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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Story of Terrible Feline Suffering & Incredible Feline Bravery

This is Crystal. She is a very petite and sweet natured cat of less than a year old. She is still very much a toddler and ought not suffer what she has been through. Read about her ordeal below.

Last Monday night, Zeus Communications received a call from a young lady, SY to request for help. SY remembered Lynda from one of our talks and googled Zeus Communications for our contact details.

SY asked us to help her with a cat that has a “wound” but we were not given details on how big or severe the wound is.

Apparently, SY’s father – Uncle Yap has been feeding Crystal on a regular basis but for 2 days, Crystal disappeared. When she finally reappeared, it was one of a plea for help. Crystal was seriously injured. A third of her body was covered in a deep open wound.

Crystal before when she was first rescued, body arched in pain.

We could only imagine the tremendeous pain that Crystal has to endure and is continuing to endure.

As it was already very late at night, we advised Uncle Yap on what needs to be done and on our end we made all the necessary arrangements for Crystal to be attended to first thing in the morning at Mt Pleasant Redhill, which included arranging for pet transport for Crystal to be rushed down to the vet clinic quickly and safely.

In the meantime, Lynda communicated with Crystal to let her know that help is on the way and for her to hang in there.

Crystal was attended to by Dr Teo JW who performed all the necessary blood tests to ensure that Crystal was in good health before we proceeded with the general anaesthesia to clean up her wound.

While we do not know what exactly transpired, through animal communication, Crystal showed Lynda that someone had poured blistering hot liquid on her and she screamed in excruciating pain. We just cannot imagine who would ever do such a thing to a defenceless cat.

Crystal's horrific wound - still looking very raw and inflamed. We are glad that Crystal sought help from Uncle Yap who found us through his daugher SY. Without treatment, Crystal's wound would have been very badly infected and skin rot may set in, possibly putting Crystal's life in danger.

Crystal is currently hospitalized at Mt Pleasant Redhill. Although her wound is recovering under the care of Dr Teo JW, it is estimated that she is likely to have to be in the hospital for 1 to 2 more weeks as her wounds are still extremely raw and inflamed.

Crystal resting in her little "hospital" ward. Her movement is limited at the moment as her huge wound causes her pain when she moves around.

Antibiotics, anti-inflammation drugs and pain medication are being administered to Crystal and her wound has to be cleaned daily.

The vet technician has all but praises for Crystal. Although, the pain must be excruciating, Crystal is taking it like a brave little feline.

In spite of her horrendous pain and injury, Crystal exhibits tremendous fighting spirit and the will to live. She seems to know that the vets and technicians are helping her and would doggedly endure the pain, being very sweet and cooperative during her daily painful regimen of wound cleaning.

As Crystal is a very young cat, her chances of a full recovery is good. She is also FIV and FELV negative. Blood tests also shows her to be in good health.

Here’s three cheers and a round of meows for our brave little feline - Crystal.

Crystal would need to stay at the vet to be nursed until her wounds are healed. Her hospitalisation bill, including medication and medical procedures would cost est. $900. As of 31 July, the medical bill was $728.80.

If you would like to help Crystal, you may write a cheque to “Mount Pleasant Animal Medical Centre (Redhill) Pte Ltd". Kindly indicate behind your cheque “In aid of Crystal the Cat” and mail your cheque to:- 8 Raffles Avenue #02-01 The Esplanade Singapore (039802).

Or if you would like to adopt/ foster Crystal, kindly contact Lynda at dogstalk@starhub.net.sg

Thank you so much for giving Crystal hope.

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