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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vicky The Shih Tzu

More often than not, we cross paths with irresponsible pet owners who claim to love their pets but neglect them. Or love them for a while then that love dies when they find new interests in life.

I recently found out about an 8 year old Shih Tzu, Vicky, through a friend. Vicky's owner has a full-time job and the poor dog was often caged up at home for long hours while she was at work, losing most of her paper-training concepts. The friend who contacted me knew about Vicky's situation of being locked up for long periods and tried persuading the owner to put the dog up for adoption. The owner could not bear to give Vicky up and promised to re-train her, love her and bring her for her due vaccinations, sterilization and necessary medical assessments.

One year later, still nothing was done. The owner was way too busy with work to care about poor little Vicky. During her frequent trips overseas, Vicky would be left alone at home, caged up with just a huge bowl of food and water. Did the owner expect a dog to know how to ration her food and water intake for a week??

Vicky's cleanliness, hygiene and health were neglected to a great extent. When my friend contacted me to help the owner, Vicky already had skin and ear infections. I talked to the owner and she decided that she couldn't handle the responsibilities of owning Vicky. The owner felt that Vicky was already 8 years old and an old dog could never be taught new tricks – and in this instance, could not re-learn her paper-training and basic commands. The owner also admitted that a dog that is caged and neglected is a "poor thing" and finally gave up ownership and thus, ending Vicky’s suffering.

Look at Vicky now!

Vicky was fostered by a kind family and has been through thorough health checks. Besides being on medication for her skin and ear infections, Vicky has been given an excellent bill of health.

We are pleased to let you know that Vicky has seen found her forever home and we are so happy for her new family has accepted her after what she has gone through.c.

Why keep a pet when you’re not going to care for it?

Don’t leave your furry friends in the lurch.

Pets are like children, they need accompaniment, trust and most importantly, loving care.

Contributed by Ruo Hui

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