change... From good, to the worst end...

The first day when Baybe went home with me, my life totally change, because of Baybe... I am much more happier than before...

Had been keeping him by my side ever since mid-July 2009, things changed during August 2010, HDB had been visiting us weekly regarding Baybe’s matter. My family and I tried to avoid by not opening the door each & every time they drop by. Till one day, during end Oct 2010, my boyfriend came back home from downstairs after taking Baybe out for a walk. Just when they gonna step into the house, the man from HDB stopped them. Due to the noise outside, I went out of the house to see what’s going on & was informed that I must remove Baybe from the flat. Otherwise, I will be fined up to $4,000.

Due to all the stress that HDB is giving, I seek for help from Baybe's trainer. Her advice was bringing Baybe to the factory side & release him there. Being helpless, I followed what she say. When I’ve reached the factory side, I feed Baybe & release him. Once I’ve released him, he ran off. He ran across a bridge, till my brothers shouted loudly in Chinese "Baybe 我们回家咯 快点回来 (we are going home, come back!)”. He ran back to us, we leash him & walk back home.

While on the way heading home, we met Baybe’s friend’s owner. She gave me a good scolding and she promise that she'll help me with this matter. She then called her friend, Elise and inform her regarding this matter, Elise called me on the next following day, telling me that she'll be fetching me & baybe to a farm at Pasir Ris. When reached the farm, I was asked to pay a monthly deposit & a monthly boarding fee. Due to the shortage of cash, Elise paid half of the amount for me.

When Baybe arrived at Zeus Play House he was all skin and bones
Each & every month I’ve been paying Baybe's rent regularly, I am the only person working in my family, I've to support my mom & 2 little brothers with $800 that I am earning monthly, it’s really hard for me.

Till starting of Aug 2011 , I've no choice but to seek help from the boarder, I asked if he's able to take over Baybe's ownership , he disagree hurriedly and say if I am unable to pay him the boarder fee he'll send Baybe back to my place, I was panic.

As i am not allowed to keep Baybe at home due to the HDB. I went around asking for friend's advice, one of my friend advice me seek help from Mel, I had been thinking for days till I decided to send Mel a Facebook message. Mel was really kind; she told me she'll help me with it.

After waiting for some days, she replied, telling me that a friend of hers might be able to help. As soon as I received Mel’s message, Lynda called me and arrange to meet up with my dog. Till now, my dog had been settled down at Zeus Play House. I am really glad to have met Mel & Lynda.

They're like the guardian angels of my dog. Thank you for the help!

Footnote from the Editor:

When Baybe arrived in August 2011, he was skin and bones; he was so hungry as though he has not eaten for days. From his reaction, we knew that he did not get enough food at the other boarding facility. We gave Baybe some time to settle down and gave him more food to fill his stomach. Within a month, Baybe grew to be a very confident dog and he wanted to take charge. Baybe was staying with a few young teenagers (dogs) and we had to balance the yin and the yang in the kennel – or else the male dogs would start and want to gain control.

Baybe has put on weight and he will be ready to be sterilised in December. If you would like to sponsor Baybe’s:

Sterilisation i.e. $120.00
Vaccination i.e. $10.50
Heartworm Tests i.e. $45.00
Monthly Sponsorship of $100.00

Please write in to dogstalk@starhub.net.sg.

Pet Sponsorship will help with the upkeep of the dogs at the shelter – the funds will be used for food and boarding. Thank you.


  1. Dear Jasmine, your story touches my heart. A real dog lover is someone whos love for dogs does not limit to pure breed only; a mongrel deserves love and a roof over his head too. You are definitely a good girl. While other girls your age are earning money to satisfy their crave for branded bags and latest gadgets, I understand that you have been struggling to support your family with your income, and for this I admire you. From the look of Baybe's eyes in that photo of you hugging Baybe while he lie peacefully in your arms, I can tell that he is very much loved and is contented. From JL

  2. Dear JL, thank you, I really appreciate all your help. Thank you! Jasmine


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