If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. Mark Twain

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Third Time Lucky?

Why does my heart ache so? Am I so unlovable? Why don’t they want me? Is it because I'm no longer cute… energetic… young? I miss my human family so much, but I knew it was time to go away. I had become a burden to them and they didn't want me around anymore.  I remember that day when I slipped out of my home unnoticed; it was the most difficult decision in my life, the hardest thing for me to do. But I loved them and I wanted them to be happy.  

A kind family saw me wandering the streets and took me home for fear that I’d be knocked down by the passing traffic.  For a while I was happy and felt secure. But my kind guardian soon left to go overseas.  Her parents didn't know what to do with me. And their new helper didn’t like me. Once more, I had become a burden to my new family, and they wanted me out of their home. Is it me? Why? If nobody else would take me in, I was going to be sent away to be ‘put to sleep’.  I know I'm getting old, but I feel it’s not my time to die…not yet. I still have so much love to give. If only somebody would give me a chance. They say, third time lucky – I hope I’ll be lucky to find somebody who will love and want me for who I am.

This is the moment for Goldie, make it happen!

If you are that somebody, please email meltwn@hotmail.com. As Goldie is approximately 10 years old, Zeus will take her for a complete health check before you adopt her. This would include a complete blood count, liver and kidney check, vaccination and microchip.

Written by Michelle Lazar

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