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Friday, April 22, 2011

Jill's Updates

UPDATE (3 May, 10am): Jill saw Dr Dennis Choi the day before. Although there is still some bruising and clotting on her abdomen, Jill is happy and active. Her blood count has gone up to 27. Jill has lost quite some weight and now needs to eat well to put back the weight.

On Saturday at 11am Jill will go back to Mt P Hospital yet again to have another blood test done, to ensure that her blood level is maintained at a safe figure.

We thank friends and animal lovers who have offered to help with Jill's vet bills. We can't pray hard enough that she will find a family of her own soon.


UPDATE (29 April, 10am): Jill's PCV has improved after the blood transfusion which was done on Wednesday night, thanks to our blood donor hero, Jewel. Jill's PCV is now 24%. However, Jill is not eating and drinking, which is a worrying sign. Volunteers will be bringing home cooked food to Jill to cajole her to eat. As there are no external signs of internal bleeding (swelling of the abdomen, etc), Dr Naan does not think that an ultrasound is necessary at the moment. They have assessed that even if there were to be bleeding internally, another surgery and GA may not be the best course of action as Jill may be too weak to pull through.
Dr Naan is unable to advise when Jill can be discharged. They will continue to monitor for signs that PCV is on a rising trend and stabilised, ensure that she is eating and drinking well and is bright and active before making a decision for the discharge.

UPDATE (27 April, 11pm): After taking blood samples from both Rex and Jewel, we found a match with Jewel's blood for Jill. Jewel was then sedated, so she would not be unduly stressed, and 375ml of blood was taken from her. Friends and volunteers helped coordinate to bring Rex and Jewel to the clinic and we are extremely grateful to all who helped. When we left late at night, Jill was receiving Jewel's blood and Jewel was resting. We hope with this blood transfusion, Jill's PCV will go up to a normal level and her life will no longer be in danger.
Today Jill will also undergo an ultrasound as doctors have noticed bruising around her stomach region and are concerned with internal bleeding.
We can't tell you how upset and worried we are and we wish we could take her pain and suffering away from her. She has gone through so much in her sad life. We pray that Jill will find a home soon, filled with love and happiness.

UPDATE (27 April, 8pm): Jill's PCV dropped to 16% and she urgently needs a blood transfusion. Jewel, a rescued dog as well as Rex, a Zeus Blood Donor, are on their way to donate blood to help Jill. Let's hope that their blood matches! Volunteers are very worried for Jill and we are desperate to find her a home. If you know of anyone who can take her in and make her life more worthwhile, please "share" this with them.

UPDATE (27 April, 10am): Jill was sterilized and had two teeth extracted on Monday, 25 April at Mt Pleasant Animal Clinic (Redhill). During the surgery, her blood could not clot and she almost needed a blood transfusion. She was hospitalized  for one night. The next morning (Tuesday), she was transferred to Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital (Stevens Road) for further blood tests to find out why her blood was not clotting. 

The required blood tests were carried out and doctors found that Jill's PCV (Packed Cell Volume) dropped dangerously low to 20%. A healthy dog has a PCV percentage of at least 35%. Doctors reckon that the reason behind the drop in Jill's PCV could also be due to the fact that she lost some blood during her sterilization. Jill has been warded at the hospital and this morning, doctors will extract blood and do another test to check if her PCV has increased and if so, she will be discharged.

Jill has been through a lot. Words can't express what a sad and hard life she has had, one setback after another; one health issue after another. She is strong and takes everything that life throws her, in her stride. She holds no grudges and is an extremely happy dog, contented to just spend her days basking in the sun, taking short walks and feeling the grass beneath her feet. We don't want to blame anyone for neglecting or abusing her. 

All we want is to plead for a kind soul to please adopt Jill and give her a 
good, loving home.

If you have heard our pleas, please call 
Lynda 9757 2528 or email Fiona dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg.


Having lived in a filthy, loveless environment for years with no proper care, Jill is now suffering from the harsh effects of being an ex-breeding dog. Her nightmare is finally over, but what remains is evident of how irresponsible and selfish some people can be. What irks me the most is that her captors and abusers have gotten away scot free while poor Jill is being hit hard by the aftermath of her past.
Lynda taking Jill to the Vet

Dr Ang snipping off some of Jill's fur to check for ringworms
Jill currently suffers from severe arthritis, a condition where the joints in the body swell badly, causing pain with every movement made. We reckon that Jill's arthritis was caused by having to stand or lie down for long periods, with little movement to exercise her joints, and also the lack of walks and sufficient exercise. The Vets had initially thought she might have bone cancer and Jill’s x-ray results were sent to Australia for a second opinion. Thankfully the results came back normal; that it was not bone cancer.
We brought renowned Animal Communicator, Ms Rosina Arquatito visit Jack and Jill at the kennels when Rosina was in town for a series of workshops. Jill communicated to Rosina that her stomach was painful and uncomfortable from her years of over-breeding. Jill also said thank you for giving her a bigger kennel than what she was previously kept in. Jill limps when she stands after lying down for long periods of time. Jill is scared of thunder; if she is outside in the garden, she panics and tries to dash underneath things to hide. However, she is fine indoors. 

Jill communicated to this Animal Communicator that she felt unwell 
from the years of over-breeding

Jill and Jack with Ms Rosina
Sadly, Jill is also unwell from kidney failure. Jill desperately needs to find a home. She has been losing weight and the damp environment of the kennels are not helping much; she has contracted ringworms and her immunity is low. Jill needs canine massage for her limbs and Natasha will help her just like she previously helped Venus. Jill needs four sessions at $80 per session. 

If you would like to contribute to Jill's massage sessions, please email us at dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg
Ringworm is contagious and as Jill is on medication, we urgently need an experienced dog owner to foster or adopt her. We are running out of time - we do not want Jill's condition to deteriorate. She's come a long way; from the sad, lifeless look in her eyes when she was first rescued, don’t let her joy be short-lived. Where there was darkness, her eyes now shine with hope and gratitude. What she needs most is a home to go to, where she can experience the warmth of being accepted into a family and someone to cook nutritious meals for her. When there is love, miracles can happen. We know what Jill needs most right now and all we can do is to appeal and hope for someone to foster or adopt her.

Jill has lots of itchy spots and scabs all over her body

Her front legs are swollen again
I hope that you will consider giving Jill the hope that she so desperately needs. She doesn’t ask for a lot, just a comfortable bed, sufficient food and loving cuddles. For those who are unable to foster or adopt Jill, you can help by sharing her plight with your friends and family members. You'll never know - they might be able to help.

Darling Jill, sweet as ever‏
To give Jill a loving home, please contact: dogs_ink@singnet.com.sg (Fiona) or 9757 2528 (Lynda)
Written by Jo-Ann
Editor’s Note : Updates on the 8 breeding dogs – Of the 8 dogs rescued, all except Jill have been adopted. We have received quite a few enquiries on adopting Jill but the common conclusion was – “oh, she won’t live very long. Sorry we can’t take her.” WHY? Why do people look at what Jill can do for them? Why don’t they see what they can do for Jill? That even if they adopted her for a few short years, they would have made her the happiest dog on earth and that feeling alone is priceless.

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