If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. Mark Twain

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jurong Dog, affectionately known as JD

I travel down after work and reach around 6.45pm. We plan to take Jurong Dog (JD) to the clinic to see his leg. Zeus volunteers had reached and park along the road side.I pat pat him and gave him some chicken meat while waiting for Zeus volunteers to walk over to us. The road is closed and cars are not allowed to drive in. We want JD to walk along with us for at least half way to the main road before we catch him.

Everyday he wait at the same place for me. This is his home

MeiZhen with JD

We try to trick him to walk halfway out but he stop halfway
(Can see his left front leg maybe broken)

We talk to him and tell him we take him to the Dr but he didnt trust us
 But he refused to walk with us. I try to trick him with chicken meat and it was unsuccessful. Zeus volunteers think of a way which was drive in the van on the grass and go near, in order to catch JD. He allow me to pat pat him and he sat beside me while Zeus volunteers drove the van over as to get closer to JD in order to catch him. I trying to trap JD with the help of Zeus volunteers but was not successful. JD is a smart boy. He trust us but he was afraid to leave with us. 


He ran away from us after seeing the van parking near him. I keep call him while I walked over with a collar n leash they lend me. I want to put it on for him in order to catch him. I pat pat him and talk to him before I put on the collar. He ran away from me when I was about to click on the collar . He wouldnt want to walk out of his"home". He ran into the bushes. He didn’t want to eat also. So I leave the food on the grass for him.
We try to catch him again on Sunday.

Written by MeiZhen

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  1. hi meizhen may i know where is this place? as we feed at tuas friday and saturday we can feed him on friday and saturday..did you try carrying him? we took half day to coax our strays into the car and in the end i carry him...

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