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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crystal's Recovery

Hello… I’m Crystal the kitty cat.

Dr Ang says it’s almost time for me to be discharged. I’ve been staying at Mt Pleasant Redhill for the last 7 weeks.  From the tone of her voice, I know she can’t bear to let me go. She keeps telling Aunty Jeannie to make sure that I go to a good home.  They’ve looked after me day in and day out and I’m like family to them now. I will never forget them even if I find a home. Everyone here has been so sweet towards me. They’ve tenderly nursed my wound when I was injured and in great pain.

Oh I would also like to thank everyone who helped Zeus Comms. to sponsor for my hefty medical bill.  You are my HEROES. Thank you for helping me when I’m in need, rooting for me when I was hurting. I’m ever so grateful to you.

That's me when I was first reescued.
Click caption to read about Crystal's brave tale.
That was my wound after my first surgery when Dr Ang skilfully cleaned up my wound
and performed a skin graft on me to hasten the recovery process.

Everyone at the vet clinic has been so sweet towards me. They’ve tenderly nursed my wound when I was injured and in great pain. My paws would automatically open and close as Carrey the vet tech cleaned my wounds daily; it was excruciating but I know it’s for my own good so I’ll endure it with all my might and would never retaliate. 

Dr Ang specially ordered this little green shirt for me. It’s meant for my wound to heal faster and of course to prevent me from chewing on it when it gets too itchy.  Coincidentally, it helped to accentuate my green eyes. 
The clinic staff knows I am very manja and would cuddle me whenever they are not so busy. They’ll even take me out to sayang me and let me roam about the clinic for a cat stretch.  They also fed me well… they say that I’m a glutton and eat like a pig!  Hee hee… I do have a huge appetite. Can you see my bulging stomach?  My little green shirt seems to be a little tight now.

I need a home now that I’m almost completely healed. Would you like to take me home please? I promise to be a very good girl.

If you are interested to adopt Crystal, please SMS Jeannie (91090 475), Nancy (9488 6419) or Lynda (9199 6247)

Footnote:  Crystal was discharged from hospital on 6 September.

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